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Devops & Cloud Engineer Resume

Richmond, VA


  • Successful AWS/ DevOps Engineer with almost 8+ years of professional Experience dedicated to automation and optimization. Understands and manages the space between operations and development to quickly deliver code to customers. Has experience with the Cloud, as well as DevOps automation development for Linux systems. Seeking for a position in AWS/ DevOps, to contribute my technical knowledge.
  • Proficient in AWS Cloud platform and its features which includes EC2, VPC, EBS, AMI, SNS, RDS, EBS, CloudWatch, Cloud Trail, CloudFormation AWS Config, Autoscaling, CloudFront, IAM, S3, and R53.
  • Developed AWS Cloud Formation templates to create custom sized VPC, Subnets, EC2 instances, ELB, RedShift, Security Groups.
  • Hands on Experience in using configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef.
  • Experience in Writing Ansible playbooks to automate our build/deployment process and do an overall process improvement to any manual processes.
  • Worked on Amazon Route 53 to configure DNS Health Checks to route traffic to healthy endpoints so that the components running in production environment will not go down and impact end users.
  • Implanted Continuous Integration concepts using Jenkins.
  • Extensively worked on Jenkins by configuring and maintaining for the purpose of continuous integration (CI) and for End to End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Work on source control tools like GIT, Bitbucket on UNIX & Windows Environments migrated subversion repositories to GIT and integrated Eclipse IDE with Git.
  • Implemented Docker based Continues Integration and Deployment framework.
  • Comprehensive command using MAVEN as build tool for the building of deployable artifacts from source code.
  • Install, configure, modify, test & deploy applications on Apache Webserver, Nginx & Tomcat and JBoss App Servers.
  • Experience with Linux/UNIX environments and scripting for Build & Release automation.
  • Deploying and maintaining Micro services using Docker.
  • Experience in Bug Tracking, Project Management tools like JIRA.
  • Experienced with the understanding of the principles and best practices of Software Configuration Management (SCM) processes, which include compiling, packaging, deploying and Application configurations.
  • Knowledge of computer applications and scripting like Shell, Python, Ruby, Perl and XML.
  • Experienced with automating release process using Maven, Jenkins, and Jira as tools in diversified project environment.
  • Team player with excellent interpersonal skills, self - motivated, dedicated and understanding the demands of 24/7 system maintenance and has good customer support experience.
  • Experienced in Jenkins and Build forge to perform Nightly builds and Milestone builds and Continuous Integration.
  • Experience in deploying applications on Kubernetes and responsible for maintaining the applications on clusters. Integrated ansible for deploying applications on Kubernetes clusters.
  • Skilled at setting-up Baselines, Branching, Merging and Automation Processes using Shell and Batch Scripts and also supporting the developers in writing configuration-specs.
  • Proficient in Building, Release automation framework designing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, Release planning, procedures, scripting automation. Proficient in documenting and implementing procedures related to build deployment and release.
  • Hands-on experience in Linux based database management systems like MySQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra.
  • Excellent communicative, interpersonal, intuitive, analysis and leadership skills with ability to work efficiently in both independent and teamwork environments.


  • Container Orchestration
  • Mesos/Marathon, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Datadog, PagerDuty, Cloud Watch
  • Database
  • MangoDB, Postgres, Oracle 11g, SQL server
  • Continuous Integration Tools
  • Jenkins
  • Bug Tracking Tools
  • JIRA
  • Artifact Repository Management Tools
  • Arifactory, Nexus
  • Other Tools
  • Apache Maven, Apache kafka, Consul, Chronos, Ansible, ELK
  • Cloud
  • AWS EC2, VPC, EBS,ELB’s, R53, SNS, RDS, EBS, CloudWatch, CloudFormation AWS Config, S3, autoscaling, Cloud Trail, Lambda.
  • Version Control System
  • Git, Bitbucket, Subversion(SVN).


