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Aws/devops Engineer Resume

Pennsylvania, PA


  • Over 7+ years of Outstanding IT professional experience working as DevOps/AWS Engineer, focusing on Enterprise Application development on Java platform and using DevOps tools for managing builds and Deployments using Terraform, Elastic container Service, Jenkins, Docker, Maven, Chef, Ansible, and Puppet.
  • Expertise in using AWS services like E C2, S3, IAM, EBS, SNS, SQS, VPC, and Amazon Dynamo DB, Cloud Formation, ECS, Load balancers, security groups and Terraform for automating the provisioning of AWS infrastructure.
  • Experience in creating alarms and notifications for EC2 instances using Cloud Watch.
  • Knowledge on Monitoring a high availability and scalable AWS Stacks using EC2 auto scaling functionality.
  • Expertise in deploying applications in AWS cloud using Elastic beanstalk and customized cloud Formation Templates/Terraform.
  • Familiar in AWS developer tools like code commit, code deploy, code build, code pipeline.
  • Experienced in working with version control tool GIT. Deployed and configured Git repositories with branching, forks, tagging and notifications to keep track on commits.
  • Work experience in using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery application by Jenkins.
  • Experience in creation of custom Docker container images, tagging, pushing images & leveraging existing Linux Containers and AMI’s in addition to creation of Docker containers from scratch .
  • A utomating build process on build tools like MAVEN and ANT to package into deployable artifacts (jar, war & ear) from source code.
  • Working with the release and deployment in Java/J2EE Web applications environment.
  • Worked on containerized tools like Docker in building ECS, ECR.
  • Working with Software Configuration Management tools - Chef , Puppet and Ansible .
  • Monitoring tools like Splunk and Cloud Watch for disk usage, CPU utilization, list of open files and sending alerts to our teams.


Languages: E-cad VHDL, Basic Simulation, SQL, C and Java.

Operating Systems: Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS and RedHat Linux

Version Control Tools: Git, SVN

Scripting: Bash, Shell, Ruby

Build & CI Tool: Jenkins

CM and CD Tools: Chef, Ansible, Puppet and Docker

Cloud Computing: Amazon EC2, VPC, ELB, EBS, SNS, SQS, Cloud Watch, S3, RDSDynamoDB, IAM, Cloud Formation, code commit, code pipelinecode deploy, ECS, Autoscaling.

SDLC: Agile, Scrum methodologies


Confidential, Pennsylvania, PA

AWS/DevOps Engineer


  • Build tools/scripts to automate common processes
  • Manage architecture and maintenance of the build and continuous integration environment
  • Expertise in using version control tool GIT.
  • Build proof-of- concepts to solve systemic issues.
  • Using Terraform and Ansible to architect/build fully automated server/environment deployments.
  • Write automation scripts for creating AWS infrastructure using terraform.
  • Expertise in using Terraform to automate the provisioning of AWS infrastructure like creating EC2 instances, ELB, subnets, attach autoscaling, configuring security groups, build ECS clusters, pulling Docker image from the AWS ECR, creating IAM role policies for ECS Autoscaling etc.
  • Experience in migrating on-prem application to AWS Cloud platform with High Availability and Fault Tolerant environments.
  • Support AWS Migrations & troubleshoot issues caused.
  • Perform release deployments and handling traffic across all the data centers through load balancers.
  • Design new metrics, dashboards, alerts in Splunk Enterprise to expose system performance/stability to provide transparency to Client Service, Ops & Development teams.
  • Write Splunk queries for creating alerts and create dashboards.
  • Hands-on experience in developing Jenkins scripts to automate the builds/deployments for AWS infra/Github repo.
  • Follow best practices (Continuous integration & deployments, SCRUM, Highly Available Environmental Standards). Worked with Chef Enterprise on-premise, installed workstation, bootstrapped nodes using knife, wrote recipes and cookbooks and uploaded them to Chef-server, managed on-site OS/Applications/Services/Packages using Chef and AWS for EC2/S3/Route53 & ELB with Chef Cookbooks.
  • Automated deployments of Java based applications into Tomcat, WebLogic and Jboss webservers using Chef and Jenkins.
  • Experience in setting up CI/CD pipeline integrating various tools with Jenkins to build and run Terraform jobs to create infrastructure in AWS.
  • Managed Maven project dependencies by creating Parent-child relationships between all projects.
  • Used Ansible to setup/teardown of ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Log stash, Kibana) and troubleshoot the build issues with ELK and work towards its solutions.
  • Created visualizations, Dashboards in Kibana and configured Kibana watcher for automatic generation of Kibana reports.
  • Configured Splunk searching and reporting modules, knowledge objects, administration, dashboards, clustering and forwarder management.

Environment: AWS,E C2, S3, IAM, EBS, SNS, SQS, VPC, and Amazon RDS, Dynamo DB, Cloud Formation, ECS, ELB, security groups, Terraform, GIT, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, Bash, Linux, Splunk, CloudWatch, Packer, Jenkins.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA.

