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Devops/aws Cloud Engineer Resume



  • Certified, Dynamic and Progressive with around 8 years of IT & Leadership roles and On - Site USA experience in administration and management.
  • Exceptionally Motivated, with Track record that shows adaptability, willingness to learn, motivate, collaborate and work with multiple stakeholders for strategic and operational goals, out-of-the-box thinking and provide solutions in cross functional domains, customers for Global Clients in various industries.
  • Around 8 years of IT experience of IT & Leadership roles and On- Site USA experience in administration and management in Cloud, Mobile, Middleware Technologies, and Solutions focused System Software Engineer which includes Software Configuration Management and deployment in agile environment.
  • Extensive experience with broad range of AWS services like EC2, Autoscaling, VPC, Route53, RDS, S3, IAM, API Gateways, Lambda and Cloud Watch.
  • Designed highly accessible, fault tolerant and cost-effective systems using multiple EC2 instances, Auto scaling, Elastic Load Balancer and AMI’s.
  • Expertise in Server infrastructure development on AWS Cloud.
  • Hands-On Experience in using different Monitoring Tools like CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Nagios.
  • Migrating Services from On-premise to AWS Cloud Environments, collaborate with development and QA teams to maintain high-quality deployment.
  • Designed, deployed, maintained and lead the implementation of Cloud solutions using AWS and underlying technologies.
  • Expert in supporting the implementation/improvement of software development practices, release management methodologies and software deployment strategies.
  • Solid programming experience of standalone, web applications and automation scripts.
  • In depth and solid understanding of IP networking technologies.
  • TCP/IP Networking troubleshooting and Linux Network Administration.
  • Extensive experience on various flavors of UNIX operating system like Linux, Solaris.
  • Expert knowledge in architecting and developing packages and installation software for multiplatform environment.
  • Experience in database environments like MySQL, Oracle and NoSQL databases like DynamoDB.
  • Experience in maintaining LAMP stack and its configuration. Test thoroughly before deployment on production farm.
  • Experience on various flavors of UNIX operating systems like Linux, CentOS & Ubuntu.
  • Experience in Design and Development of internet/Intranet applications using Java/JMS//Spring MVC/JSP/Servelets/JDBC/Hibernate technologies.
  • Experience in application development, debugging, implementation, supporting developing team.
  • Experience in building software with Node and developer productivity tools.
  • Profound experience in programming, deploying and configuring JAVA/J2EE Applications using Apache Tomcat and JBOSS.
  • Good Experience with virtual machines like Kubernetes, Docker, VMWare, and VirtualBox.
  • Good knowledge on the entire process of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and strong experience on working of Agile Methodologies.


Languages: Java, C/C++, SQL, PL/SQL

Cloud Computing: AWS

Configuration Management: Chef, Ansible, Puppet

Source Code Management: Git, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket

Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Cloudwatch

Software/Tools: Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Terraform

Virtualization Tools: Docker, Kubernetes, VMware, Virtual Box

Scripting Languages: Shell, Powershell, Python, html, CSS, Java Scripting

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat, WebLogic, Nginx

CI Tools: Jenkins

Build Tools: ANT, Maven.

Operating systems: Windows, Linux, RHEL, Mac OS X, CentOS.


Confidential, MA

DevOps/AWS Cloud Engineer


  • Monitored build and deployment systems, capacity and planning for future needs.
  • AWS- expertise in dealing with AWS resources S3, EC2, ECR, AMI, ELB, Route 53, VPC etc.
  • Created custom CoreOS AMI’s and automated any configurations required by dropping them as system units.
  • Developed Python scripts to take backup of EBS volumes using AWS Lambda and CloudWatch.
  • Installed and administered GIT and ensured reliability of application besides working on branching strategies for GIT.
  • Configured and deployed GIT repositories with branching, forks, tagging, merge requests, and notifications. Created automated pipelines in AWS CodePipeline to deploy Docker containers in AWS ECS using services like CloudFormation, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, S3 and puppet.
  • Used IAM to create new accounts, roles and groups which are engaged in enabling Lambda functions for dynamic creation of roles.
  • Managing nightly builds, weekly builds, and feature addition builds using Jenkins.
  • Integrated Eclipse IDE with different versioning tools like GIT.
  • Implemented Maven builds for creating JAR, WAR and EAR artifact.
  • Provisioning Jenkins environment for continuous integration (CI) by easing build and testing tasks for developers.
  • Deploying and maintaining production environment using AWS EC2 instances and ECS/EKS with Docker.
  • Created parent-child relationships between projects to manage Maven project dependencies.
  • Worked with developers for resolving runtime failures troubleshoot Build and Deployment Issues, with minimal downtime.
  • Experienced administering a largescale distributed application environment.
  • Process monitoring and debugging using tool such as Nagios.
  • Resolved system issues and inconsistencies in coordination with QA and engineering teams.

