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Sr.cloud Engineer/devops Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Over 7 years of experience in DevOps methodology in creating, deploying and automating the CI/CD pipeline. Creation and migration of on premise systems to Public Cloud (AWS, Azure) and Private Cloud (VMWare, OpenStack), troubleshooting and administering Linux (RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux), Windows (2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016 R2).
  • Designed and configured Virtual resources on AWS cloud which include services like VPC, EC2, S3 bucket, Glacier, RDS, IAM, Lambda, DNS, DHCP, Route53, EBS, EMR, Cloud Watch, Cloud Front, Cloud Trail and Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Wrote AWS Cloud Formation templates(CFT) using resources like AWS VPC, EC2, ELB, Lambda, DynamoDB, Internet gateways (IGW) and creating complex and customized IAM policies.
  • Involved in different phases of SDLC and experienced with understanding the core principles and best practices in Agile, SCRUM and traditional methodologies like Waterfall.
  • Experience in writing IaC in Terraform, Azure resource management, AWS Cloud formation. Created reusable Terraform modules in both Azure and AWS cloud environments.
  • Hands on experience in Migrating and managing multiple applications from on premise to AWS cloud and Creating snapshots of AWS resources like EC2, RDS, EBS enables a system to continue operating properly promoting Fault tolerance and Disaster Recovery (DR) for High availability.
  • Developed Azure Runbooks in PowerShell to manage hybrid Cloud environment, created ARM templates to define important Azure resources like VM, Virtual Networks, Network security groups, Blob storages, Azure SQL as code.
  • Installed Ansible and ansible Tower to handle quick deployments of critical applications in production environment, automate daily users, Mount points, repetitive tasks also, wrote Ansible playbooks using YAML files to maintain Roles, Group Variables and Inventory files.
  • Experience in designing and creating Terraform configuration files to automate the provisioning of AWS resources like IAM, EC2, S3, SNS, RDS, ELB, Route 53 and Auto Scaling and configure Jenkins jobs and make calls to chef scripts that configures the AWS instances.
  • Developed Chef Cookbooks, recipes, data bags on chef - server using knife plugin and executing it on agent to automate the deployments in application servers like Tomcat/Jboss/WebLogic by using CI/CD pipeline Jenkins.
  • Maintained Continuous Integration environment for the applications used tools like Jenkins and Bamboo, and for continuous deployments of applications used Configuration Management tools like Chef and Ansible.
  • Implemented Kubernetes cluster to provide as a platform for Continuous automating deployments created Docker containers and deployed in PODS and connected to external world using Ingress Service.
  • Created and Managed Docker orchestration, scaling and management of Docker Containers and Docker containerization using Kubernetes to orchestrate the deployments.
  • Experienced in building CICD pipeline by using the Source Code management tools like GITHUB/SVN and build using MAVEN/ANT/GRADLE, and deployed Jar files using Jenkins build.
  • Experience in writing Chef cookbooks which include recipes to perform Installation and Provisioning of servers and established Chef Best practices approaches to systems deployment with tools such as vagrant and test-kitchen.
  • Experience in installing and maintaining imperative services such as HTTP, SAMBA, NGINIX, NFS, FTP, SSH, NTP, LDAP, NIS and Application servers like Jboss/Tomcat/WebSphere/WebLogic.
  • Expertise working in different Linux distributions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian configuration and administration of Red Hat Virtual machines in VMWare Environment.
  • Worked with Jira tickets to address system issues, user requests. Also, used artifactory repository tool for maintaining the Java based release code packages.
  • Efficient in Installing and maintaining the storage disk management using Mounting and Unmounting File Systems, LVM, RAID using various tools like VERITAS volume manager, Solaris volume manager.


Operating Systems: RHEL/CentOS 5.x/6.x/7, Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora, Sun Solaris 7/8/9/10, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012

Agile: Scrum, Waterfall, Xtreme

Build/Automation Tools: Maven, Ant, Gradle, Jenkins, Hudson &Bamboo, Chef, Puppet, Ansible

Scripting: Bash, Shell, Perl, Ruby and Python scripting

Database: MySql, PLSQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server

Web/App Server: Apache HTTP, Tomcat, WebSphere, JBoss, NGINX

Bug Tracking Tools: Remedy, JIRA, IBM Clear Quest

Version Control Tools: Subversion, GIT, Visual, BitBucket

Web/Programming Languages: HTML, XML, CSS, Servlets, JDBC, C, C++, Ruby

Monitoring Tools: Nagios, ELK, Splunk, Graphana, Prometheus

Cloud: AWS, Azure, GCP, Openstack

Networking: VPC, Load Balancer, Auto Scaling, Elastic Beanstalk, EC2 etc.


