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Systems Engineer Resume


  • 15 years of experience as a self - employed entrepreneur in manufacturing calibrator equipment for pressure and temperature measuring instruments and calibration services.
  • 7 years of solid experience in Software Development and Testing of Complex Software Systems for network management application and e-commerce using distributed computing and object oriented technology.
  • Developing Functional Specifications, High Level Design and Detailed Design.
  • Designing and Implementing Complex Software Systems.
  • Developing Test Specification and Software Testing Methodologies.
  • Design & development of Network Management Application for Broadband access (wireline and wireless) system (DSL, LMDS) and Core (long haul optical transmission) networks.
  • Distributed object computing and web based network management application using web application server.
  • Extensive experience with network protocols including SNMP, TCP/IP for network element management.
  • Extensive experience in various SNMP MIBS like MIB II, ATM, DS1, DS3, Ethernet and development of proprietary MIBs
  • Experience in developing complex simulation of SNMP Agent using MIMIC Agent simulation for Network Management application. Band Access service and core optical network system using AdventNet, Web NMS, and HP Openview.
  • Design & Development of E-Commerce sites using Cold Fusion 4.0 as application server, ASP and visual Interdev.
  • Distributed object computing with COM, DCOM and CORBA.
  • Object oriented analysis & UML Design with Rational Rose.
  • Designing test plans for performance and stress testing with tools like Silk Performer 3.0/3.5.
  • Hands-on experience with Java RMI, JNI, servlets, C++, RPC calls, and serial port communication.
  • GUI on NT using VC++ (MFC).
  • Proficiency in C, C++, MFC, Java programming and RMI.
  • Design and development with visual IDE tools like Visual C++, Visual Basic, and Visual Café.
  • Proficiency in database connectivity using JDBC/ODBC/DAO/RDO/ADO with Oracle and SQL Database.
  • HTML and XML.
  • Oracles 8i database modeling.
  • Assembly language programming with 6805, 8051 microcontroller.
  • Attend 2 weeks hands on training of VOIP Telephony products and software at Clarent Technology.


Hardware: Sun Sparc /ultra-Station, PCS

O.S: Window NT, Sun Solaris, UNIX, Window 95, DOS.

Language: C++, MFC, Java, Assembly of Intel 86 and Motorola 6800 family, HTML, XML

Tools: Rational Rose, Visual C++, Visual Café, Sun Workshop 6 Update 2

Networking: AdventNet, Web NMS 2.1, HP OpenView NMS 6.0, SNMP, Mimic SNMP Agent Simulator.

Middleware: Corba 2.0 - Visibroker for window NT, COM, RMI

Web Server: IIS

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL


Languages: SQL, C, C++, JAVA, HTML, XML, JAVA Script, CFML

Embedded Software: Motorola 68HC05, TI MSP 430 Low Power Microcontroller, 8051 AVR Microcontroller Assembly programming and C programming with IDE Tools for PIC, MSP 430, ATMega88

PCB design Tools: Eagle, Circuit design with MultiSim and UltiboardS, Easy-PC


Systems Engineer



  • Administering and managing calibration services for pressure, temperature, mass, weight, Flow, Electrical, parameter measurement at Confidential
  • Manage the marketing, Sales, CRM and operational activities for manufacturing of Pressure (Dead Weight Tester, Pressure Comparator) and Temperature Calibrator(Dry Block Temperature Calibrator and Liquid filled Temperature Calibrator)

Environment: HP Open View 6.0,6.2, Adventnet Web NMS 2.1, 2.2 (Network management System), Java 1.3, Sun Workshop 6 update 2, JDBC Adventnet Management Builder, Visulal Café 4.0, Rational Rose Enterprise, Edition, Visibroker 3.x, Window NT 4.0, Sun Solaris 8.0

Confidential, Sunnyvale

Senior Software Engineer


  • Working as a Sr. software lead engineer to develop the EMS system with Hp Openview 6.2 for LMDS broadband wireless access system, which deliver a high bandwidth data, voice and video services to CPE.
  • Involved in developing details functional specification, design and development. Developed web interface for configuration management and background task for discovery, configuration and trap action for HP openview 6.2.

