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Computer Technician Resume Profile



Insightful, results driven, dedicated and highly accomplished IT professional with superlative business acumen and exceptional technical skills. Recognized for successfully executing government technology initiatives while participating in planning, analysis and implementation of solutions in support of business objectives. Skilled at building rapport with diverse individuals while handling complex technical issues. Excels at providing comprehensive secure network administration and systems analysis.



System Administrator

  • Improved employee performance and enabled continuing innovation within the IRM Branch of the Department of State through technical research and development and systems hardware installation, configuration, operation and maintenance.
  • Provided support for four Department of State Sites with over 700 employees.
  • Installed and configured workstations for the Diplomatic Telecommunication Program Office DTS-PO .
  • Ensured customers network and workstation incidents were resolved in a timely and professional manner. Maintained tracking records of closed tickets using Remedy ticketing system.
  • Installed Symantec End Point Protection software on workstations.
  • Provided remote and on-site support for domestic and international customers, including Tier III support for LAN/WAN products.
  • Managed and maintained assigned active directory organizational Unit. Developed user accounts in an active directory environment.
  • Created distribution lists and populated members.
  • Created and populating members to security groups.
  • Configured HP thin client workstations to communicate in a Citrix environment. Configured and managing Files X backup servers.
  • Input data tracking location of all hardware and licensed software on SharePoint. Transferred data files from unclassified network to classified network.
  • Administered and maintained permissions for network shares. Configured local user profiles and Microsoft Outlook profiles. Resolved network printer incidents.
  • Maintained exceptional technical and product knowledge. Installed new desktop systems for VIP personnel.
  • Created service Orders to replace defective parts or request technician assistance.

Selected Accomplishments:

Drafted to join new Contract Owner. Maintained a 98 or higher SLA rating.


  • Recognized for outstanding quality of customer service with numerous customer support awards and personal commendation from clients.
  • Received the Certificate of Appreciation by The Department of State.
  • Awarded the Outstanding Service Award in 2014 from The Department of State.


Systems Administrator

  • Provided first tier end user support and enabled continuing innovation within the IRM Branch of the Department of State through technical research and development and systems hardware installation, configuration, operation and maintenance.
  • Installed and configured workstations for the Diplomatic Telecommunication Program Office DTS-PO . Ensured customers network and computer problems were resolved.
  • Maintained tracking records of closed tickets using Lotus Notes Performed Lotus Notes 6.5.1 administration.
  • Maintained and operated Windows 2003 and Windows 2000 server.
  • Managed and maintained assigned Active Directory Organizational Unit to include creating and deleting user accounts within Active Directory.
  • and saved event log on Windows 2003 Servers, noting and researching recurring and significant errors in event log.
  • Conducted remote diagnostics to troubleshoot and resolve desktop application issues. Analyzed volume space usage for each server.
  • Created distribution lists and populated members.
  • Installed Microsoft Software to include: Office 2007 suite, Microsoft Project and Microsoft Office Visio. Configured user profiles for Microsoft Outlook 2007.
  • Reset and recreated user passwords.
  • Created user mailboxes on Exchange 2003 servers. Installed and deployed base line desktop images. Installed and utilized SMS remote tools.
  • Created Ultra Bac back up jobs.
  • Verified successful backups and change Tandberg backup tapes.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Recognized for outstanding quality of customer service with numerous customer support awards and personal commendation from clients.
  • Sorely responsible for closing the gap of a 6 month back log of User support tickets in 60 days.
  • Consistently received excellent marks on annual performance reviews and positive remarks from management.
  • Senior IT Analyst, Nov. 2007 March 2008
  • Provided Tier 3 end user support and enabled continuing innovation for USAID missions.
  • Resolved and closed issues using remedy ticketing system. Managed Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • Configured and managed blackberry user accounts.
  • Researched and resolved all blackberry account issues.
  • Researched and implemented solutions for security vulnerabilities.
  • Network Engineer, February 2006 November 2007
  • Established, and maintained network performance by building net configurations and connections. Improved user performance through analysis and improvement of network environment.
  • Traveled to bureaus throughout the Department of State upgrading Networks from Windows NT environments to Windows 2003 Environments.
  • Engineered install plans for each Department of State Bureau.
  • Conducted in and out briefing with bureau management before and after network upgrades.
  • Built and Configured Windows 2003 Sever domain controllers which includes installing Active Directory and insuring replication of domain controllers throughout the forest.
  • Migrated mail objects, mail content, distribution lists and public folders from Exchange 5.5 environment to Exchange 2003 environment.
  • Created users, and computers along with creating Organizational Units structures in Active Directory.
  • Managed group policies within Active Directory.
  • Migrated Windows NT users and computers to Windows 2003 environment Active Directory .
  • Copied CNR scopes and settings to DHCP servers allowing migrated workstations to obtain ip addresses from newly created scopes.
  • Provided end user support after network upgrades and resolved any issues experienced by end users.


