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Devops Resume


  • I am a motivated IT professional with hands on systems administration, System configuration, Enthusiastic team player, always looking for innovative and efficient engineering solutions, Energetic self - starter capable of learning quickly with minimal guidance. I am seeking to progress my career in the Information Technology sector where I will use my skills and experience in system maintenance and technical troubleshooting to contribute to an active growth and productivity of the company.
  • I am authorized to work in the United States for any employer.


  • Bash Shell Scripting,
  • Version Control Systems: Git,
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins,
  • Automation/Deployment: Ansible,
  • Continuous Monitoring: Nagios
  • Virtualization: Oracle Virtual Box,
  • Platforms: Linux Centos 6&7 RHEL 6&7, and Windows Server 2008
  • Storage: LVM, NAS
  • Web server: Apache
  • Ticketing: Jira/kanban board/Confluence/
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Database: MySql
  • Apache, web Server, error.log,
  • Automation, Bash, Hardware, content,
  • Customer service.
  • Database
  • Firewalls, Help Desk, HTTP, inventory, LAMP, Managing, memory,
  • NAS,
  • NFS, Network installation, network
  • Process management
  • ,Redhat Linux, SAMBA, scrum, SSH, servers, Shell Scripting, shell scripts, SMTP, System Administrator, Tech Support, Troubleshoot, troubleshooting, upgrades,
  • Windows Server
  • Patching





  • Working with Dev team, making modifications on the code using Git VCS to clone, add, commit and push codes from local and master branches to central repositories.
  • Creating new Ansible YAML, Play-books, Roles and bash shell scripts for application deployments.
  • Collaborating with Dev and Prod teams to ensure smooth running of the pipeline.
  • Verify and troubleshoot failed maven builds on Jenkins, verifying artifact id, and date stamps on Nexus, troubleshoot, document and communicate failed builds to the Dev team.
  • Deploy snapshots of application codes to Dev and SIT/QA environments using playbooks & roles.
  • Participate in daily scrum to improve system performance, and automation capabilities.
  • Searching and testing open source applications and software to integrate into the infrastructure.
  • Creating documentation resources to aid in future troubleshooting issues, to interact with users and business partners to design solutions for current and future business problems including cloud Migration solutions.
  • Monitor system infrastructure against zero downtime, perform periodic backups, and troubleshoot failures.
  • Diagnose application memory leaks, identify and fix issues related to SElinux, and identify library dependencies for third party software.
  • Collaborate with business partners to perform software enhancing testing and scans.
  • Resolve package Management dependency issues.
  • Using Nagios XIt to monitor overall server performance, log management and communicating log messages to appropriate teams in different environments within the organization.
  • Installation, configuration and hardening of Bare Metal Linux servers, working with security team on future patching needs.
  • Installation and Configuration of the APACHE web Server on Linux platforms, troubleshoot and access log files for errors and web access traffic.

Linux Systems Administrator



  • System performance tuning and basics in monitoring, analyzing system and application logs, vulnerability assessments, performing upgrades and Patching.
  • Managing physical, virtual, and network storage ( HD's, LVM's, NFS, SAMBA, NAS).
  • Using command line & software server/application monitoring and process management tools (Nagios, Rsylog).
  • Perform installation, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting of LAMP.
  • User/group administration, file/directory security, authentication and access management (SSH, Firewalls).
  • Analyzing and interpreting system and application log files.
  • Configuring SElinux and Tripwire intrusion detection security software.
  • Configuration and management of network services (HTTP, NFS, SCP NTP ).
  • Troubleshoot boot issues, identify and resolve service failures affecting boot.
  • Resolve package management dependency issues.
  • Collect system information to aid in troubleshooting, document resources, monitor for any behavior modifications & intrusion, configure system to send log messages to system centralized host.
  • Installation, configuration, and Hardening of standalone Linux servers.
  • Performing periodic system updates/Patches.

Help Desk Technician



  • Monitoring Operations and collaborating with employees Help Desk level2 Tech Support Confidential Essen Germany, Network installation & connectivity tasks for business clients.
  • Providing fast pace customer service satisfaction in a quota driven environment, providing accurate customer support to clients all over Europe of English, French and Deutsch language backgrounds.
  • Hardware assembly and quality control.
  • Testing & troubleshooting new applications.
  • Providing end-user system support, resolving access and connectivity issues.
  • Collaborate with IT professional to track company asset inventory database.

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