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Network Engineer Resume


  • Extensive experience with Microsoft products and Operating Systems such as Microsoft Office Suite, Windows 7 and 10. Some but minimal experience with Linux/Unix.
  • 12 years of experience installing and configuring Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks, Firewalls and setting up VPN's (Cisco, Nortel, Fortinet, Juniper, Alcatel - Lucent) over the corporate network.
  • Experience with different Wide Area Networking media and line encapsulations: MPLS, T1/E1, CSU/DSU, PPP, PPTP, Optical Carrier Transmissions, 10-Gig Ethernet and Wireless Bridging.
  • Experienced using Windows Server 2003, 2008 R2, 2010 and 2012 to manage RADIUS, Print, DNS, DHCP, Exchange and Active Directory.
  • Ability to design hierarchical network structures and assign sub-networks over various physical media
  • 12 years of experience managing routers and switches, and performing troubleshooting tasks for connectivity, latency, jitter and packet loss issues.
  • Experience with Cisco Router/Switch/Firewall/VPN knowledge such as configuring, installing and applying system configurations files, configuring and managing VLANs, QoS, Firewall Rules and VPN tunnel connections.
  • Knowledge and experience using routed protocols: TCP/IP, ICMP, UDP; and Routing Protocols: RIP, BGP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF and MPLS.
  • 15 years of experience configuring, troubleshooting and installing customer premise equipment (CPE) such as routers, switches, servers, computers, video equipment, printers, phones, Cat5/6+ cables, fibers and other peripherals.



Network Engineer


  • Participate in the design and development Confidential eCare systems at Confidential facilities and/or on the converged Confidential data network.
  • Provide technical and consultative assistance on video - related issues to the Network Engineering - eCare department, and to other Confidential eCare sites and Confidential regions.
  • Participate in the development of uniform standards and methodologies for the Confidential eCare system, including devices and infrastructure.
  • In conjunction with the IT and/or video/telemedicine departments of the Confidential regions and non- Confidential eCare sites, participate in the development and implementation of methodologies and procedures for the testing and analysis of all elements of the Confidential eCare network to maintain optimal network and system performance.
  • Work with Network Engineer Directors, Senior Network Engineers, and administration staff to ensure the highest level of network compliance with state and federal regulations, healthcare industry standards, IT industry standards, and Confidential policies concerning security and data integrity.
  • Participate in the analysis, collection and maintenance of records as needed by Quality Assurance / Compliance personnel, JCAHO accreditation, HIPPA standards, OSHA guidelines, Federal Government clearances or as may be required by the law.


Network Technician


  • Maintain and monitor the telecommunications network, telecommunications systems, equipment, and applications that support carrier grade infrastructures. This includes, but not limited to platform availability, monitoring, trouble isolation, corrective action implementation, project delivery, equipment installations, and rotating out of hours on-call support.
  • Utilize network performance monitoring tools to identify and analyze impairments that may affect services. Proactively detect and resolve network anomalies and performance issues when required. Perform cabling and various terminations. Including but not limited to power, copper and fiber optic cabling.
  • Perform network equipment installations to include central office and CPE. Coordinating emergency and routine maintenance with customers and vendors. Identifies and replaces malfunctioning or inoperative equipment, such as circuit cards, modules or processing units, and performs repairs and preventative maintenance.
  • Perform end-to-end trouble isolation, testing, and repair on physical and logical layer services. Keep customers and management updated on efforts aimed at restoration of services. Maintain accurate logs of trouble isolation and repair efforts. Maintain and create procedure manuals and updating policies when applicable.

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