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Software Engineer Resume



  • Possesses a Master’s in Computer and Electrical Engineering, 13 plus experience in IT industries, working with IT giants like Confidential who provide Data Center Support to various across the USA as well as International.
  • Expertise in building Windows 2008 R2, 2012 servers using HP Smart Start, Array configurations, Diagnosing server, Updating Firmware and PSP
  • Experience with HP Proliant servers (DL360, DL380, DL580, ML 570, BLp20g), IBM servers and Dell Power Edge Servers
  • Experience working in large international complex directory environments with experience supporting Windows Active Directory (AD).
  • Maintaining the File Server and Print Server and cloning the Desktops on Network in Windows environment.
  • Installing the Applications on Desktops through Marimba Channel and Alitris Tools.
  • Microsoft applications including WINS, DNS, DHCP, SQL, printing, IIS, Active Directory and Domain Controllers.
  • Application Support like Business Objects, PeopleSoft, Remedy, Interest Claims
  • Installing Citrix MetaFrame Presentation server 3.0, 4.0 & Xen App 4.5,6.5,7.6 components and manage the farm through Presentation Management Console/Access management console/Citrix director.
  • Installed Presentation Server 4.0/4.5 components like Resource Manager, Installation Manager, and Load Manager.
  • Build/Configured/Maintained Xen app 6.5 and 7.5 Farms
  • Implemented various VDI solutions at the Client as per the requirements using both Xen app and Xen desktop
  • Publishing applications and providing access to the users using PS console
  • Worked in various Migration project like Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server 1.8 to 3.0,4.0to 4.5,4.5 to 6.5 and 6.5 to 7.5
  • Enabling Web Access and Securing Access to Published Applications and content
  • Configuring MetaFrame Presentation Server Policies, Load Management and Printers
  • Configuring Citrix Access and Citrix Secure Gateway.
  • Monitoring and Managing Citrix Xen app servers
  • Experience with various products of Citrix like Xen app, Xen Desktop, Provisioning Services, Net Scalars, Xen Mobile
  • Creating a test Environment in Citrix or VMware for Production Team to test their applications.
  • Experience with VMware 3.5,4.0,ESXi5.5
  • Building ESX host, Creating VM machines, Switches etc
  • Providing comprehensive documentation for system builds.
  • Work well both independently and as part of a team. Work well under pressure and conflicting priorities
  • Worked on various environments giving Production support on 24/7 for Citrix and Intel Windows System (during critical issues). Provided daily, weekly and monthly health reports on Existing Citrix Farm & suggesting up gradations of servers or license.


Operating System: Windows 2003/2008/2008 R2/2012 / Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 9x, VMWARE ESX,Hyper V, Xen Server

Hardware: Compaq, HP, IBM, Dell Servers, Routers, Switches

Terminal Application Servers: Citrix Metaframe XP/3.0/4.0, Xen app 4.5/5.0,6.5Xen Desktop 7.1/7.8/7.15/7.19 LTSR CU1

Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle 8i

Web and Transaction Servers: IIS 5.0,6.0,7.5

Languages: HTML, Vbscript,Powershell

Directory Services: MS Active Directory

Thin Clients: Wyse, HP

Networking Protocols: TCP/IP, Token Ring, Ethernet, RAS, RIP, POP3,SMTP,DNS and DHCP