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr.Cloud Engineer/DevOps


  • Worked in creating AWS resources using Cloud Formation Templates in both YAML and JSON formats such as VPC, EC2, ELB, ASG, SNS, SQS, Kinesis, Dynamo DB and Lambda and protect stacks by enabling stack termination protection.
  • Wrote Bootstrap scripts to install Micro Service applications (API/UI) and installed Java, NodeJS and Td-agent for logging of application and called scripts in user data section of AWS Launch Template.
  • Worked in setting up configuration management tool Ansible to launch all applications by using Playbooks and wrote Roles for each task like installing JDK, HTTP, NodeJS and for OS Tuning.
  • Wrote site.yaml playbook in ansible to launch entire application with one click by setting up all ELB, Stack by using ansible modules like Poll, Async and stack state.
  • Provisioned the highly available EC2 Instances using Terraform,cloud formation, Ansible playbooks,wrote new plugins to support new functionality in Terraform and managed AWS infrastructure as code using Terraform.
  • Used Bash and Python, included Boto3 to supplement automation provided by Ansible and Terraform for tasks such as encrypting EBS volumes backing AMIs and scheduling Lambda functions for routine AWS tasks.
  • Provided High Availability (HA) to the application by using AWS ASG by setting up the condition check of 70 percent CPU utilization and used cool down property to scale up AWS EC2 instance after specific interval of time.
  • Exported AWS ELB listener ARN of port 443 and 80 in default stack and then import the listener ARN while creating and deploying all stacks and assigned build numbers to Listener Rules to deploy and test multiple stacks of same application on same ELB.
  • To provide HA to the Deployment server or Bastion Host created under ASG and wrote REST API script to communicate to deployment server from Jenkins and other EC2 machines.
  • Wrote Cloud Formation Template to create the gateway stack with two reserved IPs and gave firewall access to EC2 machines where to communicate from on-prem network AWS cloud through Gateway ELB.
  • Worked in configuring Td-agent config file to send all the system and application logs to AWS Cloud Watch by using logger for continuous monitoring of the application using Prometheus.
  • Wrote Python REST API scripts to make calls from Jenkins and remote EC2 instances to get rid of using SSH keys for logging.
  • Wrote all infrastructures related variables in yaml file to get the generic Ansible playbooks for all Micro service applications while creating and deploying.
  • Wrote Ansible validation scripts for all API/UI microservices to verify whether the process/application is running, proper JDK version installation and access the application by using REST API URL using ansible URI module.
  • Wrote Ansible validation scripts for ELB creation by checking the ELB DNS name from AWS dynamically and do the NSlookup across the URL.
  • Worked with Networking and firewall team to get the firewall access for AWS reserved IP to setup the mailbox client.
  • Wrote Cloud Formation Template to get alerts for Instance failures like Stop/Terminate by using SNS topic and notify via email.
  • Worked in setting up the Kubernetes cluster with one Master and two nodes and deployed Docker containers in PODS of each node and create service yaml files for Horizontal Pod Autoscaler(HPA).
  • Developed and administered the Kubernetes clusters by running various Kubectl commands, resolved issues with the sluggish pods. Developed Pod definition, deployments, Service definitions, ingress controllers in Kubernetes.
  • Created Kubernetes cluster in CentOS machines and deployed application by using service. Yaml file and export the cluster IP to public DNS by using ingress service.
  • Experience in writing Docker files to build the micro-service applications and build several containers by using Docker engine and Docker Machine.
  • Created Jenkins jobs for all micro services for stack creation and deployments by pulling up the code form GitHub repo and build code using Maven, NPM and push all the binaries to JFrog artifcatory.
  • Setup S3FS to push all the application binaries to S3 bucket for backup while deploying the application in EC2 instances.
  • Wrote Python script to make to demonize the REST API script to listen for API calls all the time and run java process by setting up as environment variable and runs the application process when EC2 instance got spin up.
  • Setup SonarQube and Veracode for code quality check and code scanning on micro service applications.

