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Middleware Administrator Resume

Naples, FL


  • Senior Infrastructure Engineer with around 7 years of experience in Build and Implement Middleware products to meet Business Demands. Experience in phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which includes User Interaction, Design/Architect, Development, Integration, Planning and management of Builds, Configuration, Code Management, Production Support, Maintenance, Enhancements and Quality Control.
  • Hands On experience in Installing, Configuring and Maintaining various Oracle Fusion Products, IBM and Cloud based platform.
  • Hands On experience in migrating services from container - based platforms like Oracle SOA and OSB to microservices and deploy in Kubernetes both on-prem and AWS.
  • Hands On experience in standing up RedHat AMQ messaging platform both on-prem and AWS, used in microservices with JMS operation.


App/Web Servers: Oracle WebLogic Application server 11g/12c, SOA 11g/12c, OHS, OSB 11g/12c,OTD 11g/12c,Apache,Mulesoft 3x,4.1.5.

Operating Systems: RedHat, SunOS (Oracle), Linux, Solaris, Exalogic

Languages: SQL, and UNIX shell scripting


DataBases: Oracle 11g/12c, MS SQL Server

Cloud Platforms: AWS: EC2, ELB, S3, Elasticsearch Route53.

Dev Ops: Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, GIT, Ant, Kubernetes, Rancher

Tools: OEM(OracleEnterpriseManager12c),Anypoint(6x,7x) Dynatrace, Tableau, MoveIt DMZ,Sterling B2b SI, SFG, SSP, Splunk, SQLDeveloper, HPQualityCenter, HPLoadRunner, BMC Remedy, SOAP UI, JIRA, ServiceNow, AMP, HP ALM, Teamtrack


Confidential - Naples, FL

Middleware Administrator


  • Create a Mule Servers and configuring them in Any point platform.
  • Create Mule Clusters and adding servers to clusters.
  • Installing Enterprise Licenses for MuleSoft.
  • Integrating Splunk with MuleSoft.
  • Troubleshooting any issues for API's both from Any point and from Mule logs on servers.
  • End to End task for Mule Domain creation.
  • Using Runtime manager for all admin related tasks.
  • Applying any interim or service related patches on platform.
  • Working closely with Mule support with any issues or escalations.
  • Extensively worked on Weblogic 11g Server &Weblogic 12C Installation, Configuration, Administration.
  • Developed scripts to automate the Restart process using the Node Manager across all SOA, OSB instances.
  • Extensively worked on OEM12C to setup monitoring the WebLogic Domains.
  • Extensively worked on WebLogic upgrades from 11g to 12c
  • Upgraded Oracle HTTP Server from to, & 12C.
  • Install/configure required software/ J2EE resources like JDK on Linux servers in both On-Premise & AWS environments.
  • Installing/Configuring Apache servers with SSO plug-in, Splunk agents & deploying J2EE applications on AWS EC2 instances & On-Premise Servers.
  • Involved in various Load Balancing implementation on web servers.
  • Provided 24/7 support to various WebLogic production instances.
  • Day to Day infra related support activities.
  • Installed, configured and administered WebLogic Server 11g/12c.

ENVIRONMENT: OSB/BPEL 11g/12c,Mulesoft 4.1.5OTD, OHS, OEM, WebLogic 11g/12c,Anypoint platform7x, Apache, Exalogic, Solaris and Jira.