Software/Other: Appv,Citrix Profiles,Rapid install package,Appsense


Confidential, NJ

Software Engineer


  • Worked in a Multi Forrest environment with a very Large Active directory structure
  • Worked with Various department from different domain and integrate them under one single forrest
  • Managed and Maintained 350 Citrix Servers with a 10000 Users connecting Concurrently
  • Involved in the migration of Xenapp 6.5 to Xenapp 7.15
  • Planning and Building new XenApp 7.15 LTSR environment
  • Working on upgrading the PVS from 7.8 to 7.19 LTSR CU1 and moving the images
  • Did a PVS Reverse image on all the images to migrate from 7.1 to 7.8/7.19 version
  • Installed Application on to the PVS images and streamed them to the prod servers
  • Worked on hardware refresh of the current environment and upgraded the hardware to HP blades server on C7000 enclosure
  • Configured the HP One View for health monitoring and OA (On - Board Administrator) for remote accessing the C7000 Enclouse
  • Configure the ILO for all the Blade servers to remotely control each server from the work station which is also integrated into OA and HP One View
  • Installed Server 2012 on one of the Blade server and capture the image using the HP tools to flash it to other servers in the enclosure
  • Build HYPER V cluster of the Blade server for High Availability of the VM’s (citrix servers)
  • Maintained and Configure SCVMM for the Hyper V cluster to maintain the Host
  • Migrated the Hyper V host from 2008 R2 to 2012
  • Worked on the Netscalars VPX
  • Created VIP’s, V servers,Services etc in the QA environment for routing the traffic through Net Scalars
  • Migrating of all applications hosted in XenApp 5.0,6.5 to XenDesktop 7.15/ PVS 7.15 LTSR environment. Engaged in new application on boarding process, review and validate the requirements, primarily responsible for Planning, designing and implementing applications in XenApp\XenDesktop\Microsoft Azure\Amazon Cloud environment and provide the right delivery solution for Confidential critical business applications
  • MTA environment have Citrix PVS servers where he builds master images then spinning Citrix session hosts read only PVS HDD based on master images, engaged with PVS to MCS move, so as per requirements he can spin servers in elastic Amazon cloud.
  • Maintaining old legacy Citrix Edge sight 5.4 environment and generating various technical and management report on demand from Confidential management to give visibility for migration project status \health\remaining users & servers inventory in old legacy Citrix Farm (4.5,5.0,6.5)
  • Generating various capacity, stability & monitoring reports from Citrix Director for New XenDesktop 7.15 farm as requested from Confidential management & HR team to comply with Confidential policy, retired and released resource space for new Virtualization XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR project, so far he retired more than 500 Citrix XenApp Virtual servers based on W2K8, which includes creating and presenting retirement standard change to Confidential management team, process & technical runbook to retire server from Ivanti (Appsense), Hyper-V, PVS and old Citrix Farm and release restore for XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR farm.
  • Designed & implemented remote Windows10 Hyper-V Virtual PC solution for UTS, LAW and HQ technical team, maintaining 400 Virtual PC, Severity3 support for Confidential W10 Hyper-V environment, integrating SCCM to VPC, building master image template as per Confidential new build Windows 10 ISO, Service now Windows 10 ticket process, Make Virtual PC Comply with Confidential Security policy, Planning to move 50 % VPC into Cloud environment, Disaster recovery, worked with EMC Avamar Backup team to implement Brick Level backup, restore redirection to other Virtualization platform etc.
  • Migration of Novell SSO to Citrix NetScaler SSO, which includes analyzing Kronos Novell SSO architecture, capturing Kronos packets from Wireshark and Citrix Fiddler, based on captured packets results from web form, GET & POST structure, and replicate \build Citrix Unified SSO solution for Kronos, UTS, MTA Today, T-Map, SITS, IRAIL, DOSIC, DOBIC, DRAW and many Confidential critical in-house applications
  • Designing a Consolidation plan for Citrix infrastructure of MNR, LIRR, HQ into Confidential Citrix XenDesktop 7.15LTSR environment, which includes detailed study of existing MNR, LIRR, HQ Citrix application infrastructure process\application\OS configuration for application\ Active directory group policy & presented details reports to Confidential management with possible solution and action plan.
  • Review the engagement requests for new on boarding Confidential application into Virtualization environment. Based on review, plan and implement in Test, UAT and roll out into Production
  • Capacity planning to host the applications in XenApp\XenDesktop\Cloud Environment by different tools like MAS, Citrix Director, Hyper-V & SCOM Resource monthly, Daily and Hourly reports.
  • Creating /Building Ivanti (Appsense) policies to capture the users session information like registry keys, application settings, profile setting etc and load them when the users logs back in to the machines to provide a consistent /persistent user experience.
  • Configured Application manger policies in Ivanti Application manger to restrict users from running application executables thus controlling the Licensed app in a more efficient manner.
  • Planning and implementation of Disaster recovery solution in Microsoft & Amazon Cloud, Activities involve, Avamar Server backup from Confidential 2 Broadway Datacenter and restore into Microsoft Azure & Amazon cloud, after restoring prepare servers for DR validation & testing from end users. Planning NetScaler Load balancing solution (90% to 10%) between Confidential Datacenter XenDesktop 7.15 & Cloud to build seamless Confidential Citrix environment.
  • Installation, configuration and upgrade of Citrix NetScaler 10.1\10.5\11.0\11.1 \12 including VPX\MPX\SDX
  • Developing script to monitor the health of the Citrix Xenapp 7.15, 6.5 Environment using power shell scripting engine to email health report every day
  • Developed PowerShell script to Automate the build of Windows 2012 Hyper V server, Naming the server, Assigning the IP to the machine and Joining the server to the domain, Allocation SAN storage etc.
  • Developed a Tool using PowerShell to automate the Wyse device deployment process which would check the domain for legacy devices, update the database with the location of the device etc
  • Maintained Appsense environment with Enviornment Mangear, Management Center, Application manager
  • Created rules in Appsense environment manager for custom share drives based on individual users
  • Created Execution restriction rules in the Appsense Application Manager to restrict users from running the application which are limited licenses
  • Upgraded the Appsense Environment to the latest version EM8.6, AM 8.9 etc
  • Involved in the Office 365 migration from Office 2013
  • Reconfigured the QA environment for better performance and standardized to replicate Production Environment
  • Flashed the Wyse Devices with latest image which has the latest Receiver and Desktop now software which would directly connect the user to a published Desktop based on the users access
  • Resolved major printer related issues like unable to access network printers, unable to add printers, printers showing as offline.
  • Worked on Incident ticket, change management and Problem management tickets in BMC Remedy
  • Create up to date documentation on build procedures/ best practices followed so that every one of the team are up to date with the project status.
  • Provided Knowledge Transfer to Thin Client Team and trained Citrix L1 Support to resolve user issues.

