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Linux Systems Engineer / Devops Engineer Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Linux systems engineer with 5+ years of deployment and critical server support across various environments in production on AWS and VMware.
  • Experienced with application automation using Bash, Python, and Ansible.
  • Strong interpersonal skills providing a combination of advanced technical expertise and exceptional soft skills to maximize collaboration to achieve maximum efficiency and result.
  • Looking for a senior position in DevOps engineering, Cloud computing, Network, and Security.


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Linux Systems Engineer / DevOps Engineer


  • Assisting in CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) processes across SDLC.
  • Responsible for all DevOps functions in an AWS VPC environment running multiple production SaaS applications on Node.js, .NET, and Rails stacks with auto - scaling elastic infrastructure
  • Build and test automation tools for infrastructure provisioning using Ansible and CLI.
  • Experience with automation/configuration management using Ansible playbooks and ad-hoc.
  • Strong experience in Linux Administration on CentOS 7/ CentOS 6 / Ubuntu / RedHat.
  • Improved application deployment reliability and speed using Jenkins and GitHub.
  • Handle code deployments in all environments on AWS and managing internal yum repos .
  • Designed and developed automated deployment and scaling processes based on Vagrant and Chef for a wide range of server types and application tiers, including Elasticsearch.
  • Responsible for day-to-day systems administration and engineering on all production, staging, and development environments with supporting technologies including RDS, ElastiCache, Redshift, S3, SQS, SES, CodeDeploy, GitHub, Papertrail, Slack, Raygun, and Pivotal Tracker.
  • Provide input and progress report during weekly meetings with multiple teams.
  • Created bash scripts automating system administration tasks and scheduling with cron.
  • Created python scripts to migrate systems from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7.
  • Managed docker containers in productions and troubleshooted issues with processes.
  • Managed AWS resource utilization for infrastructure team and keeping track of cost.
  • Created CI/CD pipelines with team for multiple developers across the business.
  • Participated on-call every month for a week with monthly rotations.
  • Participated in disaster recovery drills and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.
  • Migrated infrastructure from data center using VMware and to AWS using migration hub.
  • Backed up data from infrastructure to AWS using snowball and decommission datacenter vms.
  • Troubleshooting network devices using telnet and network commands and finding RCA.
  • Escalating issues to necessary teams and working alongside senior management, developers, storage, network, infrastructure, database, offshore, corporate IT, salesforce, etc.
  • Trained junior members on internal issues and helping them resolve their problems.
  • Documented internal tickets, and implementation plans using Atlassian Confluence.
  • Experienced dealing with vendors for hardware, software, and other resources.
  • Supported 400+ machines in production on AWS and 575+ on VMware.
  • Managed GitHub branch and dealt with code releases on a weekly basis.


Linux systems Administrator


  • Provides support to RHEL 6/7, Ubuntu, and CentOS 6/7 machines on VMware.
  • Worked closely with other IT departments to help develop systems that will be implemented.
  • Setup ESXi hypervisor on bm server and installed virtual machines on new prod servers.
  • Managed virtual machines on VCenter and troubleshooted issues related to console.
  • Created backups of virtual machines using of templates and snapshots on datastore.
  • Replaced physical components of server at datacenter on a frequent basis.
  • Participated on-call on the weekends in a monthly rotation supporting critical infrastructure.
  • Racked and stacked physical servers and troubleshooted iDrac and iLo tickets.
  • Participated in security scans, across production systems looking for any viruses.
  • Maintain Linux system performance by performing system monitoring and analysis, and performance tuning; troubleshooting system hardware, software, networks and operating and system management systems; designing and running Linux system load/stress testing; escalating application problems to vendors.
  • Managed critical infrastructure of production systems and sudo permissions.
  • Troubleshooting network devices and escalating any issues to networking team with logs.
  • Built VMware ESXI hosts and convert physical server to VM using VMware vCenter Converter
  • Worked with LDAP for user authentication and troubleshooting related issues.
  • Scheduling jobs for backups, scripts, and processes using crontab.
  • Troubleshooting network related issues to server and ssh access across production.
  • Managed disk space using LVM and extended partitions. Troubleshooting space issues.
  • Experience working with different Windows systems, troubleshooting DNS, and Active Directory.
  • Helped deploy RedHat satellite solutions with that provide a stable management solution.
  • Established and implemented Linux system specifications by analyzing workflow, access, information, and security requirements; designing Linux system infrastructure.
  • Perform daily system checks, review and respond to events reflected in various management tools, perform server patch management through ticketing system
  • Extensive experience with cloud infrastructure, and cloud computing vendors to create and maintain VMs, containers, networks, security rules, etc.
  • Troubleshooted webservers running on Apache Tomcat, HTTPS, HTTP, and supporting them.
  • Experience deploying scalable web infrastructure with Apache, NGINX, PHP, and Node.
  • Managing infrastructure on Nagios and customizing tool for internal usage.
  • Installation & Upgradation- Installing the OS, upgrading to newer versions, performing manual & network-based installation, VMware installations, writing necessary pre & post initial scripts as a part of installation, automate the installation and boot process through kickstart file.
  • Extensive experience patching security, updated, and bugs across RHEL systems.
  • Handled ad-hoc requests, for installing a bunch of new servers, setting up a separate network.

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