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It Consultant Resume Profile



Seeking a position where IT Security skills Malware Analysis and experience will add value. Accustomed to long hours in pursuit of company goals. Functions well under pressure during multiple projects in fact paced and stressful situations.


  • 20 years of experience in Information Technology, Small/Medium/ Enterprise Networks and Data Center operations
  • CCNA Certified May 2014 , Network Nov 2013 , Security Jan 2012
  • Hold Secret Clearance from May 2010 - Present.
  • Advanced knowledge of WAN/ LAN technologies: Routers, Switches, Cooper, VLAN, OSPF, IPv4, Port Security, NAC
  • Familiar with 2900 Routers, 2951 Switches , WAN/LAN technologies: Routers, Fiber, EIGRP, ACLs, STP, RSTP and VOIP, mGRE, NHRP, DMVPN
  • Ability to terminate and install CAT 5/6 RJ45 cables
  • Ability to diagnose / troubleshoot network wiring using Fluke Toner
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills, able to access a situation the major issues and make timely and smart decisions to resolve problems
  • Ticket Management: BMC Remedy, MS SharePoint
  • Knowledgeable in Server and Desktop Hardware Diagnostics and Support


Global Technical Support Tier


  • Administered Global Active Directory Objects, policies, comprising of 26k users across multiple domains
  • Provided Global hardware and software support for desktops via Log Me IN, Remote Desktop Connection
  • Provided network troubleshooting WINS/DNS, IP, SSL/VPN, LAN/WAN connection, IPV4 and IPV6, IAG/UAG, Junos Pulse and Network Connect
  • Provided Malware Analysis and remediation using MS Windows Sysinternal Suite
  • Support IT Security team by collecting and documenting information on suspected problems virus, spyware, Malware, spam, attack, misuse of company assets
  • Enforced security procedures and policies, user account creation, deletion, AUPs,
  • Documented all software, hardware and network problems MS SharePoint and Remedy

System Administrator / IT Professional


  • Mentored co-worker for CompTIA Security certification exam, which resulted in co-worker passing the certification exam on the first attempt. Took on additional responsibilities, managing 50 desktops and peripherals within 16 classrooms and 3 computer labs, installing 3rd party database software, preparing AUPs and diagnosing network connectivity issues.
  • Administered secure government network with 2000 users and desktops. Maintaining classified / non-classified DoD network infrastructure security.
  • Managed Active Directory Objects, policies, users and groups.
  • Provided hardware and software support for 2000 desktopsvia Dame Ware
  • Enforced IA procedures and policies, user account creation, deletion, AUPs, IA training
  • Provided network troubleshooting, network diagnostics
  • Documented all software, hardware and network problems MS SharePoint and Remedy
  • Prepared and reviewed operational reports and project progress reports
  • Trained users in use of equipment. Assisted users to identify and solve data communication problems.

Assistant IT Manager

Easily establish rapport with Army, Air Force, Marines and IT Contractors which resulted in restoring critical service and achieving a 99.99 up-time. Consulted IT Contactor in upgrading the Army Financial Database Server, which resulted in not proceeding with the upgrade and averted a potential service outage and

  • Database corruption.
  • Consulted the executive management and staff on Information Technology communications and automation planning, operations, priorities, security and training policies, acting as liaison between multiple command authorities ASG-KU S6, branches of the United States Military including Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, IT contractors, and Life Support Area Tenants LSA .
  • Managed IT project requests and all future projects, evaluating all personnel Information Manager Owner
  • IMO and all LSA Tenants project requests, serving as primary IMO for command cell, for all Information Assurance security policy enforcement, Removable Secondary Storage Device, and secondary IMO for LSA.
  • Designed and Managed all email distribution lists on LSA, organizational account standards, and file server shares on LSA, via Active Directory, briefing current and future project work at weekly executive management meetings, and serving as Point of Contact for network expansion, firewall exception requests, and validating all new user account requests for LSA network.

I.T Team Lead / I.T Security Specialist


  • Assisted in troubleshooting communication device that was not operational and was able to get device operational by incorporating civilian automation experience with military profession
  • Configure and troubleshoot OSPF, NHRP, VLAN connectivity with associated LAN / WAN communication equipment.
  • Installed, operated, and performed unit maintenance on multi-functional/multi-user information processing systems and peripheral equipment and auxiliary devices and restored equipment to operation by replacement of Line Replaceable Unit LRU .
  • Performed input/output data control and bulk data storage operations, transferring data between information processing equipment and systems, troubleshooting automation equipment and systems to the degree required for isolation of malfunctions to specific hardware and software.

IT Consultant


  • Earned a reputation as a knowledgeable resource for IT services and gained clients trust and cooperation. Performed needs based assessment to determine what services clients need and assist clients in making an intelligent purchasing decision from this assessment.
  • Consulted with clients regarding revising or replacing existing technology and provided analysis of security measures and implementation of recommendations to third-party middleware and database software
  • Managed and maintained client networks, PC's, servers, hubs, routers, switches, conducted onsite training on the usage of equipment and software programs.
  • Managed and maintained 1,000 residential computer users, small businesses with desktop, network
  • support and troubleshooting of computer hardware related issues including maintenance of MS Exchange Environment and Microsoft Outlook and other related programs.
  • Installed, configured, and administered clients Window Server environments, including Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Print Server, Backup Management, Disaster Recovery, Virus Protection, and Eradication.

Director, Business Development and Technology


  • Led project planning and management for the implementation and integration of BART quoting into existing I.T financial system MAS200, coordinating with 3rd party hosting company and BART software vendor. This resulted in 50 increase in productivity in the Charter Department and doubled sales from 7 Million to 14 Million within 1.5 years.
  • Developed and managed the USCURTAIN e-commerce site, conducted marketing for the site, and directed development and implementation of IT projects with a third-party hosting company, managing ongoing marketing, advertising, and websites for specific companies.
  • Served as primary contact for the National Restaurant Association, handling all marketing materials and working collaboratively with the CEO to create innovative promotional resources.
  • Generated cost savings of 850 monthly, by bringing email services in-house and eliminating costs associated with the outsourced data service provider.

Senior IT Technician


  • Served as a key team member converting a job-scheduling platform from JobTrack to UC4, initiating database solution for delivering UC4 statistics working closely with management resolving emerging issues and logic problems.
  • Configured all software programs, coordinated HP Overview agent installations, and diagnosed network problems including hubs, switches, and routers and consulted with system analysts and developers to review, document, and determine causes of program failures, while devising effective solutions.
  • Enhanced ChemReg documentation and maintained production schedules for operations in the U.S. and U.K, providing 24-hour customer service to investigate and resolve program failures in accordance with user service-level agreements.

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