Role: DevOps Engineer


  • Worked on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provisioning and used AWS services like EC2, S3, Glacier, ELB (Load Balancers), RDS, SNS, SQS, and EBS etc.
  • Written Cloud Formation Templates (CFT) in JSON and YAML format to build the AWS services with the paradigm of Infrastructure as a Code (IaaS).
  • Configured AWS virtual private cloud and data base subnet groups for isolation of resources with in the amazon RDS in Aurora DB cluster.
  • Creating S3 buckets and managing policies for S3 buckets and utilized S3 bucket and Glacier for storage and backup on AWS.
  • Created functions and assigned roles in AWS Lambda to run python scripts, and AWS Lambda using java to perform event driven processing. Created Lambda jobs and configured Roles using AWS CLI.
  • Implemented and maintained the monitoring and alerting of production and servers/storage using AWS Cloud watch.
  • Used AWS IAM to grant permissions to users and groups for accessing AWS resources.
  • Worked on connecting Redshift database and Databricks. Also set up SAML single sign on authentication to Databricks.
  • Created cloud watch dashboards for monitoring CPU utilization, Network In-Out, Packet In-Out and other parameters of the instances and notified them using SNS.
  • Hands on experience in Azure cloud services, Azure storage, Azure active directory, Azure Service Bus. Create and manage Azure AD tenants and configure application integration with Azure AD.
  • Converted .Net application to Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Project as part of cloud deployment. Migrated SQL Server 2008 database to Windows Azure SQL Database and updating the Connection Strings based on this.
  • Currently leads an active integration effort for building out PaaS with RedHat OpenShift, Docker and working with developers on application containerization effort.
  • Created private cloud using kubernetes that supports DEV, TEST and PROD environments and scheduled, deployed, managed container replicas onto a node clusters using kubernetes.
  • Designed distributed private cloud system solution using Kubernetes (Docker) on CoreOS. Used Kubernetes to deploy scale, load balance, scale and manage Docker containers with multiple name spaced versions.
  • Created custom Docker images to streamline porting of legacy applications to Open shift.
  • Automated various infrastructure activities like continuous deployment, application server setup, stack monitoring using Ansible playbooks and has Integrated Ansible with Jenkins.
  • Wrote Ansible Playbooks with Python SSH as the wrapper to manage configurations of Open Stack Nodes and test playbooks on AWS instances using Python.
  • Experience with Ansible Tower to manage Multiple nodes and manage Inventory for different Environments.

Environment: AWS, S3, EBS, ELB, Lambda, SNS, SQS, Glacier, RDS, IAM, CLI, CFT, Cloud Watch, Splunk, Git, Maven, Jenkins, Azure, ELK, Open Shift, Ansible, Chef, Docker, Nagios, JIRA, Agile, Remedy, SCRUM, Python, Shell Scripting, Service Now.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

DevOps Engineer


  • Experience setting up instances behind Elastic Load Balancer in AWS for high availability and managed all AWS services by using CLI (Command Line Interface) and Auto Scaling.
  • Configured AWS Data Migration service to move SQL Server database to Redshift cluster.
  • Used AWS Beanstalk for deploying and scaling web applications and services developed with Java, Node.js and Python on familiar servers such as Apache, and IIS.
  • Dealing with multiple terabytes of mobile ad data stored in AWS using Elastic MapReduce and Redshift PostgreSQL
  • Deploy and monitor scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services (AWS) & configuration management using Puppet.
  • Designed Java API to connect the AWS S3 service to store and retrieve the media files.
  • Implemented horizontal auto-scaling using OpenStack components such as OpenStack Heat, OpenStack Ceilometer.
  • Delivered Network-as-a-service in virtual computes environments using OpenStack Neutron.
  • Experienced in working with OpenStack object store Swift to store lots of data efficiently, safely, and cheaply and storing unstructured data that can grow without binding.
  • Created API Gateways in NODE JS and ANGULAR JS using Python Zappa.
  • Worked in Production of large - scale environments using configuration management tools like Puppet and Chef supporting Puppet Environment with over 500+ servers and involved in developing manifests. Automated OS builds and Application Installation through Chef & Puppet.
  • Developed new Puppet Modules and Puppet Manifests files for installation of OS and custom written software packages using puppet and leveraged Hiera to create various re- usable puppet modules.
  • Worked in an agile development team to deliver Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery product in an open source environment using tools like Chef and Jenkins.
  • Responsible for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery process implementation using Jenkins along with Python and Shell scripts to automate routine jobs.
  • Reduced build and deployment times by designing and implementing Docker workflow. Used Docker containers for eliminating a source of friction between development and operations.
  • Used Docker to containerize custom web applications and deploy them on Digital Ocean with Ubuntu instances through SWARM Cluster and to automate the application deployment in cloud using Vagrant.
  • Installed, Configured and automated the Jenkins Build jobs for Continuous Integration and AWS Deployment pipelines using various plug-ins like Jenkins EC2 plug-in and Jenkins Cloud Formation plug-in.
  • Coordinate/assist developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching; Continuous Delivery is being enabled through Deployment into several environments of Test, QA, Stress and Production using Nexus and Jenkins.
  • Administered and Engineered Jenkins for managing weekly Build, Test and Deploy chain, GIT with Dev/Test/Prod Branching Model for weekly releases.
  • Worked on Branching, Tagging and Release Activities on Version Control Tools (GIT) and Setting up the GIT repos for Jenkins build jobs.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in Shell for Maven builds. Created and modified build configuration files including POM.xml.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT and MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Initially used Ant for writing build.xml for building Java/J2EE applications later migrated to Maven.
  • Developing and maintaining the build environment, the source code control system and managing build packages using GIT and GIT HUB.
  • Managed and architecture virtual servers. Monitored server traffic through Nagios. Administered web servers on Apache and Nginx. SQL queries and administration.
  • Evaluated existing Remedy instance and resolved performance issues.