Confidential, Richmond, VA

DevOps & Cloud Engineer


  • Gather business requirements and create technical requirements documents to enhance paperless communication with customers
  • Writing Ansible playbooks for configuration management for the infrastructure components in cloud environment and setting up CI/CD pipeline
  • Develop Deployment strategies and migrate on premise applications to AWS cloud environments
  • Design and development of serverless infrastructure AWS Lambda
  • Support and maintenance of ongoing and new projects.
  • Written configuration scripts to integrate Marathon UI for resource usage for running applications in Mesos cluster.
  • Create and manage EC2 instances (Amazon elastic compute cloud) to deploy and execute the developed APIs, Microservices and Spark Jobs (ETL Jobs).
  • Expertise in the Jenkins plugin management areas and implemented several CI/CD plugins like AWS ec2, Docker, git, Mesos, AWS Lambda, Pipeline plugins, Artifactory
  • Integration of automated build with deployment pipeline and allow clients to pick up the Build from Jenkins repository and deploy in target environments (Integration, QA, and Production)
  • Building dashboard using ELK (Elastic search, Logstash and Kibana) to monitor functionalities of the components, performance of the components, monitor logs and track issues
  • Code quality analysis and maintenance using Sonar with client defined standards
  • Coordinate with TechOps teams to create application security groups
  • Created and managed Jenkins pipelines for Kubernetes deployment and responsible for maintaining the Kubernetes clusters
  • Responsible for watching alerts from Datadog/PagerDuty about Kubernetes nodes disk usage, memory, app restarts and different alerts and responsible for troubleshooting them.
  • Written pipeline as a code in Groovy for automatic build trigger when the code is committed to Git which performs all the stages such as SonarQube, Eratocode analysis, building docker image and deploying them into Mesos and marathon.
  • Independently monitor the health of our applications deployed in production and its endpoints.
  • Using Amazon CloudWatch to monitor, collect and track metrics, monitor log files, set alarms and automatically react to changes in AWS resources.
  • Monitoring EC2 instances and ELBs using CloudWatch to make sure all the resources are available to keep our application up and running all the time.
  • Using PagerDuty, create alarms and other ideal responses whenever there is an issue in any of the production components.
  • Building dashboard using ELK (Elastic, Logstash and Kibana) to monitor functionalities of the components, performance of the components, monitor logs and track issues.
  • Used Docker to dockerize spark jobs and microservices to deploy on AWS.
  • Chronos is used to schedule/run the spark jobs on Mesos.
  • Used Marathon to deploy long running microservices on Mesos.
  • Deployed and monitored microservices in marathon and Mesos.
  • AWS server maintenance and High availability in cloud environment with EC2, EBS, S3, Glacier, RDS, DynamoDB, RedShift, VPS, Load balancer, instances and components
  • Rehydrating EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) instances with latest AMI before hitting non-compliance time.
  • AWS console is used to maintain AWS instances, ELBs, volumes and S3 buckets.
  • ELK is used as monitoring tool for logging analysis
  • Develop infrastructure automation jobs to build, scale and deploy AWS infrastructure
  • Build, Configure and deploy RDS and MongoDB database in the AWS cloud.
  • Design performance test suite to prove the stack can handle double of the anticipated traffic
  • Work with product owners to understand desired application capabilities and testing scenarios
  • Continuously improve software engineering practices
  • Create network architecture diagram and setup firewall, review with Information security team for approval.

Environment: Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, AWS Elastic Load Balancer, Application Load Balancer, Route 53, Amazon Lambda, AWS Cloud Formation, AWS EC2 services, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Simple Notification Services, Amazon Simple cloud storage services, Amazon Auto-Scaling Groups, Volumes, Logstash, Cucumber, Jacoco, Cobertura. Kafka tool, Jenkins, Docker, Marathon, Consul, Mesos, Chronos, AWS Console, ELK, PagerDuty, Sonar, Jira, Ansible, Kubernetes, Cloud watch, Datadog.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

