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Mean Stack Developer Resume

Marlton, NJ


  • Around 6 Years of Extensive experience as a Full Stack Developer in analysis, design, development and testing of web applications on MERN (Mongo Db, Express JS/Node JS, ReactJS), MEAN (Mongo Db, Express JS/Node JS, Angular JS/Angular2), Full Stack (PHP, MySQL) other technologies like HTML/HTML5 and CSS3, JavaScript, DOM Scripting and JQuery, Typescript, MVC frameworks.
  • Good working knowledge and experience in MERN, MEAN and Full stack development.
  • Solid experience in working within Banking, eCommerce and HealthCare domains.
  • Have strong experience in building Single page application (SPA) using JavaScript libraries like Angular.JS and Angular 2.0.
  • Expertise in developing components, custom pipes, attribute directives, services and in Angular 2.0 JS.
  • Proficient in AngularJS creating modules, controllers, custom directives route Providers, factory services, customizable filters.
  • Good experience on writing web APIs with JavaScript frameworks Node JS and npm modules like Express, Mongoose.
  • Expertise in creating interactive, stateful and reusable UI components, actions, dispatchers and stores using Flux along with ReactJS with good Knowledge on architectural flow of Redux.
  • Hands - on experience in using ECMAScript 6 (ES6) and JavaScript Syntax Extension (JSX).
  • Strong Experience on application and web page development using HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery.
  • Worked with CSS pre-processors like LESS and SASS.
  • Developed the Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap CSS3 Media Queries.
  • Experience with data visualization libraries such as Angular Fusion Charts and D3.js.
  • Hands on experience on Customization of JQuery UI and Bootstrap plugins according to the requirements.
  • Experience in handling Databases like Oracle, MySQL and NoSQL Mongo DB and MySQL
  • Good working knowledge on PHP programming, including procedural, knowledge of data structures and design patterns
  • Solid experience in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) design in technologies like MySQL integrating it with PHP- (PHPMyAdmin),
  • Extensive experience on working with task runner like Gulp, Grunt.
  • Experienced in code repository using GIT, SVN for version control.
  • Worked on testing frameworks Jasmine, Karma, Chai, Mocha, PHPUnit for writing unit test cases.
  • Experienced with front-end development with back-end system integration.
  • Experience in Test Driven Development (TDD), SDLC for Implementation and Maintenance using Agile SCRUM Methodology for project management.
  • Quick learner, team player and possess excellent communication skills with project management skills.


Web Technologies\ Frameworks \: HTML5/4, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, \ Angular2JS, ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, \ JSON, Bootstrap\ Express JS, \

Languages\ Databases\: PHP, Ruby, JAVA, C++ and C\ MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle10g\

IDE’s \ Operating System \: Notepad++, Sublime, Brackets, Eclipse, \ Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Linux\ Netbeans\

Methodologies\ Tools\: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall\ Grunt, Gulp, Jasmine, Karma\


Confidential - Marlton, NJ

Mean Stack Developer


  • Implement the web application using MEAN Stack technologies (MongoDB, Express, Angular 2, Node.js) along with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and other web technologies.
  • Developed multiple POCs to create an interface between Backend and Frontend by using MongoDB, Express JS, Angular 2 and Node.js.
  • Performed CRUD operations and Data Migrations in the Mongo Database.
  • Worked closely with business system analysts understand the requirements to ensure that right set of UI modules been built.
  • Worked in consuming the RESTFUL web services and made use of CRUD Services for effective use of Web services.
  • Coded in Angular2 MVC framework to build the Web application for the internal use of the organization.
  • Created components, custom directives, custom pipes, filters and services using Angular2JS.
  • Created HTTP requests using RxJs Observable library to make AJAX call to receive the customer details from the database.
  • Created REST API using Node.js combined with Express.js
  • Designed Web pages that are more user-interactive using jQuery Drag and Drop, Auto Complete, JSON, Angular2, JavaScript and Bootstrap.
  • Extensive use of Grunt and Gulp as a build tool for minifying the code in JavaScript.
  • Extensively used D3.js to visualize customer information in bar diagrams, pie-diagrams.
  • Developed various customized views and templates using JavaScript, HTML.
  • Made enhancements to existing CSS and DIV tags, made upgrades using Twitter Bootstrap model.
  • Worked on CSS Background, CSS Positioning, CSS Text, CSS Border, Pseudo classes, Pseudo elements etc.
  • Created Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap for Media queries to support various kinds of devices.
  • Developed dynamic web pages using HTML5, CSS3, Angular 2, Bootstrap, LESS and used Sublime Text Editor.
  • Developed responsive web pages using bootstrap and CSS3 media queries.
  • Developed unit test cases using Jasmine and Karma.
  • Maintained the code base by frequent updates to the code repository using GitHub.
  • Worked on cross browser compatibility issues and fixed the bugs.
  • Used Agile methodology for the development process.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap3, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular 2.0, Node.js, MongoDB, D3.js, TDD, modernizr, Jasmine, Karma, Grunt JS, JIRA, Sublime, Git, Agile Methodology

