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R&d/thermal/structural Engineer Resume


  • Focus on R&D of Infrastructures of Apparatus. Thermal and Mechanical Engineering, Design verification by advanced simulation/modeling, improvement and innovations. Analytical, Numerical and Finite Element Analysis. Core skills include the CFD, heat transfer, system structural modeling, and related software.


CAD: Creo, Spaceclaim. Solidworks

CFD/Fluid Flow/Thermal: Flotherm, IcePak, Fluent, CFX, Star CCM+, Flow3D

Structural: ABAQUS, Ansys. Creo Simulate

Math: MathCAD, Matlab, Tecplot

Programming languages: VB, VBA, Fortran 77



R&D/Thermal/Structural Engineer


  • Performed variety of structural system and component level analyses (hyper - elastic material, contact, implicit/explicit dynamics), Abaqus, Ansys, Creo SImulate
  • Developed cooling solutions for variety of Surface projects. Heatsink/heatpipe design, flow optimization. Thermal Interface Material selection
  • R&D in development of Viscous Flow Blower (Tesla invention). Multiple thin discs. No blades. Wind tunnel testing, CFD transient simulation including noise prediction using Ansys Fluent, FloEFD, Flotherm XT, Excellent (5%) test to simulation agreement. Promising result


R&D Senior Thermal/Structural Engineer


  • Research and development on electronics packaging of variety of systems and devices focusing on system infrastructure integrity to withstand static and dynamics loads
  • Performed rack system level (95 parts) random vibration/shock/drop simulation with hyperelastic foam in pallet using ABAQUS, to develop packaging strategy for new business to ship servers in rack. Very large model. Detailed rack with 22 servers. ABAQUS, Matlab. Goal is to understand needs for rack testing.
  • Performed flexible Heat Pipe fatigue analysis using Creo Simulate
  • Developed innovative Thermal Solution CPU attach/retention to withstand 300 lbf load despite low stiffness. For low stiffness Vapor Chambers and Cold Plates for liquid cooling, ABAQUS
  • Performed system level (15 parts) tablet drop test simulation for different enclosure materials and gasket to protect gorilla glass. ABAQUS Explicit with perturbation thermal step to model gorilla glass state
  • Performed system level (20 parts) dynamic analyses on core solder ball assessment during system shock using ABAQUS
  • Performed server system level (30 parts) sag static analysis. Directed designers on number of embosses, internal wall design and connectivity of components.
  • Working close to Industrial Designers and Marketing architecting (Thermally/Structurally) infrastructures of variety of systems ranging from smartphones (Wireless charging) to tablets, laptops, All In Ones and variety of servers, switches and converters. Primary tool Flotherm(XT), IcePak. FloEFD
  • Developed distortion free tablet/laptop 3D IR/visual range camera thermal solution with retention by performing thermal stress analysis. Detailed thermal analysis with PCB traces and vias.
  • Developed innovative thermal solution by performed heat pipe simulation (Evaporation/Condensation, VOF, compressible flow in porous media with clear picture what is going inside HP) to optimize Vapor Chamber/ Heat Pipe internal structure. First time in industry. Technique is applicable to Loop Heat Pipe and Thermal Syphon. Goal is to extend air cooling. Flow 3D, Star CCM+, Fluent.
  • Performed Fluid Structure interaction (2-way) analyses to verify new concept of air movers and pumps for Heat Pipes to eliminate wick. Utilizing ABAQUS CFD capabilities
  • Using Moving Reference Frame approach (simulating actual blade rotation) optimized blower and fan blade and housing design
  • Influenced ODMs on systems design implementation and Thermal Solution development
  • Designed, developed wickless Heat Pipe based on Constrained Vapor Bubble phenomenon for microelectronics cooling systems. Great possibility for unique spreaders. Flow 3D, Star CCM+, Fluent
  • Mentored junior Thermal and Mechanical Engineers for system simulations setup and result interpretation for variety of CFD and structural software (Flotherm, IcePak, FloEFD, Creo, Abaqus, Ansys)
  • Troubleshooting cause of thermal and structural failure and guiding engineers to improve design


Mechanical Engineer


  • Participated in the design of the Over-the-wing Bridge, a passenger boarding bridge connecting the rear door of an aircraft to terminal, by performing several complex system/component level (150 parts) structural analysis including analysis of an energy absorbing system (LS-Dyna Explicit). System level structural static analysis on entire Over-the-wing Bridge (7% agreement with test). Bridge roller contact (fatigue) analysis to assess reliability of entire infrastructure
  • Developed various packages for radioactive content transportation by performing system level (20 parts) structural contact analysis. Recommended design changes based on sensitivity study. Prepared stress reports (Approved) for US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Verified rubber baby bottle nipple design by investigating milk flow rate vs. time during suction period with fluid-structure interaction transient system level analysis using ANSYS. Contact analysis with hyper-elastic material
  • Verified design of the snowmobile seat by performing implicit (ANSYS preload) to explicit (Ls-Dyna.) multi load step, pre-stressed, contact, nonlinear system level (5 parts) analysis with orthotropic material properties
  • Infrastructural Conceptualization and design of mass spectrometer chamber to meet temperature stability of 0.001degC during measurements utilizing flow-thermal network.
  • Developed Solar Collector, Solar Concentrator and Heat Storage System by performing Simulation and tests for flat and parabolic concentrators.
  • Invented the method for solar concentrator efficiency increase for 5%
  • Built mathematical model of solar concentrator with water tank, heat exchanger and PID controller using MathCAD software by utilizing numerical Runge-Kutta method. Excellent agreement (2%) between test and simulation
  • Performed Flow/Thermal network simulation of entire house using TRASYS
  • Planned, set up and conducted thermal tests to verify and further optimize design.
  • Planned, set up and conducted wind tunnel tests on various circuit packs, racks and electronic bays for CFD input, result verification and hydraulic impedance measurements.
  • Performed thermal analyses of high-reliability electronic equipment for aircraft applications (Airbus A380 project).
  • Developed iterative CFD procedure for simplified heat sink model development to substitute detailed heat sink in a large simulation project.

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