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Sr. Systems Programmer / Project Manager / Dba / Systems Developer Resume

Macomb, MichigaN


  • Project Management Systems Development & Administration Cost Containment Database Design & Management Hardware / Software Conversions Capacity Planning Disaster Recovery Sales & Marketing Budget Development User Training Security Purchasing
  • Energetic, results - oriented technology leader, adept at building, developing, and managing highly diverse technological solutions, for providers with operating capitals exceeding $100,000,000.
  • Adept at conceptualizing and propelling policies and programs, effective at increasing revenues, improving market share, leveraging emerging technologies, and satisfying demanding clients and partners.
  • Exceptional communicator, and decision maker, in fast paced situations.
  • Empowers and assists staff members, integrates quality management principles, and builds long-term, growth-oriented alliances and partnerships .
  • Project Leadership: Instrumental in driving wide range of complex projects from inception through completion.
  • Instrumental in winning $12,500,000 annual savings through successful completion of $60,000,000 information systems design, implementation, management and administration project.
  • All objectives met or exceeded 18 months ahead of schedule.
  • Utilized existing technologies to streamline operations and improve organization bottom line. Realized $500,000 annual savings by centralizing Fortune 50 Company’s EDI processing and support, and saved $300,000 per year by identifying and eliminating system downtime affecting 100 users.
  • Adept at managing and coordinating multifunctional teams to ensure successful, on time completion of complex projects.
  • Ensured $3,000,000 conversion initiative completed on time and within budget, concluded 4-year troubled project within 90 days to save client $500,000, and managed $2,000,000, 12-month online change control system implementation for financial institution garnering $250,000 in customer savings, and included positions as Director of Systems and Programming.


Hardware: IBM z/Series, ES9000, 309X, 308X, 303X, 43XX, AS400, 370, 360 IBM PC/XT/AT/PS2 DEC VAX PDP 11 NAS/HDS AS/XL Series, AS/VL Series, AS/EX Series, 9X00, 8800 Amdahl V6, V7, V8, 5995 - 1400A, 5995-4550M Unisys/Burroughs 6700, 6800, 7700, 7800 and various other vendors.

Software: z/OS OS/390 MVS/ESA MVS/XA MVS/SP OS/JCL z/VM VM/ESA VM/XA VM/SP HPO VM/370 z/VSE VSE/ESA DOS/VSE DOS/VS DOS/MVT DOS CPM CMS REXX OS/2 UNIX UNIX USS Assembler Cobol PL/I Fortran RPGII JCL System Utilities DMS II DL/I IMS DB/DC IDMS DB2 DB2 UDB SQL SQL/DS Total Culprit Focus DFDSS DFSMS DFHSM SDSF Easytrieve Sync Sort DYL-260 Quickjob EXCP Endevor LISTCAT Plus Task/Master EMC Storage Tivoli Storage Management Systems Roscoe ICCF ISPF Omegamon TMON TSO CL/Supersession TPX Librarian Panvalet Power AbendAid APPC Xpediter DFast JES2 JES3 SAM BSAM ISAM QSAM QISAM VSAM QTAM Virtual Tape TCAM BTAM ACF/VTAM VTAM/NCP CICS/VS CICS TS MQ Series FileAid Websphere MQ ACF/NCP/VS NCCF OCCF NPDA NPM NCCF/TAF SNA Netview JES/2 JES/3 RACF QA Hiperstation ACF2 SMP-4 SMP/E SMF RMF CLISTS BEST/1 R-PLUS Strobe IPCS INFO/SYS INFO/MVS IBMLINK INFO/Access IBM DB2 and IMS Database Utilities QUICKREF/MVS MS Office MS Word MS Excel MS Project MS Visio Compuware Systems Products BMC Systems Products Legent Systems Products TMON Products Sterling Software Products Platinum Technology Products Computer Associates Products.

Technical Skills: MIS Management Project Management Operations Management Comm. Phys. Specs Comm. Systems Design Comm. Modification Data Base Design Data Base Management Data Base Administration Hardware Conversions Hardware Configurations Hardware Evaluation Capacity Planning Performance Tuning Production Support Installation Auditing Procedure Development Marketing Budgeting / Costing Scheduling Systems Analysis System Design Systems Generation Systems Installation Systems Maintenance Systems Testing Technical Assistance Tracking & Forecasting Training User Presentation Sales Presentations Sales/Sales Support Software Conversions Software Selection Software Evaluations Spec. Writing Standards Development Feasibility Studies Purchasing Security.

Programming: Systems Applications On-line Batch Real-Time & Structured.

Industry Expertise: Banking / Financial Marketing Insurance Manufacturing Distribution Sales Analysis Retail Software Development Utilities Accounting Payroll / Personnel Order Entry Educational Health Care.