DevOps & Cloud Engineer


  • Created Jenkins Pipeline involving several Downstream / Upstream Job Configurations based on dependencies from other applications & based on Release methodologies.
  • Configured BitBucket with Jenkins and schedule jobs using Poll SCM option.
  • Written Job Dsl script for developing Jenkins Pipeline .
  • Setting up with Jenkins automation creating docker containers and building Docker images and pushed those images to Docker registry .
  • Deploying and maintaining Micro services using Docker.
  • SCM Engineer for a team that involved five different development teams and multiple simultaneous Java/J2EE software releases.
  • Expertise in the Jenkins plugin management areas and implemented several CI/CD plugin like AWS ec2 , build Pipeline, Docker , git , and Pipeline plugins .
  • Implemented Docker based Continues Integration and Deployment framework. Deploying and maintaining Micro services using Docker.
  • Installing and configuring Terraform and building the infrastructure using terraform configuration file
  • Written Templates for AWS infrastructure as a code using Terraform to build staging, production environments
  • Automated the cloud deployements using Ansible and AWS Cloud Formation Templates .
  • Created playbooks in Ansible to manage configurations and deployments to remote machines.
  • Written playbooks in Ansible for various DB configurations to modularize and optimize end product configuration.
  • Assist internal users of Splunk in creating dashboard and maintaining production-quality dashboards.
  • Created AWS Launch configurations based on customized AMI and use this launch configuration to configure auto scaling groups and Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS,DynamoDb, Route53,EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto scaling groups.
  • Worked with cloud providers and API's for Amazon (AWS) EC2, S3, VPC with CloudSigma (EU) and GFS storage.
  • Configured auto scaling in customized VPC, based on elastic load balancer (ELB) traffic and using ELB health check in order to trigger auto scaling actions.
  • Managed S3 buckets and bucket policies, Configured S3 versioning and lifecycle policies to backup files and archive files in Glacier
  • Created alarms in Cloud Watch service for monitoring the server’s performance, CPU Utilization, disk usage etc.
  • Deployed infrastructure on AWS utilizing as EC2 (Virtual Servers in the Cloud), RDS (Managed Relational Database Service), VPC and Managed Network and Security, Route 53, Direct Connect, IAM, CloudFormation, AWS OpsWorks (Automate operations), AWS S3, Glacier (Storage in the cloud) and CloudWatch Monitoring Management.

Environment: Jenkins, Docker, Chef, AWS, S3, Autoscaling, EBS, RDS, Maven, Bitbucket, Apache Tomcat, Shell, Groovy, Nexus, AWS, Ec2, Jira.

Confidential, Newark, NJ

DevOps Engineer


  • Configured Puppet to perform automated deployments. Expert in User Management and Plugin Management for Puppet.
  • Create Chef Recipes, automation tools and builds, and do an overall process improvement to any manual processes.
  • Written multiple cookbooks in Chef using Ruby scripting language.
  • Developed and implemented Software Configuration Management strategies for various applications according to the agile process using Git/GitHub.
  • Imported and managed multiple corporate applications in Git.
  • Designed and scripting using Gradle & MAVEN for (J2EE, WebServices, Reusable JARS, Web Client and Open Source) in creating MasterBuild.xml .
  • Acted as Release Manager on several projects utilizing various build and release tools (Team City, Jenkins, VSTS, Powershell, Terraform and many more)
  • Worked with Amazon Web Services (EC2,Elastic search,Route53,Elastic Beanstalk,VPC,Iaas).
  • API’S design of RESTful services, implementation on Cloud providers like AWS .
  • Developed and maintained UNIX/Perl/ Gradle scripts for Java/J2EE build and release tasks.
  • Worked with QA team in creating and generating test scripts for different test scenarios.
  • Using Docker container enabled rapid deployment with minimum run-time requirements.
  • Developed PowerShell/Ruby Scripts for automation purpose.
  • Wrote SQL, PL/SQL Queries in Oracle and MS SQL Server relational databases.
  • Used maven profiles to create different builds so that it can be released early and released often agile/extreme programming.
  • Installed Jenkins and Nexus, Performed troubleshooting during the build failures.
  • Worked in DevOps group running Jenkins in a Docker container with EC2 slaves in Amazon AWS cloud configuration. Also gain familiarity with surrounding technologies such as Mesos (and Mesosphere) and Kubernetes .
  • Migrated VMWARE VMs to AWS and Managed Services like EC2, S3 Bucket, Route53, ELB, EBS.
  • Administered JIRA workflows, permission schemes, notifications schemes and screen schemes.
  • Integrated JIRA with Git, Confluence, Stash, Crucible and Jenkins.

Environment: Git, UNIX, Perl, ANT, Jenkins, Maven, Nexus, JIRA, Chef, AWS, Powershell, puppet, MySQL and NoSQL, Docker.

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