Confidential, NJ

Cloud/DevOps Engineer


  • Responsible in creation of Cloud Formation Template(CFT) on AWS to configure and manage resources like EC2, S3, RDS, Route53, Load Balancer, EBS, Auto scaling, VPC, Subnets, IGW, Route table and Security groups.
  • Experienced in creating infrastructure in Azure Cloud, Provisioning Azure VM, Azure Load Balancer and Storages by using Azure Power-Shell Script and deployed Azure IaaS virtual machines (VMs) and Cloud services (PaaS role instances) into secure VNets and subnets.
  • Designed and created AWS Virtual Private Cloud(VPC), for high available multi AZ’s applications, launched EC2 instances across different Subnets and delegated access to these resources using IAM roles, Policies and assigned permissions to users and groups.
  • Wrote Ansible Playbook to create and manage configurations of AWS EC2 instances and test playbooks on AWS instances and created AWS Infrastructure using resources like VPC, S3, Subnets, Route Tables, Load Balancer etc., using Playbooks.
  • Worked in Building a CI/CD pipeline and automate the deployment with Jenkins, Maven, Docker, Kubernetes and Ansible and integrated with SonarQube to test the code coverage, code quality, Duplicates and Sonar Metrics after static and Dynamic analysis.
  • Configured AWS Route53 for registering domain names and route public traffic to domains and continuously monitor the health checks of the resources by configuring Cloud watch.
  • Have containerized multiple applications through Docker -maven-plugin in Jenkins and automated the build of docker images as a post build action for a successful build of artifacts.
  • Configured and managed AWS VPC peering connection between VPCs to route traffic between them by using IPV4, IPV6 addresses to establish communication across multiple EC2 instances.
  • Deployed kubernetes cluster on AWS using Kops with Multi Master setup to increase the availability, deployed Consul clusters for service discovery, and coomunicate with Docker Containers in PODS.
  • Developed Jenkins File in groovy DSL and Integrated kubernetes to perform the rolling deployments of the newly built docker images by updating the Kubernetes Pod Definition.
  • Used kubernetes minikube cluster to orchestrate all the Docker containers inside the pods and configured Replication controller to enable auto scaling.
  • Wrote multiple Ansible playbooks and Terraform scripts to provision the infrastructure with dependencies required for the application and deployed it into cloud instances.
  • Experience in Writing Restful API's using Ansible playbooks, python scripting involved in Building a Micro service architecture with spring boot and Docker containerization and implemented CI/CD pipeline for all the Micro services through Jenkins and build using Maven using Deployments through Ansible server.
  • Responsible in establishing a continuous Integration process by integrating GIT and Jenkins with Web hooks and build artifacts by using build tools like Maven/Ant/Gradle.
  • Experience in Integrating Service Now and various other environments with Application Monitoring tools like ELK and setting up Splunk, ELK and New relic monitoring for AWS and Azure cloud environments.
  • Worked on installing and managing different automation tools like Jenkins, Maven, Ant, Gradle and monitoring tools like Nagios, Splunk, ELK, AppDynamics.
  • Proficient working with DAS, NAS and SAN storage architectures, and experienced in migrating from other storage architectures on to SAN.