Environment: AWS-VPC, EC2, Lambda, Maven, Jenkins, Puppet, Java/J2EE, Web Sphere, JIRA, GIT, Ansible, Docker, EKS, Shell Script, Maven, JIRA, Jboss, Nagios, Ruby, Python.

Confidential, MA

AWS/Systems Admin


  • Built S3 buckets and managed policies for S3 buckets and used S3 bucket and Glacier for storage and backup on AWS.
  • Management and Administration of AWS Services CLI, EC2, VPC, S3, ELB Glacier, Route 53, Cloudtrail, IAM, and Trusted Advisor services.
  • Integrated services like GitHub, AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins and AWS Elastic Beanstalk to create a deployment pipeline.
  • Good Experience in architecting and configuring secure cloud VPC using private and public networks through subnets in AWS.
  • Amazon IAM service enabled to grant permissions and resources to users. Managed roles and permissions of users with the help of AWS IAM.
  • Initiating alarms in CloudWatch service for monitoring the server's performance, CPU Utilization, disk usage etc. to take recommended actions for better performance.
  • Work with other teams to help develop the Puppet infrastructure to conform to various requirements including security and compliance of managed servers.
  • Configured Jenkins and used Job DSL plugin to automate Jenkins job creation process.
  • Built a VPC, established the site-to- site VPN connection between Data Center and AWS.
  • Develop push-button automation for app teams for deployments in multiple environments like Dev, QA, and Production.
  • Help with the creation of dev standards for Puppet module development including best practices for version control (git).
  • Perform troubleshooting and monitoring of the Linux server on AWS using Nagios.
  • Configured AWS Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) in IAM to implement 2 step authentication of user's access using Google Authenticator and AWS Virtual MFA.
  • Included security group, network ACLs, Internet Gateways, and Elastic IP's to ensure a safe area for organization in AWS public cloud.
  • Writing UNIX shell scripts to automate the jobs and scheduling cron jobs for job automation using commands with Crontab.
  • Wrote Ansible Playbooks with PythonSSH as the Wrapper to Manage Configurations of AWS Nodes and Test Playbooks on AWS instances using Python. Experience with Puppet to more easily manage enterprise Puppet deployments
  • Design AWS Cloud Formation templates to create custom sized VPC, subnets, NAT to ensure successful deployment of Web applications and database templates
  • Coordinate/assist developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching, labeling /naming conventions using GIT source control.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Jenkins, JIRA, Maven, GIT, ANT, AWS, Python, Ruby, Web logic, Unix Shell Scripting, Nagios, Cloud Watch .


Junior System Administrator


  • Installation, configuration, maintenance of Sun Solaris 10 and Linux Servers and Workstations.
  • Creation of Users, Groups and mount points for NFS support
  • Management of user accounts, files and directory permissions, and securing UNIX systems to match industry best practices;
  • Provides system administrative support for servers and workstations.
  • VMware Virtualization
  • RedHat 6.3 Administration (centos)
  • OS patching and Kernel Upgrading
  • Maintain and support 350 servers
  • Software and hardware upgrades and routine systems maintenance by installing current Patches and Packages.
  • Updating system and software’s with package management tools like RPM and YUM
  • Installation and configuration of SSH software to provide secure logins for clients involved in shell and data transfer.
  • Installation and configuration of VMware workstation on Linux platforms.
  • Creating swap files and LVM drives on Linux systems.
  • Providing support for Solaris system activities and support issues. Use of Remedy ticketing to uphold an on call resolution policy and provide audit trails for problem fixes.
  • Providing technical direction and thorough documentation for UNIX and Linux administration procedures and problem resolution.
  • Configuring distributed file systems and administering NFS server and NFS clients and editing auto-mounting mapping as per system / user requirements.
  • Maintaining appropriate file and system security, monitoring and controlling system access, changing permission, ownership of files and directories, maintaining passwords, assigning special privileges to selected users and controlling file access, monitoring status of process in order to increase system efficiency.
  • KVM server installation and maintenance, guest operating system creation and troubleshooting.
  • Assisted senior-level administrator in various aspects of UNIX server administration including installing and maintaining the operating system software, performance monitoring, problem analysis and resolution and production support. Maintain server updates and maintenance Active Directory Management
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Manage company-wide hardware and software inventory
  • Hardware and peripheral component installations repairs and replacement
  • Manage Help Desk ticket queue using JIRA
  • Excelled in building PCs for deployment including imaging, ghosting, and configuration for network access Strong use of Remedy ticket tracking.
  • Clean hard drives and process lease-end equipment as well as provide assistance to the Inventory team with surplus of various technology items and computer equipment.

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