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Systems Administrator Resume

Beltsville, MD


  • Multi - platform Systems Administrator with over three years of experience in a Unix, Linux and Windows environment with hands-on experience in the administration and management of Solaris 10 operating systems and RHEL 6.4, 7, & 8, Centos 6.4 & 7, Windows 7, 8, 10 & 2019 and Cloud Computing (AWS).
  • Adaptable, collaborative, strong team player, detail oriented, flexible and ability to multitask.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; ability to work within strict deadlines and with a wide spectrum of people; Project Leader experience.
  • Solid background in systems and software installation, user and group administration, role base access control, file transfer and sharing; competent in file systems, volume and storage management, patch management amongst others.


VMware Oracle Virtual Box; Hyper-V; Solaris 10; RHEL 6.4, 7 & 8; Linux Centos 6.4 & 7; Windows 2008 Server; NOS 7, 8, 10 & 19; NFS; Samba; Bash Shell Script; SVM, LVM, ZFS; Zones; FreeNAS; TCP/IP; DHCP; DNS; LAN/WAN; SCP; SFTP; FTP; WINSCP; AD; GPO; Docker; Ansible; AWS Cloud; Working knowledge of Solaris 11, Azure and VMware ESXI 5.5.


Systems Administrator

Confidential, Beltsville, MD


  • Builds, Install, configure brand new virtual and physical servers, test, deploy Windows Servers 2008, NOS 7, 8, 10 & 19, Solaris 10, RHEL 6.4, 7 & 8, CentOS 6.4 & 7 servers to the network: OS installation and configuration - standard and advanced (net installation and jumpstart, kickstart).
  • Performs administration activities such as setting user accounts, roles, access, and privileges.
  • Setup, configure and troubleshoot TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, LAN/WAN, NFS, CIFS, AD, GPO, LDAP, and samba servers in a multiplatform LAN.
  • Security Management (ACL, Setuid, Setgid and Sticky bit)
  • Investigating, resolving and closing user reported PC problems and application issues through our ticketing system.
  • Perform multiplatform volume management using LVM, SVM and ZFS volume manager and VERITAS volume manager; installed and configure a LAN wide NAS (Free NAS) used for creating LUNs and attaching to windows 2008 servers and to Solaris 10 servers.
  • Swap management in UNIX and LINUX.
  • System Hardening, Patching, and Upgrades (releases), on standalone servers (using single user mode) and on production servers (live upgrade).
  • Task scheduling and UNIX/LINUX automation using “at” and “crontab” tools.
  • Bash shell scripting to schedule and automate processes in UNIX/LINUX including full and incremental backups using tar, cpio and rsync.
  • Responsible for data management using native UNIX and LINUX utilities for archiving, compression, backup and restore.
  • Configure Apache and MySQL on Solaris 10 for virtual and web hosting; building and hosting websites; configure web hosting company DNS settings: install and configure Samba for quick publishing using a third party web page maker.
  • Involved in setting up a hybrid cloud environment and expanding the local LAN to the AWS cloud. Responsible for spinning up AWS RHEL8 and Windows Server 2019 EC2 instances. Install and configure samba file server on the RHEL8 AWS EC2 instances, as well as configuring File and print sharing on the Windows server 2019 EC2 instances. Map network drives from local Windows 10 NOS systems to the RHEL8 EC2 Samba shares as well as the Windows Server 2019 EC2 shares.
  • Create and configure S3 buckets for data storage. Build and host static websites in S3 buckets. Create and attach EBS volumes to EC2 instances. Configure EBS volumes on EC2 instances to create LVM volumes on RHEL8 EC2 instances.
  • Install and Configure Ansible Servers on RHEL7/CENTOS7 for automation and configuration management as part of Trinitech DevOPS implementation. Add Ansible client systems to various inventory groups in the Ansible hosts files as well as push the public ssh key from the Ansible host to the Ansible client systems. Configure modules and playbooks to push out sets of configurations and tasks to numerous Local and EC2 Cloud systems from the Ansible server. Install and configure a Splunk Indexer Server on RHEL8 AWS EC2 instance for centralized log management, as part of Trinitech DevOPS implementation. Configure Splunk forwarder systems to push out logs to the Splunk indexer server.
  • Install and configure Docker in Centos 7 & RHEL 7 & 8. Install and configure containers in Docker. Migrate a Docker container from the local Docker server to the AWS RHEL 8 Docker server in the cloud.

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