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Systems Network Engineercresume Profile


  • Solutions driven, technically savvy IT professional with progressive experience in servers and all facets of network design, implementation, configuration, development, and support. Technical proficiency in the development of network and system solutions combined with a proven track record of exemplary customer driven support. Progressive growth and experience in network troubleshooting and resolution, utilizing a wide range of software, server, and hardware devices.
  • Full understanding of the key elements of IT methodologies and processes, and their direct impact on achieving business goals and objectives.
  • Demonstrated expertise in providing network engineering, administration and technical support, capable of mastering cutting-edge software and tools including virtualization and cloud computing.
  • Expertise in the analysis of critical issues in the design, configuration, maintenance, management, and implementation of IT infrastructure and application solutions.
  • Skilled in the identification of effective troubleshooting methodologies, and providing cost-effective resolution to challenging technical matters
  • Extraordinary capacity to multitask, manage competing priorities with use, while achieving customer and organizational objectives.
  • Maintain current knowledge of new technologies through attending major industry events, participation in software beta testing, trade journals and other industry related publications.


  • Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012. XP, Windows 7 8.
  • Windows Server: Domains, Forests, Replication, FSMO Roles, Schema, AD, OU's, GP
  • Virtualization: Hyper-V, VMware vSphere 5/5.1, Microsoft Azure
  • Servers: HP ProLiant, Dell PowerEdge, Sun, Cisco UCS and whitebox configurations Network Devices: Cisco Routers, Switches and ASA. SonicWall. Watchguard.
  • Network Services: Routing Switching Protocols. VLANs, DNS, DHCP. Address Space Design.
  • Hardware: Rack Stack. Data Center Design. Build/Repair/Replace Servers, Storage and Network Systems.
  • Security: Internal/External Auditing. Vulnerability Assessment. Penetration Testing. Password Audits.



Active Directory Infrastructure Architect

  • Served as the principal architect for an enterprise wide Active Directory redesign and migration. This included discovery and evaluation of the three Forests, four Domains and five geographical locations. After analysis of the existing environment, a new environment was proposed along with a detailed, phased plan to move to the new environment through the coexistence of both so that downtime was minimized.
  • Performed a complete discovery of the AD environment including Forests Domains, Domain Controllers, Sites, OU/GPO, DNS and all other server roles used by the organization.
  • Completed a health check of the environment including replication, best practices and event logs utilizing tools such as dcdiag, repadmin, MSBA and AD Explorer .
  • Backed up AD objects using ldifde, dnscmd and other common command line tools.
  • Worked with DBAs, application owners, storage/system/virtualization engineers and administrators to design the new infrastructure and ensure all needs were met.
  • Designed and built a test environment to test and document all migration procedures.
  • Designed and built a Dev environment for the company to hold their dev and testing servers and used this as final testing of the migration process.
  • Performed cleanup and optimization of existing environment in preparation for the migration process. Created a migration guide that explained and documented all tasks and procedures.
  • Wrote architecture and design documents to be used as standards for the future use and administration of Active Directory.
  • Audited all user and group permissions. Examined effective permissions on files/folders using Varonis and Powershell. Worked with a team to design and deploy a new File Server system and implement new access rights to meet enterprise and compliance needs.


Infrastructure Architecture, Engineering Security Services

  • Provided a range of services to clients needing short term services and solutions. Specialized in enterprises using Microsoft Windows Server based technologies and Cisco based networking equipment.
  • Designed and planned new infrastructures for clients needing a complete refresh as well as those that had no previous infrastructure. Discussed business needs, timelines and budgets with corporate management. Worked with vendors to quote hardware and arrange delivery.
  • Trained existing IT staff on new technology and procedures and participated in technical screening of possible new candidates.
  • Used Microsoft MAP toolkit and Solarwinds Orion network scanners to inventory existing equipment and plan necessary upgrades.
  • Planned and configured redundancy for existing systems. Designed and implemented Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategies.
  • Solved network issues and unknown performance issues using Server monitoring, Wireshark packet analysis, performance counters and Splunk error log aggregation.
  • Designed all aspects of IP network services including address space, routing protocols and necessary services.
  • Performed security audit and penetration testing. Hardened servers. Worked with law enforcement to follow up and resolve intrusion incidents.
  • Regular use of major security tools such as Metasploit, Nessus, Nmap and the Kali Platform. Reverse Engineering and Analysis using IDA, GDB and WinDbg
  • Guest speaker and lecturer at Nova Southeastern University delivering multiple lectures each semester in areas including cryptography, network security, systems and network engineering.
  • Delivers classes using official courseware and original material for CCNA-level networking and numerous Microsoft Server based products and technologies.


Systems Engineer Administrator

  • Provided field management and deployment services to Subway restaurants supporting various models of POS hardware, payment processing and other associated devices. Work in an Agile-Scrum environment with constant interaction with developer, support and numerous other teams both on-site and remote.
  • Utilize IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager BigFix to manage existing pool of 5,000 endpoints while adding 200 per week. Worked deeply with application logic relevance to deploy software, manage O/S hardware and software, apply security policies and audit system interaction.
  • Participated in the setup of BMC Service Core, Foot Prints and Asset Core to support the full environment of 40,000 endpoints. Designed and created device groups, operational rules and other components.
  • Worked closely with development teams to ensure weekly field deployments of applications were completed. Participated in code review and performance testing. Performed code fuzzing and analysis.
  • Performed reporting and data analysis using IBM Web Analytics and Splunk.