Environment: AWS, S3, MFA, Open Stack, Puppet, Jenkins, Git, Maven, Ant, SonarQube, Chef, Java/J2EE, Nexus, Subversion, JIRA, Tomcat, REMEDY, Bugzilla, SQL, PL/SQL, Python, Ruby, Nginx, Apache, Bitbucket, Nagios, PHP.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Build & Release Engineer


  • Developed and implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications according to the agile process.
  • Created multiple Python scripts for various application level tasks.
  • Solid understanding of UNIX , Windows, build and release engineering principles.
  • Experience with Build Management tools like Maven for writing build.xml and Pom.xml
  • Experienced in authoring pom.xml files, performing releases with the Maven release plugin, Mavenization of Java projects and managing Maven repositories.
  • Used scripting languages like Python, Bash and PowerShell for configuration.
  • Releasing code to testing regions or staging areas according to the schedule published.
  • Responsible for User Management, Plugin Management and End-to-End automation of Build and Deployment process using Jenkins .
  • Implemented Release schedules, communicated the Release status, created Roll Out Plans, tracked the Project Milestones prepared the reports and chaired the Release calls and worked for a successful Release of Jira Application.
  • Installed and configured SSH to enable secure access to the servers.
  • Used JIRA to track issues and Change Management.
  • User, Group creation, monitoring and maintaining log for system status/health using Linux commands and Nagios system monitor.
  • Build and maintain SQL scripts and execute different scripts for different environments.
  • Used both GIT and Bitbucket source control systems to manage code.
  • Coordinate/assist developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching, labeling/naming conventions using GIT source control.
  • Worked on scrum and development team in overseeing bug tracking, test prioritization, test automation and releases.
  • Maintain and enhance current build procedures for all software development projects.
  • Coordinating with SSL team for the certificates to be installed in the system.
  • Experience in resolving Incident Tickets in ServiceNow.
  • Monitor ticket queue to attend user and system calls, attend team meetings, change control meetings to update installation progress, and for upcoming changes in environment.

Environment: Docker, Chef, Maven, Jenkins, Git, Apache Tomcat, Unix/Linux, Windows, Ruby, Oracle, Nexus, Jira.


Linux Administrator


  • Responsible for installation (using Kickstart), configuration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x/5.x at other data center & over the network.
  • Administered and maintained Red Hat 4.x/5.x, troubleshoot hardware, operating system, applications & network problems, and performance issues.
  • Developed, customized and build RPMs on Linux for deployment on various servers through software Development Life Cycle.
  • Performed automated installations of Operating System using Kickstart for Linux.
  • Primary support to all kind of issues for all Linux platforms.
  • Developing/executing test strategies and test plans, troubleshooting/analyzing problems.
  • Patch and Package administration to keep the servers updated with the patches and that implementing packages developed for deployment.
  • Installed and configured SSH to enable secure access to the servers.
  • Firmware upgradation and deployment of Patches in Linux servers.
  • Worked on creating, maintaining and troubleshooting LVM and file management
  • Mounting and Unmounting NAS share and extending file system (using LVM) in Linux.
  • Installation/Administration of TCP/IP, NIS/NIS+, NFS, DNS, DHCP, NTP, Auto mounts, Send mail and Print servers as per the client's requirement.
  • Acquired Strong Skills in installing & Configuring LDAP (Server & Client), creating admin, migrating users to LDAP server and configuring database to LDAP server.
  • Coordinating with SSL team for the certificates to be installed in the system.
  • Experience in resolving Incident Tickets in ServiceNow.
  • Monitor ticket queue to attend user and system calls, attend team meetings, change control meetings to update installation progress, and for upcoming changes in environment.

Environment: Shell and PERL Scripting, Python, UNIX, Linux, LVM, TCP/IP, NFS, VMware, SSH, SCP, RPMS, Patch, SELinux, DHCP, KVM, DNS, ServiceNow

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