Confidential, MI

Cloud/DevOps Engineer


  • Experience working in DevOps platform for continuous Integration and deployment of Applications into cloud automation by using Jenkins, GIT, Docker Containers and Configuration management tools like Ansible/Chef/puppet. To achieve this, coordinated with different teams like Development, Networking, Security and IT Operations teams to ensure there are no resource conflicts.
  • Experience in migrating applications from on premise VMWare to cloud solutions like AWS using resources such as EC2 instances, S3, RDS, Cloud watch, Cloud Formation, Elastic beanstalk, Load balancer, EBS, EFS.
  • Implemented a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline with Jenkins, GitHub, AWS AMI, Docker. Whenever Git pushes the updated code into Jenkis server it automatically attempts to build a new docker container from it.
  • Wrote Chef cookbooks, recipes, Test Kitchen, Chef Attributes, Chef Templates, InSpec, and configured Chef Server and Chef Client to automate Infrastructure as a code.
  • Implementing and administering Active Directory services, Web jobs, HDInsight, Azure Redis and enforcing Domain Wide Group Policies. Enforced Checkpoint Solution security for all laptops and desktops policies.
  • Configured chef cookbooks, recipes, workstation for infrastructure automation and used command line tool knife runs on workstation. Also, same chef recipes are reused to deploy directly into Azure Virtual Machines.
  • Experience in using Chef for Configuration Management to automate installation process and wrote Ruby files to configure, deploy and manage Java, .net applications across Linux/Ubuntu servers.
  • Configured Puppet manifests and puppet modules to automate system operations. Also, configured cloud watch, cloud Trail to monitor Live Traffic, CPU Utilisation, disk utilisation of EC2 instances launched in cloud.
  • Configured and Integrated Docker container orchestration framework using Kubernetes by creating pods, Config Maps, deployments.
  • Automated the deployments of the Docker containers on the Kubernetes clusters by developing the Python scripts to update the Pod definition with the newly patched Docker images.
  • Leverage git branching strategy in our organization for managing all aspects of the pipeline via Git Hub, Jenkins server and deploying code into AWS instance using python Automation scripts.
  • Wrote Chef Cookbooks to ensure the desired state of the all services existing on Docker Swarm and configured Manager Nodes and Worker Nodes to get all services to the docker swarm.
  • Used JIRA ticketing tool for tracking and maintaining project defects and tasks and used Rally tool for tracking User Stories and Backlogs.
  • Experience in using ELK stack and Splunk for deep search and data analytics, Resource Monitoring/ Log Trace Monitoring/ Network Monitoring system activities to identify server or application problems and the hard disk status.
  • Experience in Extensive orchestration of Docker containers, networks, clusters, and objects as it pertains to containerized applications such as Docker Swarm, and Kubernetes.
  • Created snapshots and templates of VMs using Vcenter and Monitored those through vSphere.
  • Strong ability in supporting and troubleshoot any issues generated while building, deploying artifacts and in Production support.
  • Excellent communication, quick learning and ability to work as a team or individually.


Build and Release Engineer


  • Enabled Continuous Integration of applications by configuring GIT web hook on Jenkins server to enable automatic code checkout and configured Poll SCM for continuous Integration. This stabilises the code quality and application deployment efficiency.
  • Configured and implemented the Red Hat Enterprise Linux based infrastructure in the cloud environment. Proficient on installation, configuration and maintenance RedHat, CentOS, Debian and SUSE Servers across multiple Data Centers.
  • Configured Jenkins build jobs to automate continuous build process by using build tools like Maven/Ant/Gradle and stored the build artifacts (Jar, War, Ear) into binary repositories like Nexus and to ensure the code quality configured plugin Sonar Qube in Jenkins server.
  • Involved in conversion of the source code from the SVN to GIT. Provided continuous assistance with other CM teams, while migrating from SVN to GIT, and aided them in Build & Deploy processes and CM Planning.
  • To ensure the code quality, Error checking configured Jenkins with SonarQube as post build action to analyse the quality of build artifact.
  • Experience in configuring and maintaining of application server WebLogic with JDBC, SNMP, JNMS and J2EE services. Deployed build artifacts in domain and clustered environments and configured JDBC connection pool of database in Application server.
  • Configured Nexus Plugin in Jenkins server for building artifacts and Configured security to Jenkins and added multiple nodes for continuous deployments.
  • Worked with Configuration management team to get the chef cook books and Puppet manifests to bring up Jenkins continuous integration server (Oracle Hudson). Leveraged the community Jenkins server and applied customizations.
  • Critiquing Tomcat server (Server.xml, Context.xml, Catalina.out) Working with XML configuration files for establishing connection with other application servers and database. To manage storage security enabled Luks Encryption service.
  • Installed Apache HTTP web Server 2.2 and Apache Tomcat 7.0 in all environments. Configured Proxy Pass and Reverse Proxy pass in HTTP server to proxy the requests to Apache Tomcat application server.
  • Experience in integrating Nagios, Splunk with other monitoring/alert solutions for the Infrastructure, Application and server disk management.
  • Experience in making documentation using Confluence for knowledge sharing and to maintain project updates.


