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Information Technology Specialist Resume

Wilimington, MA


  • Multi - talented, cross-functional professional with: several years’ progressive experience in technical programming and analysis and design with project management and development within complex business infrastructures.
  • Skilled in implementations and delivering technical solutions with multiple functional areas including: full software development lifecycle; methodologies, project planning, delivery and resource management and support and service improvements.
  • Proven ability to effectively manage large projects, across a broad spectrum of geographically distributed teams and services, continuously creating value with understanding of business and technical requirements and experience to make immediate collaborative contributions to improve processes and build revenue.


Languages: RPG IV, ILE, CLP

Software: Financial (A/P, A/R, C/R, P/R, G/L), Sales (Sales Order Entry, Scheduling, Invoicing, and Pricing), JD Edwards(Sales Order Entry, Inventory Management, Raw Materials through Finished Goods, Manufacturing and Warehouse Distribution), Master Control Document Management System Quadrant Fax System, Sequel Software ABSTRACT, ESEND, ProGen Plus Application Generator, RJS Software WINSPOOL reports extractor, Report Splitter Distributor, Monarch Report mining tool, Gumbo Spool-A-Matic, SAP LSMW conversion tool

Desktop: Windows 95/98NT/XP, Emulation Software RUMBA, Client Access, Lotus Notes, Numara Track-IT Helpdesk Software, MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint), Adobe Dreamweaver (WebPages)


Confidential, Wilimington, MA

Information Technology Specialist


  • Co-developed and published a Data Dictionary for the Decision Center intranet web page.
  • Created various sales analysis reports within Decision Center using Excel Pivot tables and troubleshooted variances with SAP data.
  • Involved in customer and materials harmonization using the associated tools to validate data from various legacy system feeds.
  • Attended high-level data warehouse overview sessions on Customer Add/Change and data harmonization applications.
  • Participated in SAP design sessions providing input on requirements for customer accounts, RMS and J D Edwards (JDE) products and services; RMS US pricing and contract requirements

Information Technology Staff Specialist



  • Member of ERP project team presented legacy system demos and data sets: accounts, materials, orders, pricing, transportation, inventory and A/R for SAP testing purposes.
  • Wrote conversion programs to convert legacy system data: accounts, materials, inventory, open orders, and pricing to SAP.
  • Provided analysis, designed, programming, documentation and training for the Preconditioned Animal Services Models order processing and billing application.
  • Installed upgrade to Aldon Change Management Software an application tied closely with Sarbanes - Oxley CRL controls for program modifications.
  • Instrumental in converting data from National Cancer Institute (NCI), making required programming and setup changes to allow orders to be processed in JD Edwards (JDE).
  • Designed and programmed Animal Inventory system for ZDF rats based on age and date of birth categories.
  • Designed and programmed a process to email customers product price list in Excel format.
  • Expanded a process within the (PAS) Production Automation System to record weekly census data for Monogamous and Polygamous Obese Rat and Mouse production models.
  • Designed and developed an automated Credit Card reporting process whereby Customers received on demand or weekly via email a PDF summary of their credit card orders.
  • Implemented JDE manufacturing and lot control modules for the Invitro business; designed, setup, and training.
  • Installed and trained JDE Control, Distribution and Planning, Product Costing and Manufacturing Accounting modules.
  • Converted archival Government contract billing and reporting to Spymaster Optical Software.
  • Implemented a system to extract and interface with JDE Frederick Cancer Research credit card orders and accounts receivables.
  • Created an enhanced Late Order Notification system to quickly alert via email warehouse locations of late orders, order changes and cancellations.
  • Designed browsers and programming of catalog, project entry and protocol and non-pedigree animal inventory and mating data.

Senior Application Systems Analyst/Programmer



  • Dramatically decreased time for marketing and finance to prepare monthly spreadsheet reports by installing and training users on Monarch Software.
  • Designed and developed the Small Animal Isolator System.
  • Developed and programmed an inventory system for RMS Timpreg/Retired breeder inventory which interfaces to the RMS Sales Order entry system.
  • Project lead for Y2K Certification testing for RMS Order Entry and processing; validated numerous order processing scenarios using year 2000 dates.
  • Project lead in the conversion of the Invitro business model sales data, materials and inventory to the JDE Sales Order processing and Inventory Control modules.
  • Improved Open Order reporting by reformatting reports to include more field information, filtering and sort selections.
  • Installed and maintained MARCAM’s' PIVOT Order Entry and Billing system Trained Users on various functions (Order entry, shipping, account and material entry, and billing)
  • Streamlined the MARCAM Pivot order entry, shipping documents and reporting to business needs thus resulting in efficient processing.
  • Designed and wrote a sales analysis system featuring on-line variance analysis and trend reporting.
  • Designed and wrote Customer Expert System integrated with sales order entry with edit checks based on customer preferences for inventory storage location and lab health reporting.
  • Evaluated software MARCAM (PRISM), Software 2000 (ARIES), SSA (BPICS), MAPICS, and COGNOS.
  • Helpdesk software by CYRO and SILVRON, LOTUS 123, MICROSOFT WINDOWS and PARADOX.

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