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Sr. Network Engineer Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Senior level Data Center Network Engineer with experience in the design, implementation, and support of large enterprise data networks.
  • It is my goal to utilize my experience to help customers achieve their business objectives by leveraging my strong interpersonal and communication skills as well as my years of engineering experience.


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Designed and implemented fully functional ACI Lab including three Application Policy Infrastructure Controllers (APIC), 2 Nexus 9504 Spines with X9736 linecards and 4 Nexus 9396PX Leaves
  • Architected a data center deployment utilizing Nexus 9000 series devices utilizing VTEP interfaces and Q - in-VNI to support VXLAN
  • Configured and utilized a variety of external fabric attachment designs including standard L2 out and L3 out design as well as EVPN for multi-tenant peering to the core.
  • Worked with ACI Cobra SDK to develop python scripts for Application Profile and Fabric Policy deployments.
  • Deployed Fabric Path in lab environment as proof of concept for customers interested in eliminating Spanning Tree while continuing to remain loop free
  • Deployed VBlock 240 and 340 Systems with VCE engineers to ensure compliance with VCE standards as well as the standards of our IT organization
  • Configured multiple VRFs on Arista 7504 and 7508 spine switches to routing and traffic flow
  • Installed, configured and managed multiple radio links interfaced to Cisco 2600 Router with ISDN DDR and Gandalf MUX respectively supporting different applications.
  • Designed and implemented WCS and newer NCS / Prime for management of wireless network comprised of 5508 controllers and 2600/3600 Aps
  • Configured and supported Cisco ONS15454 and AnyRate Transponders to facilitate DWDM RPR upgrade
  • Coached teams to achieve greater productivity through adoption of Extreme Programming principles
  • Configured Routers to support ISDN line configuration as well as frame relay configuration.
  • Configured BGP, OSPF, HSRP and VRRP to ensure HA architecture on all customer edge routers

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Troubleshot ACI issues on the Nexus 9k in a PoC using GUI based troubleshooting tools as well as APIC and switch CLI tools for a full view of the environment
  • Implemented VXLAN to support VMotion across data centers, reducing downtime by enabling the live migration of virtual machines
  • Deployed Arista test environment utilizing Arista UCN, Zero Touch Provisioning, MLAG and Vmware to simulate production
  • Migrated from existing Catalyst 6500 architecture to Nexus 7000, 5000, 2000, 1000v platforms at multiple domestic datacenters
  • Deployed Cisco FabricPath on the Nexus 7000 and Nexus 5500 and 5600 platforms for a fully distributed, highly resilient layer 2 network in a data center with fully distributed gateway functionality and loop prevention using native frame TTL within FabricPath
  • Deployed Arista 7504 and 7508 series spine switches to Greenfield sites
  • Configured IGP routing protocol OSPF on Brocade switches
  • Updated Infoblox DNS grid including adding host records, modifying and adding DHCP scopes and host ranges in IPAM
  • Infrastructure upgrade- Lead project engineer responsible for managing conversion from Novell Netware 3 to Microsoft NT 4 Servers as well as 200+ desktop hardware / OS upgrades. Also implemented Cisco WAN with ISDN backup infrastructure.
  • Responsible for overall network design, operations, and tier 3 support for the third largest school district in Ohio, supporting 36,000 students and over 22,000 workstations at 66 schools in a switched environment of four major vendors - Cisco, FortiNet, Foundry, Juniper, and Extreme
  • Worked with WAN Service provider and senior network architects to redesign and reengineer WAN Edge environment using iBGP Clusters and EBGP peering to the provider
  • Introduced Ansible as network automation tool to simplify and automate tasks
  • Created a phased migration plan of one VIP at a time that was migrated from CSS to F5 BigIP/LTM
Network Engineer

Chicago, IL


  • Deployed ACI as part of Data Center redesign Proof of Concept
  • Configured anycast-gateway on Nexus 9000 switches for gateway localization of extended layer 2 VXLAN backed networks
  • Utilized vPC+ topology configuration in a FabricPath network for dual FEX attachment to edge 5500 as well as dual homed server attachment to provide active-active layer 2 forwarding paths to endpoints
  • Worked with VCE resources to deploy Vblock converged infrastructure systems including infrastructure scaling and sizing as well as logical environment layout
  • Designed and implemented migration plan from Cisco Nexus to Arista 7000 series Switches
  • Deployed Brocade 7800 series fiber switches as replacement to legacy SAN solution
  • Designed and implemented Juniper J-Series, Extreme Summit, Radware Load Balancers, Foundry Switches and Riverbed WAN Acceleration solutions
  • Data Center High-Availability Catalyst and Nexus Platform (Cisco VSS, VDCs, V-PC, OTV, HP IRF) Cisco ASA firewalls and VPNs, F5 Load Balancers, WSA/Proxy, Wireless WLC and LWAP, Cisco ACE Load Balancers, Cisco Wireless Lan Controllers and WCS, Cisco Wide Area Acceleration, Cisco Routers & Switches, QoS and traffic shaping, Routing Protocols (EIGRP, OSPF, BGP), Vulnerability assessment scanners, Network Infrastructure Architecture (design, re-design and availability improvement) Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint and MS Project, Active Directory
  • Hand Written Numerous Python Scripts to automate simple and fundamental tasks including things such as polling devices and retrieving and verifying versions of cisco software
  • Configured and implemented custom iRules on the F5 BIG-IP GTM for integration with vMotion for uninterrupted activity in the event of an outage

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

Network Engineer


  • Ensured ACI fabric was always up to date with APIC receiving recurring software upgrades from 1.x up to 3.2
  • Design, configuration, and implementation for Data Center migration from Cisco Catalyst 6500 to Cisco Nexus 7K
  • Configured multicast-based VXLAN on the Cisco Nexus 1000 and 9000 series switches for basic layer 2 network overlay over a layer 3 underlay within a single data center with a flood and learn based learning control plane
  • Deployed VBlock 240 and 340 Systems with VCE engineers to ensure compliance with VCE standards as well as the standards of our IT organization
  • Configured and troubleshot Arista 7050, 7060, and 7280 series switches
  • Designed OSPF implementation from EIGRP utilizing Cisco, Brocade, and Arista network equipment
  • Managed Brocade 7450 and 7750 switches in the network, troubleshooting and configuring solutions within the datacenter
  • Configured AS5300 at the head end to support ISDN as a backup in case of Frame Relay WAN outages

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