Linux System Admin


  • Experience working in build, install and maintain vCenter, vSphere, vMotion on VMWare ESXi5.5 hosts.
  • Managed Virtualization Environment using VMWare vSphere 4.x, VMWare Vsphere 5.x, Virtual Center, VI Client and enabling vMotion.
  • Experience in installing Veeam Backup and Replication.
  • Setup the VMWare Fault Tolerance in VMware and vSphere to prevent data loss and downtime in our Virtual machines hosted on ESXI Hypervisor.
  • Experience in setting up VMWare HA to detect the isolated hosts form other hosts in the cluster.
  • Configured RAID0 and RAID 1 and Logical Volume Managers(LVM’s) to handle the data storage and to add the disk when it gets filled up automatically without any down time of server.
  • Worked on On-Premise private cloud VMWare for building virtual server, handling CPU load, managing storage by adding disks using LVM, Maintenance on ESX host VM and in migrations.
  • Experience in installing, configuring and in performance tuning, security backup, upgrade/patches in all distributions of Linux and Unix servers using CRON jobs to automate all.
  • Configured and installed the required services and maintained HTTP, NGINX, NTP, SAMBA servers.
  • Strong Experience on Migrating from Windows 2003 server to 2008 server using Double-Take Availability.
  • Support remote users using Cisco VPN to access the corporate network and responsible for creation of release notes to every schedule.
  • Responsible for creating Repositories and Branches in Version control system like GIT. Controlled and managed User Permissions/ Group permissions and access to the Linux Machines.
  • Track the system performance by using TOP/FREE/DF/DU/PS commands and live monitor the system statuses and service packs.
  • Configured Kickstart for RHEL machines and Jumpstart for Solaris to perform installations across multiple machines in the network at a time.
  • Created Secure Shell (SSH) for password less Authentication between servers to communicate and share the resources across them.
  • Support remote users using Cisco VPN to access the corporate network through remote servers.
  • Wrote BASH/SHELL scripts for system issue maintenance/ service performance and tuning with nfstat, iostat, vmstat, telnet and netstat.
  • Installed FTP service in LINUX machines to share files among the users in the Corporate network.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting and analysis of software and hardware issues in CentOS RedHat Linux Machines.
  • Handled the CRON jobs for all repetitive tasks and for system related performance issues.
  • Performed Installations, upgrades, package administration on server side / client side using package management using YUM/RPM.

Confidential, ohio

VmWare/Linux System Admin


  • Installed and configured VMware ESXi server instances for virtual server setup and deployment, responsible for creating VMware virtual guests running on Unix/Linux and Windows.
  • Maintained VMware ESXi server connected with EMC VNX SAN box and managed Cisco MDS switch using Fabric & Device management tool.
  • Supported the implementation of VMware vSphere enterprise server hardware and software to support large-scale efforts including vSphere, vCenter, vRealize Operations and SRM. Used vSphere and vCenter 5.5 to implement a virtualized environment across multiple security enclaves on HP Blade server hardware.
  • Migrated database applications from Windows 2008 Server to Linux server. Created users, manage security, maintain User and File Systems on Redhat Linux.
  • Deployed and configured Windows 2008/20012 Servers with DHCP, DNS, IIS, Active Directory Domain Controllers, Group Policy, Internet, TCP/IP and Routing concept.
  • Deployed and implemented NIS, DHCP and DNS environment and implemented and maintained Proxy Server under Linux issues regarding Samba Servers and perform hardware and software install/upgrades. Installed, configured and maintained the Linux Servers, NIS, DNS, Mailing list, Send mail (SMTP, IMAP, POP3), Apache, Ftp and SSHD.
  • Installed, configured and maintained Apache/Tomcat, JBoss Application Servers, Samba and send mail. Performed VMotion based on the requirements and management of Datastore.
  • Managed Virtual machines using VMware and VCenter. Created and deployed VMs using templates and cloning.
  • Installed WebLogic Application servers, deployed EAR, WAR and JAR files on them installed on Linux and Solaris servers. Installed, Configured and Managed of RDBMS and NoSQL tools like SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Cassandra.
  • Administrated Symantec Endpoint Antivirus console protection, managing antivirus client's computers like definition updates, Exception policies, scanning, reporting. Associated with creating custom scripts utilizing Shell (bash, ksh) to automate jobs.
  • Maintained present storage environments like SAN , NAS and DAS in additional to make recommendation for optimal solutions to support enterprise. Configured and implemented “data recovery” solution using EMC’s SRDF/Time finder.
  • Used NetBackup for backing up & restoration of file systems. Built new servers using Custom jumpstart installation and Kick start and maintenance of VERITAS Cluster Server. Securing services using TCP wrapper and SE Linux.

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