Data Center Systems Technician III

  • Completed deployments, upgrades and monitored a wide range of systems in a 24x7 NOC environment that managed physical and virtual servers, power and data backup systems, interfaces and their various support systems for the enterprise consisting of 15,000 users and 30 sites.
  • Supported complex system of user rights including SSO technologies, password policy and resets, identity management and verification.
  • Monitored and analyzed numerous systems, interfaces and event logs. Provided support across several tiers for resolution and managed incident escalations as needed.
  • Performed backups of systems at assigned times and verified automatic backups. Managed and logged media for offsite storage and secure disposal while meeting auditing and compliance guidelines.
  • Installed and de-installed hardware including CPUs, memory, hard disks, NICs. Performed cable management and power distribution.
  • Monitored the Alarmpoint system for generated hardware alerts and used established procedures to resolve the issue or escalate to the proper person or group. Performed hardware replacements and upgrades.
  • Used VMWare vCenter 5/5.1 to monitor virtual machine clusters containing over 1,000 VMs. Created or edited VMs as requested by the various engineering groups.
  • Participated in the physical deployment of the UCS system consisting of 20 UCS-5108 enclosures and 150 UCS-B200 and B230 M2/M3 server blades. Activly monitors all aspects of the UCS environment and resolves issues as needed.
  • Monitored EMC VMAX 20/40 SAN units for issues and coordinated incident resolution with internal engineers and EMC technicians.
  • Meticulously documented all support calls and other tasks to provide concise information for others to follow and to verify all procedures were followed.


Systems Network Engineer

  • Provided a range of consulting services to clients in the legal, real estate and medical professions. Worked independently as well as with a team to balance many clients over a tri-county area. Provided reactive support to issues as well as proactive planning for upgrades and expansions.
  • Managed multiple projects for numerous concurrent clients from design to implementation and all intermediate phases.
  • Installed, configured and managed Backup Exec for use with LTO Tape Drives, auto loaders and external disk. Migrated clients from tape to cloud based solutions such as Barracuda Backup Service. Planned and implemented Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for clients.
  • Deployed and supported remote access using RDP and Terminal Server and administrated connections using Group Policy, firewall rules and other security measures. Performed auditing of all systems.
  • Supported Exchange 2003 - 2010. Migrated organizations to and from Google Apps, in-house Exchange deployments and hosted Exchange.
  • Installed, configured and administrated SonicWall and Watchguard firewall devices, IPS/IDS systems. Defined ACLs and firewall rules.
  • Deployed and monitored enterprise anti-virus, data loss prevention and e-mail continuity systems.
  • Planned, configured and deployed external storage including SAN, NAS, DAS, simple external disks as well as iSCSI units for virtualization.
  • Planned, configured and deployed virtual environments using Hyper-V. Worked with Failover Clustering, Cluster Share Volumes, Live Migration and other associated features.
  • Performed security services including Penetration Testing, Security Auditing and Site Survey's on internal and external networks. Coordinated compliance requirements.
  • Installed and configured a wide range of networking hardware to support LAN and WAN connections. Worked with vendors to configure digital circuits and MPLS.
  • Interfaced with various vendors to coordinate resolution for hardware and software problems.


IT Manager

  • Provided managerial leadership and direction of corporate IT functions including the outsourcing of corporate Internet presence, e-commerce, PHP and MySQL servers, and 200 web domains. Oversaw ISP change ensuring bandwidth and uptime of all leased lines weren't compromised.
  • Led the implementation of a hosted MS exchange solution, planning and documenting an on-site Exchange rollout.
  • Planned and deployed multiple projects including a Windows Update Server and the deployment of WSUS configurations.
  • Designed and implemented PKI infrastructure, password policies and training of staff on best practices and corporate security policies.
  • Hardened and secured all systems and network devices from internal and external threats using firewalls, anti-virus, proxy servers, ACL's, logging and other common practices.
  • Defined and implemented OU's, ACL's, user and group accounts within Active Directory.
  • Organized and managed extensive storage solutions for multiple departments, designing permission structure, storage quotas, backup and uptime schedules, and overall security.
  • Implemented an in-house system to centralize and document performance status and issues with Peachtree accounting software that was used to host ten configurations/databases comprised of detailed customer and billing data.
  • Monitored usage of system resources, ensuring all workstation hardware and software was up to current service pack levels.
  • Efficiently managed hardware and software purchases within defined budget parameters, balancing and prioritizing the needs of departments to create a balanced and productive IT infrastructure.
  • Collaborated with corporate executives to develop, define, and administer IT budgets.
  • Developed and maintained a test network capable of replicating the production network to verify and test new updates, software, settings, and designs.

Systems and Network Consultant

  • Responsible for the inventory and control of IT assets, documenting all relevant findings, designs, procedures, and configurations while ensuring optimal system and network performance.
  • Planned and designed Windows Server 2003 Active Directory infrastructure and supporting systems, collaborating with corporate executives and vendors to acquire hardware and software within acceptable time periods and within budget.
  • Coordinated the upgrading of all workstations to XP Professional, requiring the extensive upgrade and replacement of miscellaneous hardware to accomplish the full upgrade successfully.
  • Deployed a multi-tier system to perform data backups and ensure data integrity, including onsite LTO tape backups, SAN, and NAS systems, the implementation of RAID 0, 1, 5, and 6 arrays in various server and network devices as well as volume shadow service VSS .
  • Designed and implemented Active Directory Domain and Forest topology.
  • Created and deployed IP infrastructure including subnets, DHCP, DNS, NAT and other protocols. Implemented power backup systems including UPS devices and redundant power supplies.

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