Environment: Citrix XenApp 6.5,7.15,7.19 Citrix Receiver, Citrix Provisioning Services, App sense Management Console, App sense Environment Manager, App sense Personalization Manager, Windows 2008 R2/2012 Data Center Edition, Windows Server 2003, BMC Remedy Ticketing System, Service Now,Wyse Devices(T10 and D90), Citrix Edge Sight Monitoring Tool.

Confidential, NJ

Citrix Engineer


  • Managed and Maintained 3500+ Citrix Server with a 25000 Users connecting Concurrently
  • Troubleshooting various issues related to Citrix Connection issues, printer Issues, etc
  • Created a Xen App 5.0 Farm from ground up, configured all the components (Data Store, Web interface, member servers etc) required for the Farm
  • Experience with Xen app 7.6 and Xen desktop
  • Designed / Architected a VDI solution for 13000 Xen desktop using various technologies like Appsense etc
  • Working on the project for Migrating Apps from Xen app 6.5 to 7.6
  • Installed Citrix Xenapp 6.5 and joined to respective farms based on the geographical region and to the respective farm.
  • Created Citrix polices as per design requirements for Printer setup, Workspace control etc
  • Created VM templates with Citrix image and Xen prep utility to join the servers directly to the farm
  • Troubleshooted few server farm issues by running the dsmaint commands for refreshing the LHC
  • Ran DS check against the DATASTORE to purge stale entries
  • Installed and tested aggressively with in pre-production environment with various mission critical financial applications like SAP Business Objects, SAP Business Intelligence, ECSO, Workers comp apps before migrating to Citrix Xen App 6.5 environment.
  • Created easy powershell script to add,delete user/serverse to set of published applications.
  • Developed powershell script to automatically email disk spaces on File servers etc every morning
  • Developed scripts to generate hourly report of the Xen app utilization, number of user connected to the farm, app etc at a particular point in time
  • Developed Scripts to Auto deploy the XD machines from a set template, Datasore, Host and network
  • Collected CDF trace and uploaded to citrix vendor for troubleshooting Sev1 issues.
  • Installed an Configure Edgesight server and configured the citrix to upload the pay laod during the off peak hours
  • Created reports for the Managers when requested about the users details
  • Regularly ran repots in Edgesight to troubleshoot issues like latency,server issuses etc
  • Configured, Maintained and Supported provisioning servers
  • Regularly checked the health of the Provisioning server using the Provisioning console
  • Maintained more than 2000 servers using provisioning server images
  • Created various Images as per the organizations requirement and streamed to various target devices
  • Created Stores and Sites on the PVS servers
  • Updated applications on vdisk by putting them in write mode and then requesting users to test the applications before moving it to production and sealing the image
  • Updated images using the versioning system in PVS and merging them once they reached 5 version as per the organizations standard’s
  • Upgraded the PVS environment from PVS 6.0 to 6.1/7.1 version
  • Upgraded the Target device software by doing a reverse image process
  • Worked on the farm ZDC’s issue when users complained about the user connectivity to web interface servers
  • Removed the faulty ZDC from the Web interface site load balancing so that the users would not be directed to through the problematic ZDC
  • Created Web Interface/Storefront Website for both production and development environments
  • Worked with the networking team in load balancing the web servers with a virtual IP and Virtual URL.
  • Added multiple farms to the production URL’s.
  • Configured, Installed and Maintained Xen Desktop 4.0/5.6.
  • Worked on the Migration of XD 5.6 to 7.1
  • Created Many Xen Desktops using the Machine Creation services (MCS)
  • Managed the XD using the Citrix Desktop Studio and Desktop Director
  • Installed/Configured Appsense Management Center and uploaded policies created in the Environment manager
