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Software Build Engineer Resume


  • To obtain a position in software development and testing



Database: Oracle, Informix, Sybase

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, Perl5.8.8/CGI, Shell Scripting

Markup Languages: HTML

Application Server: WebSphere (WAS 6.0)

Web Servers: Apache, IBMHttpServer

Operating Systems: UNIX, SOLARIS, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, DOSMicrocontroller Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Embedded linux,AIX

Version Control Tools: CVS, PVCS, Clearcase V6.0

Content Management: Documentum 4i, DQL, Livelink

API: Action Request System (ARS)

Software Tools: Verilog, VHDL, Cadence Tools, PSPICE, Matlab and Simulink

Xilinx Webpack tools: (FPGA), and XSA’s, Xstools and Utilities for XSA Board, Code Composer Studio v5



Software Build Engineer


  • Plan, Build and bookshelf control software for subsystems SEASYS(Starting Electrical and Accessory subsystem), FULSYS (Fuel Subsystem), OILSYS (Oil Subsystem),THMSYS (Thermal Subsystem) and DIASYS(Diagnostic Systems and Services).
  • Perform application builds for control software.
  • Maintain app config master database.
  • Run memory program for the different applications, and provide a table of ROM used, RAM used, ECU ROM used LDRAM, KAM used, CAL ROM used and free memory.

Tools: UNIX,C, Tasking 3.5rlp3 C Compiler, Clearcase V6.0, Blueprint

Confidential, Farmington Hills, MI

Control System Software Engineer


  • Restructure engine control software (Powertrain Control Module) for world - vehicle program, updating algorithms and data tables for OEM to reduce memory (ROM) footprint for new low-cost engine control system.
  • Coordinate changes to assure regression test model conforms to OEM expectations. Major refactoring of control algorithms for best-practices in portability, culminating in re-release of engine control software to the OEM engineering activities.


Contract Software Engineer


  • Ported Diagnostic software for the A0 board from Code Composer Studio (Windows) to Embedded Linux. Developed code to test aic3110 audio codec. Tested SPI bus, I2C connectivity, UARTs, DDR3 memory and GPIO interface in A0 board. The A0 board is the development board for the Takata Lane Departure Warning system that helps drivers from unintentionally departing the lane or running off the road.

Tools: Windows 7.0C, Code Composer Studio v5.0, Embedded Linux Kernel 2.6.37, PSP -

Confidential, Michigan

Software Engineer


  • Production Support of the GPD (Global Product Definition) Suite of applications. Deployed enhancements and new updates to GPD software in QA and production environments.
  • Compiled, installed and tested applications LogSplitter, Super Duper CDS (SD-CDS),LOM (Launchomatic) cloned to Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR) site from Confidential site for SWIFT project
  • Updated porting documents and ran test cases for the above applications and performed localization of code.
  • Developed a Perl script for data separation of the JLR SD-CDS photo files
  • Created porting documents, Data Separation Strategy, temporary interfaces for SMP (Security Management and Administration Portal) a J2EE WAS 6.1 shared application for Confidential suppliers, dealers and affiliates
  • Developed Glass Emission Report Module for PERS (Paint Emission Reporting System) Database, for Kentucky Truck Plant to report materials used for Glass Install, usage in gallons, Lbs VOC/Gal, LBs VOC/day, Lbs VOC/Gal as applied
  • Developed “Paint-Maintain Production Counts” screen for PERS system to display fields such as Vehicle Group, Primary Color, Accent Color, Vehicle Counts, Paint Vehicle Count, Production Count, and Production Date for plants
  • Developed design documents and pseudocode for Material Usage Report Modules based on Toxicity numbers, Report Module and Diagnostic Module
  • Developed Perl/Shell scripts to automatically load plant paint data from FTP files to PERS database and a screen “Paint /Actual Hours” to display plant operation hours

Tools: i386 GNU/Linux system servers, Apache Web Server, Perl 5.8.8/CGI/HTML 4.0, Javascript 1.3, Shell scripting, Oracle and SQL.


Software Engineer


  • Developed software modules and enhancements for Medicaid System and Claims
  • Modified Claims Code to match provider id field lengths in Oracle database
  • Provided an extract of physician and UB92 claims for recipient disease profiles to determine recipient diseases based on diagnosis codes submitted on UB92 and CMS 1500 physician claims forms
  • Measures like Claims Throughput, Claims Backlog, and other statistics were computed
  • Provided an extract of Physician and Outpatient Claims for PBM Drug Rebate System

Tools: Solaris/Sun OS 5.5. systems,C, UNIX, Oracle, SQL.

Confidential, Auburn Hills, Michigan

Applications Engineer


  • Maintained software for E-flow, an analog flow-metering device to measure flow rate of exhaust gases; to output value by sensors and transducers as a current ranging between 4 mA and 20 mA
  • Developed software to measure tailpipe backpressure as an analog input and digitized output in E-flow device; added value to E-flow data packet to send to host computer.
  • Developed software to conduct a leak check on Diesel CVS bags used to collect the exhaust and sent to CVS analyzer to measure gases in exhaust
  • Performed Zero-span initialization during device initialization for Bag Bench software

Tools: Solaris/SunOS 5.5.1 systems/Windows XP, C, UNIX, Sybase, SQL, Visual C++.

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