Sr. Systems programmer / Project Manager / DBA / Systems developer

Confidential, Macomb, Michigan


  • Combined exceptional technical cognizance, with a practiced business sense conceptualizing, developing, and providing highly effective, client-centric technical support, project management, database administration, and applications development and implementation.
  • Worked closely with client technical managers, programmers, technicians, and users to identify project scope, develop cost-effective solutions, and manage implementation through service delivery.
  • Provided exceptional troubleshooting expertise, oversaw, and managed capacity planning efforts, and provided performance tuning based upon client requirements.
  • Provided clients with hands-on z/Series, z/OS, z/VM, UNIX USS, z/VSE, SMP/E, VTAM/NCP, TMON, CICS, CICS TS, IMS v8, v9, v11, DB2, & DB2 UDB v8, v9, v10, ZEKE, DFSMS, DFHSM, EAV DASD, VSAM, IBM HDS & EMC Storage, systems upgrading, programming, and management.
  • Installed z/OS operating systems, and upgrades, software system upgrades, and customization of IBM, and third party vendor’s, mainframe systems software.
  • Upgraded, administered, and supported multiple versions of CICS, and CICS TS, as well as IMS, DB2, and IDMS databases running on multiple LPAR system images in parallel sysplex environments, ensuring vendor-supplied programs operate at peak performance levels.

Confidential, Framingham, MA

Sr. z/OS DB2 and IMS DBA and Systems Programmer


  • Currently providing DB2 and IMS DBA and Systems Programming services, installing and migrating DB2 Version upgrades, from DB2 V810 to DB2 V910, as an interim step, in preparation to installing and upgrading to DB2 Version 10, across all DB2 Databases, LPARs, and Application systems.
  • As well as installing IMS V11 RSU maintenance, prior to, and in preparation for, installing and upgrading IMS to Version 13.
  • Utilizing and implementing DBMS best practices across all environments, DFSMS, DFHSM, VSAM, EAV DASD, IBM HDS & EMC Storage .
  • Additionally, deployed, managed, and supported all DB2 and IMS databases, and systems.
  • Corporate mainframe data center consisted of parallel sysplex complexes, consisting of multiple system images running on multiple z196’s, and a z10, running z/OS 1.13, additionally comprised of multiple globally located networked distributed systems.

Confidential, Mechanicsburg, PA

Sr. z/OS Mainframe DB2 DBA, Systems Programmer


  • Provided DB2 DBA, and Systems Services, and z/OS Systems Programming Services.

Confidential, Peoria, IL

Sr. z/OS Systems Programmer


  • As a member of the IT Transactional Services and IMS Technical Support Group I provided consulting services, management of environment capacity, and management of technical resources for strategic projects. I provided support and management of IMS mainframe infrastructure environments, IMS database support to the global corporate infrastructure facilities, and globally distributed IMS applications communities.
  • I provided IMS database and software maintenance systems programming services, installing version and release upgrades, maintenance and service level updates, and software, tool, and utilities fixes.
  • I provided IMS technical, and physical, DBA services, supporting the production, and development, applications systems, and groups, both batch and on-line.
  • I provided monitoring, management, and control of production and development IMS database systems, as well as technical support on a 24/7 basis, on a weekly rotational schedule, for both batch and on-line IMS systems. Provided performance optimization, capacity management, and scheduling, and resolved production control and DBMS problem solutions.
  • I converted various databases to IMS HALDB, executed sysgens, maintained exits, and supported the design, structure, and usage of IMS databases for our various corporate customers.
Environment: z196’s, a z114, and a z10, as well as multiple globally located networked distributed systems. Running z/OS 1.13, DB2 V9, IMS V11.1, CICS/TS V4.2, MQ Websphere, USS, VTAM, VSAM, EAV DASD, DFSMS, DFHSM, IBM & EMC Storage, TCP/IP, IMS TM Resource Adaptor, IMS Connect, IMS DRD, OTMA, ETO, ETO/S, SOAP Gateway, APPC, Quickjob, Stobe, CLISTS, ChangeMan, MSF, IMS Tools, PA, PI, IMS Connect Extensions, CCF, QCF, CA Database Management Solutions for IMS tools, File-AID, FA/IMS, JCL, Procs, Assembler, COBOL, Remedy, Oracle, SAP, SAS, and numerous vendor software products, systems, tools, and utilities.

Confidential, Columbia, SC

Sr. z/OS DB2 DBA, Systems Consultant, and Systems Programmer


  • Designed and implemented both daily and DR backup and restore strategy, policies, procedures, and systems for their DB2 databases, VSAM files, production sequential files, and z/OS systems files.
  • Support both the new environment running DB2 V9 in compatibility mode, as well as the production environment running DB2 V8.
  • Provided additional consulting services to their data center upgrade project where they were evaluating their options to upgrade their existing data center CPU, a z/9, with a z/10, move all of their
  • LPARs, from their existing z/9 to another larger SC State agency’s multiple system image data center facility, move their LPARs to a larger multi-state 5 state consortium data center complex, or outsource their mainframe processing capacity to a mainframe outsourcing services provider.

Confidential, Purchase, NY

Sr. z/OS Systems Programmer


  • Operating in a remote, telecommuting environment, provided mainframe middleware systems tech support, of the MSSB client online systems/network environment.
  • Provided z/OS technical systems support, in a z/OS 1.10 environment, supporting JES2 and commands to control the WebSphere environment, RACF and commands to secure Websphere environment, SDSF, JCL and utilities, OMVS, Unix Systems Services, TSO/ISPF, and interactive tools contained within.

Environment: Multiple dispersed Data Centers, running multiple parallel Sysplex complexes, on z/Series System Images, running z/0S v1.10, JES2, DB2, MQ WebSphere, RACF, VTAM, TCP/IP, OMVS, USS, DFSMS, DFHSM, EAV DASD, IBM & EMC Storage, VSAM, various vendor software tools and utilities, and an extensive Distributed multi location environment.

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