  • Created various policies in the Environment manager for mapping drives, printers, folder redirection etc
  • Configured EM policies to be applied to users based on their group using if else constructs
  • Imported ADMX files to the EM and created a lock down environment for the Citrix Xen app environment
  • Configured User personalization in the EM policies to save uses session data
  • Reverted users profile to a good know working profile from the EM console
  • Working experience with the Appsense Application manager
  • Troubleshooted basic issues with respect to the application execution issues using the Application manager Rules Analyzer
  • Created basic rules in application manager to elevate admin rights for a non admin user
  • Worked on Citrix Net scalars VPX and MPX
  • Configured High Availability on two Net scalar devices
  • Created Vserver, services as per the organization requirements
  • Enabled the Load balancing configuration like Least connection, Round Robin, Source IP
  • Configured Persistance on the Vservers like Cookie persistence, Source ip persistence etc
  • Failed over the Netscalars from primary node to secondary node for troubleshooting purposes
  • Knowledge on Global server load balancing (GSLB)
  • Worked with the Firewall team get the implemented and exceptions as per the app requirements
  • Working Knowledge on Xen Mobile and configuring applications
  • Configured/Maintained the Store front servers
  • Supported various users from across globe connecting to Citrix Desktops
  • Worked on Folder Redirection using GPO for redirecting My documents, App data etc to user home drive.
  • Installed Citrix using the MST file for quick installation
  • Published Applications and Desktops as per the Business Requirements
  • Created Streaming profiles of various applications ( IE plug in, Applications etc) using Citrix Profiler, App v Sequencer
  • Troubleshooted various issues related to Streaming by deleted the RADE Cache, installing offline plug-in etc
  • Worked on Wyse V10L,D10, T10 version thin Client
  • Configured Wyse devices using wnos files for display, time zone etc settings
  • Managed Wyse device using Wyse Device Manager (WDM)
  • Worked on upgrading the WTOS version on the Wyse devices
  • Created subscriptions for generating Edgesight Reports depending on the user requirements to monitor CPU utilization, User connections
  • Generated real time reports for troubleshooting issues on the server and application
  • Installed Tomcat Web server for supporting an application.
  • Worked on VMware ESX 4.0/ESXi 5.5 environment
  • Created Virtual Machine and streamed the PVS images to the VM’s
  • Migrated/Vmotioned VM from ESX host to another for ESX host maintenance
  • Troubleshooted various issues with respect to the VM blue screening by collecting VSS memory dumps and converting them to memory dump file for analyzing the issues
  • Created powershell scripts to create new VM’s and place them into the selected folder inventory
  • Developed Powershell scripts to create VM’s from the CSV file with the parameters like the machine name, cluster name, datastore, template etc
  • Used VCOPS and ESXTop tools to troubleshoot the performance issues
  • Made snapshots of the VM before installing or upgrading a major release as a back up
  • Made sure the snapshots are retained only for 2 weeks and deleted the snapshots that are older than 2 weeks
  • Created Clones, Templates for easy creation VM’s
  • Managed Vcenters in the linked mode
  • Built a HYPER V 2012 lab environment for doing a POC for the Citrix products like Xen Mobile
  • Create multiple vm’s in Hyper V using System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)for testing a Citrix images, application etc
  • Configured a DR environment for current Prod Environment
  • Built Micrsoft Clusters as per the requirement for application like SQL etc
  • Had a Primary role in a DR Exercise to retain the servers in the DR environment
  • Created Documentation for various known knowledge base for easy issue resolution
  • Provided on call support (24x7)
  • Worked and raised Incident and Change management tickets as per the ITIL Standards depending on the issues and changes required in the Environment