Confidential - Boca Raton, FL

Middleware System Administrator


  • Administrate Non-prod and Prod environments for WebLogic 10.3.X, Mulesoft 3.9,Kubernetes, AWS, OHS, OSB 11G, BPEL 11 g and BAM 12c .
  • Work with AWS and cloudops team for provisioning servers for MuleSoft and WebLogic servers.
  • Create mule environments and clusters.
  • Configuring MuleSoft domains in Any point platform.
  • Installing Mule Enterprise Licenses.
  • Creating monitoring alerts for critical API's
  • Integrating Splunk with MuleSoft.
  • Applying any interim or service related patches on platform.
  • Working closely with Mule support with any issues or escalations.
  • Integrated WebLogic, OSB and BPEL with Microsoft Active directory for controlled access to the systems.
  • Worked on disabling TLSv1.0/TLS1.1 in SOA environments to address security vulnerabilities.
  • Been involved along with Networking team in troubleshooting of latency in outbound HTTPS traffic via WIRESHARK .
  • Implemented JMS requirements for guaranteed delivery such as creating JMS servers, JMS file store Foreign servers to integrate with IBM MQ, security at Queue level , and tuned JMS objects by changing the default settings such as Quota, Flow control (window size) etc. Also, administered JDBC Connection pools and implemented best practices for fault tolerance.
  • Automating OSB deployments through Jenkins .
  • Performed role as Performance Capacity Engineer .
  • Troubleshoot issues using BPEL EM console, Audit trail, Flow etc. Configured Adapters ( JMS,DB,AQ ),migrate code from lower to upper environments.
  • Setup OEM and Dynatrace monitoring alerts for JMS queue depth , Server state, Log Scanning alerts , BPEL Failed/Terminated instance alerts etc.
  • Installed Dynatrace AppMon collectors and agents along with creating dashboards for system/service monitoring.
  • Good understanding of troubleshooting OSB service failures through Message reports, Service health metrics, Message/Execution tracing, Enabling SLA alerts . Use of Action level metrics at service level to identify delays during Performance tests.
  • Develop CI/CD system with Jenkins on AWS ECS container environment, utilizing ECS and Docker for the runtime environment for the CI/CD system to build, test and deploy. It speeds up the delivery and does the auto-generation of reports, infrastructure provisioning and decommissioning.
  • Deploying WAR, JAR and EAR files on WebLogic in Solaris Environments.
  • Worked on tuning work managers, data-sources & JVMs on WebLogic server.
  • Thread and Heap dump analysis. Writing Shell scripts for housekeeping and monitoring purpose and WLST scripts for recurring tasks such as creating JMS resources and application deployments.
  • Setting up connectivity to external vendors by Installing Certificates , understanding SSL handshake protocols and firewall rules.
  • Secure Web services through OWSM policies.
  • Worked with Development team in creating Real time BAM Dashboards for OSB services to be used by Business.
  • Worked closely with Oracle and SQL database team for Configuration changes and Troubleshooting issues.

ENVIRONMENT: OSB/BPEL 11g (, OHS 11g (, MuleSoft(3.9), Any point 6.6, BAM 12c, WebLogic, AWS, HP ALM, Team Track, Jenkins, JIRA, SOLARIS, Linux, Wireshark, Dynatrace, Kubernetes

Confidential - Boca Raton, FL

Middleware Engineer


  • Configure, administrate, and troubleshoot Oracle Service Bus 11gR1 cluster (Oracle Service Bus and deploy artifacts which include deploying JAR files, updating end-point URLs, testing payloads using SOAPUI and OSB test console etc.
  • Implemented a Multi-protocol gateway service to provide HTTPS front side handler to OSB.
  • Installed and configured Terminal Servers.
  • 24 x 7 production support for Middleware environment.
  • Utilize Remedy Problem & Change management application for management of problem tickets and production change requests.
  • Major Role in monthly production Releases.
  • Coordinated with many teams at a time during the production release and critical issues.
  • Worked on the DR (Disaster Recovery) project in building a DR site for the Middleware environment.
  • 24X7 Production support.
  • As Lead Engineer performed below tasks when team needed:
  • Involved in reviewing Project Solution Architecture, Requirements and Test Strategy documents and provide estimates on the effort required to deliver all environments.
  • Write WLST scripts for monitoring WebLogic domain resources such as Hogging threads counts, JMS Queues, Topics, Server State and deploying applications (ear and jar files).
  • Assisted development and testing teams in activities such as load testing, troubleshooting, and performance monitoring and performance tuning of various J2EE WebLogic Applications using tools such as Jconsole and other tools. This includes analyzing Garbage collection behavior, average response time of APIs, backend connections such as Web Services, Database and etc.
  • Apply WebLogic patches using Oracle Fusion Middleware Installer utility and manually.
  • Raised request for firewall requests, DNS change, test them, and retire sites by providing details to Network team.
  • Implemented automated procedures for deployment, configuration, startup, and shutdown procedures of services, tools, application servers.

ENVIRONMENT: BEA WebLogic 10.3.X, OSB 10g/11g, Linux 5/6

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