Confidential, CA, Fremont

Senior Software Engineer


  • Designed and managed a network management project for a Confidential, a core fiber optical network company that offers a great bandwidth with WDM technology over longer distance. System based on Adventnet NMS 2.2 with oracle 8I database.
  • As a senior engineer responsible for defining the architecture, implementing the middleware RMI interface for client/server communication.
  • Designed the configuration, fault and performance management of the system with customization of adventnet Web NMS and managed objects with persistent storage on database.
  • Designed a test plan for performance checks, Integration and built.
  • Customized Adventnet for performance, fault and auto discovery.
  • Implemented the complete fault management with event correlation and alarm status propagation.
  • Designed, developed and reviewed the functional specification for Configuration, Fault, Performance and Policy Management of inband Element Management System to manage Gateway/CPE (Best/Vodem) devices for Accordion Networks, a on site Broadband Service company enable service provider to deliver a rich variety of voice, data, video and advance IP and ASP services directly to business tenant in a Multi Tenant Unit.
  • System based on customization of Advennet NMS 2.1 with MySql database on the Solaris server. Implements the complete discovery module, configuration management with map and chassis view. Defined and implemented the IDL for North bound service provisioning with Iona Orbix2000.
  • Mentored several junior engineers to create simulation of SNMP Agent using mimic Agent Simulator for different scenarios, which involves loading of standard and Proprietary MIBs, creation of Walk file and recording of files to create a simulated agent.
  • Compiler follows guidelines provided by OMG group. In Interaction Translator, CORBA (Visibroker 3.x) was used as middleware to obtain total transparency across the Network, OS & Language. Implemented in Visual C++ with SNMP ++ Library. Ported an existing applet based Java client to Web UI using HTML and servlets.
  • Developed reusable custom CF tag with CFML and CFX Custom tags in Visual C++ 5.0 for cyber source integration.
  • Designed a test plan and performed stress testing on the entire Web Site with Silk Performer 3.0/3.5 using BDL scripting. Load testing includes test environment set up, (setting up multiple computers as agents and controller), recording and customizing BDL scripts, dynamic loading on web site with multiple user simulation, generating graphical performance analysis reports and summary reports etc.
  • Development of functional specifications and user flow diagrams, design object and database model.

Confidential, NJ

Software Engineer

Environment: Cold Fusion 4.0, Window NT, Visual C++ 5.0., Crystal Report 6.0, SQL Server 6.5


  • Responsible for requirement analysis, specifications, design and development of Office Management System for Intranet office automation. .
  • Developed Office Administration modules such as publication, Training and Library Management, Loan, Advances, salary, insurance etc with CFML and CF tag.
  • Extensively used Java script, Crystal report 6.0, Java Applet to create the reports and graphics view on the web, form validation, sending the Email to list of people, populate the data with search criteria and data manipulation function with CFML using ODBC database connectivity with SQL server 6.5.


Sr. Software Engineer


  • Responsible for completing life cycle activities of User Requirements analysis, Design, development, testing and Implementation of the Time Office Automation Software Products.
  • Reviewed and recommended product evolution strategy and architecture to Marketing and Engineering for a phased deployment and integration with other Times Office products including performance analyzers, cell planning tools.
  • Designed and implemented data acquisition module with RS-232, RS-485 serial interfaces with the range of time office products with Visual C++ 5.0.
  • Involved in writing complex MIS reports with Crystal Reports 6.0/4.6 and web based reporting with visual Interdev 1.0 to provide annual performance reports based on the monthly punch card data to present an accurate picture of employee attendance of corporate.


Software Engineer


  • Responsible for complete project life cycle activities of User Requirements Study, Analysis, System Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of software for Process Control, Calibration and Measurement Instruments.
  • Developed and implemented a device driver for ADDON card interface with Windows NT 4.0 DDK.
  • Designed user interface for configuration of testing equipment, data acquisition task with thread safe implementation and providing graphical display of data for MIS corporate reporting with Active X components developed in Visual C++ 4.0/5.0.

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