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Floor Lead / Enterprise Controller Resume


  • ten years of service in Logistics/Fuels Management; thirteen years experience as a Network/Telecommunications Engineer specializing in engineering, configuration, installation, and maintenance of long and short haul circuitry, LANs, MANs, WANs, numerous transport systems, and managing thereof.
  • Managed and led numerous organizations to high standards and exceptional accomplishments. Captured several team and individual recognition awards while leading a team of 42 communications personnel.
  • Worked as an Enterprise Controller at the C2BMC Command Center (CCC) in overseeing network management and monitoring of the Ballistic Missile Defense Communications Network (Raytheon Company).
  • Managed and led a team of 14 personnel in the CCC in monitoring and maintaining network communications and network security of the Ballistic Missile Defense Communications Network.
  • Experience with LAN, MAN, and WAN networking protocols including RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, IP, TCP and UDP, VPN, VLANs, Ethernet, and 802.11xx
  • Experience in telecommunications/networking, DSN, DRSN, DSL, ATM, Cisco switches/routers configuration and installation (1900, 2500, 3500, 4000, 5000, 6000, 6500 and 7000); fiber optic modems, CSU/DSU, WAN MODEMs, etc; fiber optic and copper cabling fabrication - DB9/15/25/37, RJ11/45, MM/SM hot melt and Unicam
  • Experience with ‘fixed’ Technical Control Facility (TCF) equipment including IDNX, Promina 400/800, ATM, SONET, FCC-100/98/99 and Defense Red Switched Network (DRSN), Digital Patch and Access System (DPAS)
  • Extensive experience of TCF operations/management platforms to include documentation, personnel management, FaCIT, Remedy, HP Openview, Spectrum, DISA circulars, local operating instructions, Master Station Log, and telecomm standards
  • Network Operations Security Center experience in working with GEM-Lite, GEM-X, Tivoli, Orion Network Performance Monitor, Ace Live, Remedy, Cisco Works, HP Openview, and NeuralStar
  • Working knowledge and ability to administer, load and troubleshoot cryptographic equipment to include KIV-7, KIV-7M, KG-84A, KG-175 (TACLANE), and KG-194



Floor Lead / Enterprise Controller


  • Promoted to BNOSC Operations Floor Lead, March 2011; Leads 7 Network Defenders and 7 Enterprise Controllers in maintaining and monitoring of the Ballistic Missile Defense Communications Network
  • Oversees network management and monitoring of the Ballistic Missile Defense Communications Network
  • Monitors network management software (GEM-Lite, GEM-X, Orion Network Performance Monitor, Ace Live, and NeuralStar), generating ad hoc queries for network assistance, and directing courses of action
  • Sustains a watch on network performance characteristics and infrastructure, and recommends adjustments
  • Centrally monitors and controls network infrastructure, available bandwidth, hardware and server devices, and performs network characterization and optimization to ensure efficient use
  • Analyzes logs and responds to detected security incidents, network faults (errors) and user reported outages
  • Interfaces directly with customers to provide on-going trouble status and/or to accept customer trouble claims
  • Authored/edited numerous Operating Instructions and training program task breakdowns for position qualification


Operations Superintendent


  • Manages critical network security compliance orders for AFSPC systems/enterprise networks by ensuring accurate application, tracking, and reporting to higher headquarters
  • Subject Matter Expert for inter-mission network connectivity by providing consolidated situational awareness of communications network status to 14th Confidential commander and Major Command leadership
  • Developed checklists for MCCC ops desk; ensured complicated tasks to be completed promptly and correctly
  • Authored and briefed weekly network operations intelligence briefing to AFSPC Communications and Information Director (A6); provided up to date information affecting space assets used in war fighting

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