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Android Development Resume Profile



Experienced mobile developer on both Android and web front end platforms for 3 years. Hands on experience working with teams in corporate and startup environments. Solid understanding of software lifecycle and Agile scrum methodology. Passionate about Android and keeping up with the latest sdk developments and libraries.



  • Lisnr is a startup in Cincinnati that develops products around a core technology that allows us send and receive inaudible tones through speakers and mobile microphones. At Lisnr I am the Android and Front End developer creating both applications and SDK's for others to use our product.
  • Android Developer Application and SDK
  • Several successful applications developed for clients
  • Developing Application for Rocnation consuming a restful api Unreleased Yet
  • Developed sample projects with documentation for use by our client devs
  • Made in American App Playstore
  • Shakira App Playstore
  • Robolectric and JUNIT are used for testing our applications
  • Lead Android SDK developer that allows other developers to use our technology
  • The SDK has several functions
  • Ability to hook into an app using the Android SDK for the app lifecycle
  • Leverage the NDK to use our core C library to decode tones to relay to the client app
  • Retreive content from our internal servers to send to the client app
  • Provide logging and tone analytics to our internal servers
  • We used git for versioning and the gradle build system for our builds
  • Lead Front End Developer for our Customer Portal
  • The app is an AngularJS with SASS project using Grunt as our task runner
  • Behavior-Driven testing using Jasmine JWT Authorization techniques
  • Android Skills
  • UI/UX Design
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Designed for both Phone Tablet layout and sizing
  • Android Support Library Use to support older Android API's AppCompat V4
  • Android Fragmentation and layout positioning management Various local database solutions incluing SnappyDB, SimpleNoSQL API consumption using android libraries Retrofit, Volley
  • Build experience using Gradle build system for Applications apk and Libraries aar
  • Technologies and Work Style's used at Lisnr
  • Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Route 53
  • Scrum Agile work style 2 Week Build Cycle
  • Android Development in team of 3
  • Front End Development in team of 3
  • Git Versioning and GIT CI for continuous integration testing
  • Use of Django and Django REST framework


  • Created an internal Android application for our insurance adjusters called Fieldbook
  • Provide crop insurance adjusters with ability to map out fields using the Android GPS and other Bluetooth GPS modules Esri Mapping
  • This app was ported from Objective C IOS Code using XCode
  • Responsible for app management lifecycle two week build cycle
  • GIT version control system Bitbucket
  • Testing using junit for Java only modules and RoboLectric for Android SDK testing
  • Desgined Web API for new app endpoints following REST protocols Java EE
  • Collaborated with other developers for testing and development Enterprise Level Distribution using HockeyApp for Android TestFlight for IOS
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Utilize new and upcoming libraries to make development code more robust, up to date, and legible
  • Utilize libraries such as RoboLectric, RoboGuice, Gson, Google Guava, Jackson, Android Assets Studio Json / Jackson, and SQL

Freelance Android Development

  • Developed application for a small company in Cincinnati called Race Pace
  • that provides realtime tracking of marathon runners through a phones gps The app has two modes: specator, and runner.
  • As a runner the app simply tracks your position in the background and relays the info to a server
  • As a spectator you can enter the bib number of who you would like to follow on the course and you will see the runners location on a map with an overlay of the course
  • This app is able to track and show a runner's position in real time during various
  • Utilized Google Maps V2 API to enable mapping abilites and draw custom runner markers and also overlay various race paths


  • Participated in developing a java based video capture system. This project was in collaboration with a senior Java Developer. The systems main objective is to capture data through a PCI card, parse the data, and display the video on multiple screens on a custom Linux system.
  • The system uses MySQL to store data using threads to get the high insert speeds necessary for the four HD video streams.
  • Java Swing GUI to control the parsing program.
  • This project involved XML parsing, MySQL database management, threading, SVN versioning, and Linux system development, and employed an AGILE software flow.
  • The system is used at all launch locations of NASA in the United States and was used by ULA to record video aboard the rockets Atlas and Delta. NASA Atlas Launch Our system video 4:23
  • Worked with senior Engineers to develop digital filtering algorithms to using VHDL as the language. This included frequency analysis and design of several Low Pass FIR filter systems to achieve programmatically set cutoff rates for various data inputs.
  • Electrical research and design development laser communication systems for space applications. Lead Engineer developing the system architecture,
  • demonstrating proof of concept with development systems, and integration
  • into existing systems. Designed toward a 10Gbps data link for box to box
  • communications.


  • Designed a visual basic program that Wendy's Bakery suppliers use to capture various production process specifications. The program imported data from various suppliers and displayed results according to six sigma tolerances. I worked very closely with the Wendy's Bakery Supplier Manager to design the software.
  • Assisted Quality Assurance Managers in organization data and designing charts and wrote Visual Basic software


  • Developed electrical designs and modeling for a Land Speed Record Fuel Cell Racing Car Youtube
  • Worked in team using schematic entry, wiring harness development, CAD drawing for mechanical components, and simulation using MathWorks ModelSim
  • Worked in high pressure situations during the Bonneville Salt Flats Race Week while testing, debugging, and fixing Fuel Cell Car Education

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