Environment: Windows 2003 server, Widows 2008/2008 R2 Server,2012, Xen App 4.5/5.0/6.5/7.6 , Xen Desktop 4.0,5.6,7.1 MS Outlook, SQL, Windows XP/Win7, VMware Vshpere, CA unicenter, HP Service now, Nimsoft, Appsense

Confidential, PA

Citrix Engineer


  • Responsible for monitoring and maintaining 1500 servers which include 1200 Windows server and 300 Citrix server
  • Working on Request for services for troubleshooting user issues
  • Installing windows 2003 OS on HP DL 360, DL 380, ML 570 servers
  • Installed Windows 2008 server on HP DL 380 server
  • Installed various components in Widows 2008 as per the application requirements
  • Configured and Maintained Windows two node Clusters for printers and file servers
  • Publishing of application to users through Active Directory
  • Creating Roaming profiles paths for users using Active Directory Users and Computers
  • Working with Group Management Console and linking various policies to OU’s, Servers etc
  • Installed, Configured and Maintain Automated Deployment Services (ADS) servers
  • Captured images from existing server using various capture sequences
  • Deployed images to various servers by creating the sequences for disk partition, Syspreping and installing the image using PXE boot.
  • Images were Syspreped with different servers drives for installing on different versions of server
  • Restored files and folders to user file shares using VERITAS Net Backup
  • Installing Citrix 4.5 on Windows server and joining them to the farm
  • Troubleshooting various issues related to Citrix resource manager, printers, etc
  • Created Load Evaluators for disabling login’s to the severs for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Worked with users for troubleshooting AWAD application for better performance through Citrix
  • Configured AWAD application for user on Citrix Servers
  • Tested various scenarios with Chip PC thin client for test application performance with test users.
  • Worked and resolved various Citrix printing issues.
  • Working with Citrix Vendor for troubleshooting application related issues
  • Created various cases with Citrix for testing of Xen App 5.0
  • Knowledge on Xen App 6.0
  • Created Citrix Infrastructure diagrams and documentations of the current farm for easy understanding of managers
  • Publishing of application in Citrix and providing access to user as per the Service request
  • Working on Xen app 5.0 in test environment for migration of the current farm from Xen app 4.5 to 5.0
  • Installed VMware V sphere server using Kick start configuration files through USB
  • Created Virtual Machines to various user using VI client
  • Created Templates of Windows 2003 servers for easy provision of Virtual Machines
  • Troubleshooted issues related to VM using Tasks and Events
  • Cloned Virtual Machines to Templates
  • Created Snapshots of Virtual Machines using Snap shot manager before installing patches on the server
  • V motioned Virtual Machines from one server to other servers in the DRS and HA clusters.
  • Worked on Incident tickets on various server troubleshooting issues, user access etc
  • Worked with various vendors by opening cases to resolve various application related issues
  • Created documentation of various application installation and procedures for troubleshooting various application

