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Devops/linux Systems Engineer Resume

Houston, TX


DevOps/Linux Engineer with more than seven years of experience encompassing VMWare and AWS cloud environments. Skilled at deploying, troubleshooting, provisioning applications across CentOS + Red Hat 6/7 servers. Strong Linux background with automation using Bash, Python, and Ansible in production environments. Experience with CI/CD such as Jenkins, and GitLab. Knowledge of both software and hardware issues facilitating the process of deployment. Collaborating in an agile environment working with different teams to accomplish company goals.


Linux, RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Gentoo, VMware, AWS, Xen Center, GitLab, Bit Bucket, Nagios, HPOV, Bash, Ansible, Jenkins, AWS, Python, Ruby, Dockers, Symantec NetBackup, Dell, HP, Apache, Tomcat, NGINX, MySQL, Hardware, Software, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Jira, Confluence.


Confidential, Houston, TX

DevOps/Linux Systems Engineer


  • Managed, provisioned, and deployed, applications and servers in a mixed hybrid cloud environment on VMware and AWS.
  • Created Ansible playbooks to configure new and production systems. Configured playbooks for NTP, Chrony, Firewall rules for different server groups, adding repositories, adding custom users, Apache, MySQL, NGINX as an interior, exterior, and application load balancer.
  • Worked in environments involving lamp stack theory, and familiar with open source technologies.
  • Created python scripts, automating reoccurring system tasks with for, if, while, select, until loops.
  • Ran weekly deployments on production environments, updating the application, and rpm packages every weekend. Escalating any issues to the support team.
  • Setup a Jenkins pipeline for Development, Testing, Staging, and Production to ease the deployment process.
  • Built, provisioned, and integrated a Jenkins infrastructure server with master GitLab branch for continuous integration. Managed team code and did constant pushes, and pulls.
  • Provisioned an Ansible control node with a custom inventory file to manage Ansible managed nodes on production servers.
  • Migrated systems from Gentoo to CentOS 7 using Ansible and Python scripts.
  • Provisioned and deployed Dockers on Apache webservers by building custom images and containerizing them to maximize resource utilization of the application
  • Maintained a private repository on Docker Hub and managed containers with Openshift.
  • Troubleshooting Docker containers running live in production. Creating the Docker Compose and Docker file necessary for the containers. Deploying war files for JBoss deployments.
  • Troubleshooting MySQL tables and keeping consistency across cluster with master and slaves.
  • Automating reoccurring issues using Bash and Python scripting on CentOS + RedHat from scratch.
  • Rebooting systems, and troubleshooting them after deployment. Doing Health checks prior and post deployment to ensure system health at par.
  • Launched Elastic Beanstalk instance services with isolated application and Lambda to do background tasks for in house applications.
  • Triggered Auto Scaling + Elastic Load Balancer to achieve redundancy of launched applications across AWS regions and availability zones to keep the application up 24x7.
  • Managed virtual machines using VCenter and VSphere.
  • Managed datastores, set up backups, snapshots, and migrate Virtual machines on VCenter and VSphere.
  • Maintained DRs and HA VMware clusters. Monitored the health of virtual machines.
  • Managed AWS identity and access management across teams.
  • Created S3 buckets and managing them with IAM.
  • Created EC2 instances for teams with required resources and with proper approval and estimated cost of instances.
  • Used CloudFront to speed up content delivery. Used Edge Locations.
  • Stored objects in S3 Glacier that were not accessed frequently to lower costs
  • Elastic Block Storage volumes attached to EC2 instances.
  • Created a seamless integration between public cloud and the datacenter with Storage Gateway and Direct Connect.
  • Migrated data from datacenter to AWS using Snowball and MigrationHub.
  • Monitored and created s and keys KSM. Setup a single - sign-on to maintain security of AWS cloud.
  • Used Linux CLI tools to achieve high performance of servers.
  • Deployed and provisioned LDAP authentication across 1000 servers for secure user management.
  • Patched and upgraded Linux servers using Red Hat Satellite prior to Ansible.
  • Used SAR for performance analysis and tuning. Performed RCA on all issues and updated confluence.
  • Collaborated with hardware vendors and software vendors during deployment of applications.
  • Built, provisioned, and deployed various servers such as DNS, DHCP, NTP, Nagios, HTTPS, Samba, Jenkins, GitHub, Ansible.
  • Provisioned a PXEBoot server with a custom kickstart to boot up new production servers with correct network config.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Linux Systems Administrator


  • Maintained high security and monitoring Linux Production systems on call mission critical servers.
  • Solved tickets on JIRA and also ticket assigned by managers.
  • Increased bandwidth and performance on production servers by provisioning NIC Bonding across Rhel 5 and 6 servers.
  • Patched/ rolled out scheduled updates to production servers using YUM, RPM, and BladeLogic.
  • Monitored system performance using Linux CLI tools and infrastructure with CheckMK.
  • Participated in backups and disaster recovery drills every quarter and bringing back hung servers.
  • Troubleshooting high frequency trading systems and fixing network, system tickets.
  • Managed and troubleshooting dynamic disk space of production servers using LVM.
  • Assisted with complex tickets involving the health of servers and critical business applications.
  • Network troubleshooting related to TCP/IP, Ethernet performance, NIC tuning, routing, subnets, gateway. Also worked with SAN, NAS, LAN, WAN, Hubs, Switches, Firewalls, and IPtables.
  • Collaborated with audit team to make sure logs are being kept and ensuring highest security on production servers.
  • Racked and stacked DELL and HP server with hardware raids. Accessed + Setup iDrac and iLO.

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