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Azure Infra Engineer Resume


  • Working as Cloud Administrator on Microsoft Azure, involved in configuring Compute, networking, Storage and General services
  • Launching instances using customized Image, vhd, snapshot, and Market place.
  • Create and manage disks, storage account types, host caching, VM sizes from portal and using PowerShell scripts
  • Create and migrate snapshots, vhds, and images of managed disks from one subscription to another subscriptions using PowerShell and storage explorer.
  • Create Availability set for VMs to provide redundancy for applications and high availability.
  • Create and manage alerts, resource locks, and tags.
  • Operations and troubleshoot using resource locks, run command, serial console, Boot diagnostics, Redeploy, activity logs.
  • Having knowledge on Extensions.
  • Create and manage reservations, usage and quota for a subscription.
  • Create and manage Resource Groups, VNET, subnets, Route tables, Network security groups, Network interface.
  • Enabled resource locks to prevent from deletion of resources using PowerShell and portal.
  • Create and manage Local network gateway and virtual network gateway, connections: VNET - VNET Peering, ER, P2S and S2S.
  • Create service end points.
  • Create Network Watcher to monitor, troubleshoot and diagnose conditions at a network scenario level.
  • Having knowledge on application gateway and load balancer.
  • Create and storage accounts, blobs, containers, file share.
  • Having knowledge on storage account kind, storage replications: LRS, GRS, RA-GRS and ZRS, access tiers.
  • Having knowledge on upload, migrate files using storage explorer.
  • Create and manage Recovery Services vaults.
  • Enable backup replications and Disaster recovery for Virtual machines and done failover.
  • Having knowledge on app-consistent, crash-consistent, Multi-VM.
  • Having Knowledge on site recovery from azure and on premises VMware vsphere, Hyper-v.
  • Having knowledge on azure active directory, to create users and Groups with required roles and administrators, Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Having knowledge on Azure price calculator.
  • Audit Inventory, NSGs, Resources, unallocated disks, network interface with customized PowerShell scripts
  • Managing day to day activities of the cloud environment, supporting development teams with their requirements.


Azure Expertise: Azure Dev Ops,Azure IAAS, VM Migrations, Traffic Manager, Azure Cloud Services,VMSS,Active Directory, Express Route, Power Shell, Azure StoragesOS Servers WINDOWS2003 Server, 2008 Server and 2012 R2 server,2016

Cloud Technologies: Microsoft Azure, VSTS, TFS, Azure DevOps

Migration Tools: ASR, Cloud Amize, Cloud Endure, MAP, Storage Explorer

Scripting Language: PowerShell, JSON, ARM Templates

Other Tools: OMS, Kusto, VSTS TCM.



Azure Infra Engineer


  • Managing multiple Subscriptions in Azure using PowerShell and Azure Portal.
  • Automating the Operations those are required for the different clients.
  • Pester implementation for validating the Azure Resources after deployment.
  • Experience in Visual Studio Team Services for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.
  • Preparing the Custom Build Agent as a part of CI/CD in VSTS.
  • Setting up Build Triggers once checked-in the Source code and publishing the artefacts to VSTS and Configuring Release Triggers once Build is succeeded.
  • Automated the VPN setup in Azure Virtual Network.
  • Implemented Desired State Configuration and used Composite Resource for effective.


Azure Infra Engineer


  • Experience in designing and Implementing Azure Backup and recovery.
  • Installed, configured, administered, monitored Azure, IAAS and Azure AD.
  • Used Windows Azure portal to manage Virtual Network.
  • Created, managed, monitored VM using Windows Azure portal admin.
  • Implemented Azure AD configured SSO and multifactor Authentication. Also configured SSO from Window 10 based computer which is joined to Azure AD. Implemented and managed AD synchronization.
  • Created ARM Templates to reuse similar deployments with some standard configuration and Naming conventions.
  • Exposure in Power Shell scripting to automate many services management in azure.
  • Installing and maintaining different server roles in the virtual machines created for the developers.
  • Configured NSGs for two tier and three tier applications.
  • Experience in integrating on premises DC to Azure DC.
  • Azure Storage Planning - Migrated Blob Storage for document and media file, Table storage for structured datasets, Queue storage for reliable messaging for workflow processing and file storage to share file data.
  • Configured VNETs and subnets as per the project requirement.
  • Configured Azure blob storage and Azure file servers based on the requirements.
  • Configured private and public facing Azure load balancers etc.
  • Configured connectivity between IaaS v1 V Nets and IaaS v2 V Nets.

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