Environment: Windows 2003 server, Citrix 4.5, Lotus Notes, SQL, Linux, Windows XP, VMware Vshpere, CA unicenter

Confidential, Pennsylvania

Windows /Citrix Administrator


  • Was responsible for monitoring and maintaining Windows and Citrix Servers which includes 1500 servers; + 10000 user base and more than 100 various applications. Monitoring and managing the performance and the load balance of the Servers.
  • Working on deadline, multitasking, simultaneously working on multiple projects and coordinating with various vendors like Microsoft, Veritas, Surfcontrol etc
  • Applying Securities Policies, patches through SMS pushes in a Elevation Window
  • Installing the Applications on servers through SCCM and SMS.
  • Working on Pedigrene tickets and prioritizing the work as per the SLAs, resolving user issues over the hotline.
  • Working knowledge on Windows 2008 Server
  • System and Network administration on Windows2003 advance server with Active Directory Domain Controllers in Belgium, London Pennsylvania and Arizona
  • Troubleshooting account lockout issues using Lockout Status and Event Comb running against the Domain controllers to zero in the lockout cause
  • Used FileMon, RegMon, ProcMon and Process Explorer to troubleshoot the application issues in both Windows and Citrix Environment.
  • Creating and Maintaining MS Clusters, failing over to a different node for rebalancing clusters.
  • Resolving various printer issue including the Ringdale Follow me printers.
  • Assisting user in application installation during the elevation windows.
  • Troubleshooting issues related to the shared folder and NTFS Permissions
  • Restored files from back servers using VERITAS Netback Up tool
  • Monitoring hardware failures using the HP Systems Insight Manager
  • Configuring and Maintaining Print Queues as per the user request
  • Troubleshooting various issue on Contol M jobs so that user can run Jobs from their desktops
  • Worked on Share point shared Sites issues by opening a case with Microsoft case
  • Providing technical guidance to Tier 1 support for resolving help desk issues
  • Installed Citrix Presentation server 4.5 and its components
  • Published Applications, Content and Desktops to users in Citrix Management Console
  • Interacting with business users for gathering the requirements for on boarding the applications to Citrix Servers
  • Creating Load Evaluators for calculating the load on Citrix servers
  • Shadowing user sessions for troubleshooting the issues.
  • Configuring policies for Session Printers, Auto creation of printers, Universal Print drivers for printing though Citrix
  • Configuring policies for Client options, Band Width rules etc through Citrix Policies
  • Disabling logons and scheduling reboots on Citrix servers for regular maintenance
  • Configuring websites for dual mode for access both remote and streaming applications
  • Resolving user connections to the Web Interface server by recycling the IIS services
  • Configured Resource Manager for storing the Data in the Database for reporting purposes
  • Experience with Application Streaming and publishing Streaming profiles for user access
  • Recreating corrupt Terminal Server user Profile for user to connect and launch the applications
  • Troubleshooting user issues while connecting from external networks like home
  • Configured alerts for server, Application etc and send the alerts via email, SNMP
  • Resolved various connection of Citrix Printer issues for client printing over Citrix
  • Creating a test Environment in Citrix or VMware for Production Team to test their applications.
  • Deployed VMWare ESX hosts, defined and Automated Company standards for configuration
  • Deployed core image process for new server deployment
  • Created and documented process for deploying Virtual machines on VMWare.
  • Created VSwitches and configured policies on both port groups and switch levels
  • Created Resource pools for assigning resource based on the departmental needs
  • Created HA and DRS clusters for high performance and availability.
  • Knowledge on SAN,NAS and NFS
  • Worked with Tivoli Monitoring tools for monitoring Alerts on Servers
  • Created documentation for Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for troubleshooting purposes for the team.
  • Worked in a SOC compliance environment
  • Worked with Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management as per the ITIL standards

