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Systems Engineer Principal Leader Resume


  • As a retired Senior Enlisted Confidential, I have over thirty years of experience in a variety of areas such as project management, technology Research and Development (R&D), Test and Evaluation (T&E), logistics, and contracting within various command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) programs.



Systems Engineer Principal Leader


  • Managed the day - to-day administrative managerial duties for the System Engineering Offerings team. Track the assignment of personnel to meet billable labor and utilization objectives, track and approve timesheet submissions, conduct periodic and annual employee performance appraisal’s, participate in interviewing and hiring of new employees, etc.
  • Provide Systems Engineering support in the areas of research, analysis, and technical writing for the development of Concept of Employment (COE) documents for new and emerging USMC command and control (C2) and tactical communication systems (e.g., CTN, DAGR, DDS-M, EoIP, JTCW, Multi-Band Radio II FOS, SATCOM FoS, TBMCS, TSM, TSSR, WPPL-D).
  • Communications Subject Matter Expert (SME) providing Systems Engineering support in the areas of research, analysis, and technical writing for the development of Joint Capabilities Integration Documents System (JCIDS) documents (e.g., ICD, CDD, CPD, T/ISP) for Confidential Corps C2 and tactical communication systems (e.g., CTN, DAGR, DDS-M, DTC-R, MATC C2, MATC NAVAID, NOTM, SATCOM FOS, TSM).
  • Identified system specific operational performance attributes as applied to an incremental capability in an acquisition program. Defined multiple increments using Key Performance Parameters (KPPs) and Key System Attributes (KSAs).
  • Participated and/or led Integrated Product Team (IPT) working groups to conduct review/revision and validation of USMC system requirements.
  • Participate with quality assurance/quality control reviews and activities related to client deliverables.
  • Participate and/or lead research, planning, and development of technical proposals. Products generated include business strategy, technical solutions, Work Breakdown Structures/Plan of Action and Milestones, staffing plans, and past performance statements.
  • Develop summaries, briefings, information papers, position papers and recommendations on all aspects of Enterprise Architecture development, use, and maintenance.
  • Provide technical advice and assist USMC programs develop Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) compliant Technical View (TV) architectures, and review and analyze JCIDS documents and DoDAF architecture views (e.g., Operational Views (OVs), Systems Views (SVs), and TVs) for Confidential Corps and Joint Staff Staffing.
  • Review and analyze the Department of Defense (DOD) Information Technology (IT) Standards Registry (DISR) for Global Information Grid (GIG) compliance and systems interoperability.
  • Coordinate proposed IT standards with Confidential Corps stakeholders (PGs, independent PMs, PEO LS, and others) to obtain comments and input for the development of USMC’s position and recommendations.
  • Represent the Confidential Corps during DISR Technical Working Group (TWG) meetings presenting Confidential Corps position on proposed IT standards and cast votes for DISR inclusion.
  • Developed IT standards handbook to support a more efficient process for TV development.
  • Validate and prepare systems integration analysis in order to produce documentation of system interoperability through the development and maintenance of Confidential Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Coordination Documents (MCDs).


Division/Airborne Communications Chief


  • Managed communications personnel supporting WHCA Customer Advocacy Division, White House Situation Room, and National Security Council. Responsible for day-to-day administrative managerial duties, interviewing and hiring, approving timesheets and duty rosters/assignments, as well as conducting periodic and annual individual performance evaluations, etc.
  • Managed diverse team responsible for the provision of technical support to users of computer system software, hardware, network connectivity, voice/video/data capabilities. Team provided installation of new requirements and daily troubleshooting of desktop systems, workstations and network connectivity issues.
  • Provided operational knowledge on Presidential communication upgrades ensuring compliance with DOD interoperability and Net-Centric requirements.
  • Improved Strategic planning and training initiatives in support of Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and Continuity of Government (COG) programs by re-establishing inter-agency communications channels.
  • Led internal working groups to identify and mitigate weaknesses in program requirements to improve system performance.
  • Presented technical issues to stakeholders.
  • Established an automated system to facilitate issues reporting process.
  • Engaged on requirements development and project outputs analysis of the next generation Airborne Platforms in support of White House missions.
  • Provided technical resource management support to the President, Vice President, and Senior White House Staff members.
  • Managed internal reorganization to enable a more proactive approach to business processes as well as individual responsibilities.
  • Supervised the installation, operation, and maintenance of various voice, data, and video communication networks supporting the President, Vice President, and Senior White House staff members.
  • Managed divisions Classified Material Control Center (CMCC) Secondary Control Point (SCP).
  • Managed multiple physical security control access points for WHCA personnel.

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