Confidential - New York

Mean Stack Developer


  • Responsible for designing page layout using HTML5, CSS3 along with JavaScript libraries and adding dynamic functionality to Loan module.
  • Actively studied User Requirement Specification and requested insufficient information and helped clearing ambiguity in requirements document.
  • Responsible for designing page layout using HTML5, CSS3 along with JavaScript libraries and adding dynamic functionality to Loan module.
  • Developed single page applications (SPA) using MEAN stack (Mongo DB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js v4).
  • Developed the view/presentation layer using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap3.
  • Implemented Bootstrap and CSS3 for responsive web design.
  • Integrated jQuery plugins for calendar, menus and forms for UI components.
  • Implemented client side validations in different modules using AngularJS
  • Created Custom Directives for displaying the banking customers based on the users view using Controllers, Filters and services.
  • Used MongoDB to retrieve data for todo list, reminder, disbursement schedule, repayment schedule and tracking loan application using Mongoose ORM.
  • Integrated Angular fusion charts to accomplish dynamic data visualizations for tracking application module and report module.
  • Created HTTP requests to make AJAX call to receive the customer details from the database.
  • Created REST API using Node.js combined with Express.js
  • Integrated Angular fusion charts to accomplish dynamic data visualizations for tracking application module and report module.
  • Modularize existing components to make it more maintainable and configurable.
  • Followed TDD approach on the angular code with Jasmine as the testing framework and Karma as the test runner tool.
  • Implemented modernizr to ensure cross browser compatibility.
  • Utilized Grunt JS for concatenating and uglifying the JavaScript and CSS files.
  • Documented user stories, features for every sprint release using JIRA.
  • Maintained the code repository in GIT and Jenkins for continuous built integration.
  • Used Agile methodology for the development process.
  • Enrolled in sprint planning, making proposals that could make the development process and the project even better.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap3, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Angular fusion charts, Node.js, MongoDB, D3.js, TDD, modernizr, Jasmine, Karma, Grunt JS, JIRA, Git, Agile Methodology

Confidential - New York

MERN Stack Developer


  • Developed the application as Single Page Application (SPA) using ReactJS framework along with the use of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.
  • Involved in designing and developing the web application using MERN stack technologies along with the use of ReactJS, Express.js, Node.js, and MongoDB.
  • Built user account visualization dashboard using React and Flux to create component based architecture
  • Maintained states in the stores and dispatched the actions using Flux. Created controller view that interacts with store and holds data in state. Added dynamic functionality by creating and dispatching Action Creators that deployed Actions.
  • Utilized React Router to reduce render function complexity and improve code base scalability
  • Used MongoDB to store all the details of the employees.
  • Worked on integration of Node.js and MongoDB using a persistent layer of Mongoose.
  • Consumed AJAX calls in application to asynchronously fetch and send data from back-end and perform RESTful web services.
  • Used Node.js for the server-side to receive the request, form response, implement the data streaming and handle the concurrent connection.
  • Designed the REST API in Node.js for the client to consume, used Express.js framework on Node.js for quick development.
  • Created Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap grid structure and CSS Media Queries, optimized CSS file using processor SASS and LESS.
  • Involved in using D3.js for data visualization in reporting module.
  • Used Webpack as the automation tool to implement file translation, sourcemap, bundling, and minification.
  • Involved in creating and executing Unit Test Cases using Jasmine &Karma.
  • Worked closely with SQA team in fixing the reported bugs/defects and checking cross platform compatibility.
  • Used Git to maintain application version control for the full development cycle.
  • Involved in the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the project with the Agile Methodology from analysis and design to testing, debugging and deployment.
  • Attended daily and weekly SCRUM meeting to update working status and used JIRA for bug tracking and project management.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Ajax, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, Flux, MongoDB, D3.js, RESTful, Jasmine & Karma, Webpack

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