Environment: Windows XP/2000/2003, My SQL 2005, Pedigrene, Citrix Metaframe Presentation 3/4/Xen App 4.5, Control M. Microsoft SMS, Microsoft ISA, HP Insight Manager

Confidential, Overland Park, Kansas

Citrix Administrator


  • Was responsible for maintaining and supporting 500 Citrix servers with about 5000+ users
  • Involved in installation, configuration and system administration of Windows 2003/2000
  • Experience with HP server (DL360,DL380), Blades servers (460) and Dell Power Edge server(Power edge 6650, 6850)
  • Installed Window operating system and Citrix 4.5 using Active Directory Deployment Services tool
  • Installed Windows 2003 using imaged hard drives and Symantec Ghost software.
  • Working Knowledge on Windows 2008 servers
  • Installed Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 manually and using scripts
  • Installed and scheduled software packages using the Citrix Installation Packager
  • Created MSI packages using Citrix Installation packager in Citrix 4.0/4.5
  • Configure KVM switches for Windows/Citrix server for KVM Session using HP IP Console Viewer
  • Created Terminal Services profile for users on the terminal server
  • Mapped Network drives as Users Home drive for loading Hummingbird Profiles to launch Mainframe applications
  • Run VBscripts on servers for applications changes, registry changes and process changes
  • Installed, Maintained and configured Citrix XP, 4.0 and Xen App 4.5 servers.
  • Migrated Citrix Users, Applications from Citrix XP, 4.0 to Citrix Xen App 4.5
  • Provided Technical Phone support on Citrix issues Pre and Post Migration to Citrix Xen App 4.5
  • Created Web Interface Access Platform Site for offshore users
  • Created Program Neighborhood Agent Site for using the PNAgent by Onsite users
  • Streamed many applications by creating Streaming Profiles on a Profiler System and saving them on a File Share for Streaming to Client or Servers
  • Applied Hotfixes, Rollup Packs to Citrix Environments for fixing issues.
  • Created and Changed registry keys as per the requirements of the application on the Citrix servers
  • Copied the Active X controls (.ocx files) from one location to other during the troubleshooting the applications
  • Imaged Thin Clients ( WYSE Devices) using the Wyse Device Manager
  • Provide support in troubleshooting issues on the thin Clients
  • Created ODBC connections for Summary Data base for connecting to a Data connection server to generate reports using Resource Manager
  • Published Applications, Desktops, Content and Streaming application on both Silo Server and Infrastructure servers.
  • Created Load Evaluators, Policies for load balancing and better performance
  • Imported and installed Print driver from Printer server to Citrix Farm for printing from Citrix Session
  • Worked with Application Owners for resolving issues when access application through Citrix
  • Opened Cases with Citrix about the thin Client connections to the Citrix Farms
  • Pushed packages to PC and Machines using Software deployment tool from CA
  • Resolved and Created Problem Tickets, Incident Tickets and Change Management Tickets using CA UniCenter
  • Provided On Call Support on rotation basis.
  • Created Documents for Application Installation, Know issues which occur regularly.

Environment: Windows XP/NT/2000/2003, My SQL 2005, CA Unicenter, Citrix Metaframe Presentation 3/4/Xen App 4.5