Senior Network Engineer

  • Ensured maximum performance for the members of the United States Coast Guard across the United States through the implementation, supporting and maintenance of a sound network infrastructure.
  • Traveled to Coast Guard Bases across the United States providing user support.
  • Upgraded Coast Guard from Windows NT environment to Windows 2000 environment.
  • Migrated user hardware and profiles to include: computers, mail objects and mail content. Added users and computer objects to organizational units in Active Directory.
  • Built and configured RIS Servers and domain controllers for future U.S. Coast Guard bases.


Software Integration Technician

  • Ensured high quality and performance for employees of the United States Embassies and Consulate offices worldwide through the engineering and installation as well as maintenance and integration of a sound network infrastructure.
  • Installed and upgraded networks from Windows NT to Windows 2000 at U.S. Embassies and Consulates worldwide.
  • Built, installed and configured Windows 2003 domain controllers. Built and configured Microsoft Exchange 5.5 servers.
  • Built and configured file and print servers. Configured ports on Cisco Switches.
  • Installed, operated and maintain network services, routers, concentrators, hubs, switches, modems and other network devices following technical plans
  • Installed Windows 2000 Professional and XP on desktop clients.
  • Installed category 5 and fiber optic cable, servers, racks, and power supplies.
  • Performed complex system installations and maintained, tested and repaired network equipment. Migrated users, passwords, computers, mail and distribution lists using Quest Enterprise software. Installed and configured CableXpress and Lotus Notes messaging systems.
  • Installed and configured domain controllers, exchange servers, file/print servers and applications servers. Migrated users, computers and groups from Windows NT environment to an Active Directory environment.


Computer Technician

  • Provided technical support at the Communications Control Center for all military personnel at Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia.
  • Resolved network communication problems to ensure user's access to military software. Configured computer networks.
  • Maintained and managed user profiles performing various tasks in Microsoft User Manager. Managed and maintained Network domain through Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Offered technical support on-site to military personnel.
  • Created email groups, Distribution lists, Organization accounts and Individual accounts using Microsoft Exchange Administrator.
  • Operated various tasks under both Windows 2000 and Windows NT operating systems. Maintained and repaired computer equipment


Computer Assistance Specialist

  • Supported the development, testing, operation and evaluation of highly accurate and sophisticated military systems through the technical and end user support for the Army Test Evaluation Command Organization.
  • Performed software and hardware system maintenance and repair for over 1200 customers.
  • Installed Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, MS Office 97, and 2000 software programs and applications. Configured laptops for remote and dial- in capabilities for email access.
  • Configured point to point and multi-point video teleconferencing for military personnel including the Commanding General for the Army Test and Evaluation Command.
  • Used Vision -Tel software to conduct video teleconferencing for the Army Test and Evaluation Command. Migrated computer networks from Windows 98 to Windows 2000
  • Migrated systems from GroupWise emailing system to MS Outlook emailing system.


Computer Technician

  • Configured point of sales workstations.
  • Installed workstations and peripherals at various golf courses. Integrated systems before being shipped to clients.
  • Configured and upgraded Novell servers. Installed inventory software on servers.
  • Provided technical training and user support for clients.


Signal Support System Specialist

  • Ensured the accurate movement of US Army troops through the maintenance and technical support of the battlefield systems and devices.
  • Installed, operated, and maintained all signal equipment. Performed signal support functions.
  • Developed and implemented unit level signal maintenance program. Provided technical advice and assistance to commanders.
  • Coordinated signal activities with higher, lower and adjacent headquarters. Planed and provided technical training and assistance to the unit.
  • Prepared and provided signal inventory reports to commanders. Maintained radio and data distribution systems
  • Performed preventive maintenance checks and services on all signal equipment, terminal devices and power generators.
  • Tested and resolved all equipment malfunctions while in the field.


  • Platforms: Windows 7/XP, Mac OS
  • Networking: TCP/IP, Novell, SMS/SQL, Ethernet, Token Ring, VPN, PKI, LDAP
  • Tools: Ghost, Cisco Switches, McAfee/Norton Virus Protection, Symantec End Point Protection, HP, Open View, IBM, Lotus Notes, Citrix, Microsoft Office Suite, Active Directory, SharePoint


  • CableXpress Systems Administrator CompTIA Network Certification
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Windows Migration
  • Windows LAN Installation Windows Security Administrator

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