Confidential, Dearborn, MI

Wintel Administrator


  • Maintained and monitored Active Directory Infrastructure Administration
  • Involved in installation, configuration and system administration of Windows 2003/2000
  • Built the new HP Servers with Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 by using Altris tool
  • Installed and Configured WINS, DNS, and DHCP.
  • Working knowledge on Windows 2008 servers
  • Responsible for enterprise patch management.
  • Worked on multitasking, simultaneously worked on multiple projects & coordinating with various vendors, applying Securities Policies.
  • Administering domain trusts, and changing the domain mode using Active Directory Domains and Trusts
  • Experience with Microsoft and Veritas Clustering
  • Involved in maintenance of Citrix XP, PS 3.0 and PS 4.0 farms, which includes more than 100 Servers and 100 various applications.
  • Involved in Installation and upgrading the various applications on Citrix Servers and publishing the Application on Citrix PS 4.0 farm.
  • Installing Hot Fixes(Rollup Packs and Feature packs) released by Citrix on Citrix Meta frame Presentation Servers through Installation Manager
  • Monitored and Maintained the Citrix Web Interface server
  • Implemented the Cluster Environment for Citrix Data Store servers.
  • Configuration of Farms, Zones, DC’s, DS, TS License servers, Web Servers.
  • Installed, Managed and Monitored VMware ESX3.2/ 3.5 Servers
  • Created VM Session for Test Environment for testing Application before deploying to Production
  • Used Virtual Infrastructure Client for managing VM Machines
  • Created MSI Packages using Rapid Install Packaging.
  • Worked on Change Management, Incident Management and Request Management Tickets in Remedy Tool
  • Resolved various issues such as Windows Policies, Application licensing through RDP, Net - meeting. Coordinating with Vendors regarding production issues & solving problems.
  • Created a test Environment in Citrix or VMware for Production Team to test their applications.
  • Worked on various environments such as testing, implementation, Production support & Giving Production support on 24/7 basis on Citrix issues and Intel Windows System (during critical issues). Provided daily, weekly and monthly health reports on Existing Citrix Farm & suggesting up gradations of servers or license.

Environment: Windows XP/NT/2000/2003, My SQL 2005, Marimba Channel, Remedy, Citrix Metaframe Presentation 3/4/4.5

Confidential, Cincinnati, Ohio

Wintel Administrator


  • Was responsible for maintaining and supporting 2500+ servers with about 3000+ users
  • Installing and Maintaining Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Servers.
  • Used HP Smart Start 7.xx and 8.0 to build the Windows server, HP Insight Manger to run Diagnostics to rule out hardware issues
  • Update Firmware and ProLiant Support Pack for Window 2000 and Windows 2003 servers.
  • Experience with HP servers (DL360, DL380, DL580, ML 570, BLp20g), IBM server and Dell Power Edge Servers
  • Teamed NIC’s using HP Teaming software for redundancy during failures.
  • Used Altris to Install the Operating System and to run scripts to update patches on HP Servers
  • Involved in Capacity Planning as per the request
  • Used to Quote HP servers as per the Project Requests
  • Configured servers in the DSView 2.x and 3.0 for KVM sessions as per the organization’s policies.
  • Creating User accounts and groups in Active Directory
  • Worked with DNS, DHCP and WINS
  • Run PS utilities Scripts to perform the necessary operations.
  • Modified scripts to change the registry keys on the server.
  • Maintaining Print servers, Application servers and File Servers..
  • Installed Citrix Metaframe 3.0,4.0/Xen App 4.5
  • Published Applications, Content and Desktops to users in Citrix Management Console
  • Interacting with business users for gathering the requirements for on boarding the applications to Citrix Servers
  • Created Web Interface Sites, Program Neighborhood Agent sites for user access thorough Web browser and PNAgent
  • Configured Summary Database for Resource Manager for storing the Data in the Database for reporting purposes
  • Experience with Application Streaming using a Profiler system
  • Published Profiles created using the Profiler for user access through web interface
  • Configured alerts for server, Application etc and send the alerts via email, SNMP
  • Created MSI Packages Using Installation Managers and deploy those packages to different Citrix servers
  • Created Isolation environment for two version of the same software to co exist on the same server.
  • Created Load evaluator, Policies and providing access to Administrators as per the requirements
  • Resolved Printer Issues in Citrix ( Auto Replication, Native driver installs, Universal Drivers etc)
  • Knowledge on Citrix Password Manager and Access Gateway
  • Deployed VMWare ESX hosts, defined and Automated Company standards for configuration
  • Deployed core image process for new server deployment
  • Created and documented process for deploying Virtual machines on VMWare.
  • Created VM Machines for Test Environments to test applications
  • Worked with Remedy Tool for ticketing
  • Working on various environments such as testing, implementation, Production support and Giving Production support on 24/7 bases (during critical issues).

Environment: Windows XP/NT/2000/2003, My SQL 2000, Oracle, VMware, Citrix 4.0/Xen app 4.5

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