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Devops /aws Engineer Resume


  • Around 5years of experience in IT industry comprising of DevOps AWS Engineer and Build and Release Engineer which includes Software Configuration Management (SCM), Build/Release Management, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using different tools
  • Experienced in Configuring and Deploying infrastructure and applications into cloud using AWS resources such as EC2 instances, S3, RDS, EBS, VPC, SNS, IAM policies, Route 53, Auto scaling, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, Ops Work, Security Groups focusing on fault tolerance and high availability.
  • Experience working on User admin groups, maintaining account and monitoring system performance using Nagios.
  • In - depth understanding of Software Configuration Management (SCM) processes which include compiling, packaging and deploying of various applications.
  • Good experience with Continuous Integration and Deployment methodologies using Jenkins, Hudson, Cruise Control, SonarQube and Configuration Management tools such as Ansible / Chef / Puppet and Docker containers for environment independence.
  • Proficient in using Configuration Management tools such as Puppet and Chef on windows and Linux machines. Created many customized modules and cookbooks for configuring on the client nodes.
  • Experience in working with different build automation tools like Jenkins and Maven to achieve End-to-End Automation.
  • Worked with IAM service creating new IAM users & groups, defining roles and policies and Identity providers.
  • Utilized AWS Cloud watch to monitor environment for operational & performance metrics during load testing.
  • Experienced in maintaining Docker containers with Kubernetes to automate the docker container maintenance by using it and worked on with REST API.
  • Extensively used Docker for virtualization, Ship, Run and Deploy the application securely for fasten the Build/Release Engineering.
  • Hands-on experience on writing Ansible playbooks and in creating Ansible and Ansible Tower as Configuration management tool, to configure and to automate daily tasks, deployment of large-scale applications, and proactively manages changes in the environments.
  • Experience with Kubernetes, Mesos and Docker Swarm.
  • Experience in using version control systems like Subversion (SVN) and different flavors of GIT.
  • Experience with Active Directory, LDAP, OAuth, SAML, single sign on (SSO) authentication technologies.
  • Experience working with log monitoring with ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana).
  • Experienced in Installations , Upgrades , Patches , Configuration , Performance tuning on UNIX/Linux, system software and hardware .
  • Good scripting skills for maintaining, developing shell and python scripts and troubleshooting the C , Bourne and Perl scripts.
  • Stay current with the latest features/capabilities of the AWS platform.
  • Good experience on implementing Chef to convert Infrastructure as code.
  • Engineer, manage, and support source control and binary repository systems such as BitBucket / Stash, Git, SVN, and Nexus.
  • Knowledge in gathering requirements from various teams Dev, QA, Ops etc. for automating process and improving agility in development process.
  • Experienced in implementing and maintaining an Apache/Tomcat/MySQL/PHP, LDAP, XAMP web service environment.
  • Ability to quickly understand, learn and implement the new system design, new technologies, data models and functional components of software system in a professional work environment.
  • Experience supporting 24x7 production and providing on-call & weekend support.
  • Experienced in Trouble shooting , Backup and Recovery.


Operating systems: Linux, Microsoft Windows, Red Hat

Scripting Languages: Shell, Bash, Perl, Ruby, Java and Python scripting

Cloud Environments: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Open Stack

Web Development: Python, Html, Shell, Perl, HTML, XML

Containerization Tools: Dockers

Orchestration Tools: Kubernetes

Configuration Management tool: Opcode Chef, Puppet, Subversion, AWS S3, EBS, EC2, Cloud Watch

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 UDB MS SQL Server

Development Methodologies: Scrum, Agile, Waterfall

OS Admin: Linux Administration, Solaris Administration

Virtualization Technologies: VMware Client, Virtual Box

CI Tools: Jenkins

Build Tools: Ant, Maven, Gradle


Tracking Tools: JIRA, Bit Bucket, Bug Zilla, Confluence

IDE: Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, Net Beans IDE, Notepad++

Version Control: SVN, CVS, Git (GitHub, Bit Bucket)

DBMS /RDBMS/ DW: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, SQL Server 2012/2008, My SQL, Teradata



DevOps /Aws Engineer


  • Created the automated build and deployment process for application, re-engineering setup for better user experience, and leading up to building a continuous integration system for all our products.
  • Responsible for Development, SYTEM, UAT, STAGING, PRODUCTION Builds, Releases.
  • Deployed built artifacts to WebLogic application server using MAVEN.
  • Responsible for CI environments (Jenkins).
  • Experience involving configuring S3 versioning and lifecycle policies to and backup files and archive files n glacier.
  • Used Cloud formation and launch configurations to automate repeatable provisioning of AWS resources for applications.
  • Good experience with Dynamo DB, Redshift and Amazon EMR.
  • Extensively worked on Jenkins and AnthillPro for CI and for End-to-End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Familiarity with AWS networking which includes Network Security Groups experience.
  • Having knowledge of AWS architecture from a networking standpoint.
  • Experience in various programming and scripting languages especially Shell and Python scripting with focus on DevOps tools, CI/CD and performed configuration, deployment and support of cloud services on AWS Cloud Architecture.
  • Decent knowledge on Dynamo DB and Amazon EMR.
  • Experience in execution of XML, Ant Scripts, Perl, Python, Shell Scripts and JAVA Scripts
  • Experience in Deploying JBoss, IBM WebSphere, Apache Tomcat web server, IIS Server, Oracle web logic
  • Expert in installing and configuring Continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins Bamboo for build and deployment automation.
  • Experience in working with Ticketing Tools like JIRA, Redmine, and Bugzilla
  • Knowledge of using Routed Protocols: FTP, SFTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS and Connect direct.
  • Having work experience in support of multi, platforms like UNIX, Ubuntu, RHEL, Fedora, IOS and Windows 98/NT/XP/Vista/7/8 of production, test and development servers.
  • Experience in JavaScript, JQuery, HTML and CSS.
  • Experience in administering, installing, configuring, troubleshooting, performance monitoring of The Clusters
  • Installed and configured the Nexus repository manager for sharing the artifacts within the company. Created proxy nexus repositories to speed up the build process.
  • Experienced in using Docker for containerization, helping developers to develop Docker File which is used to build and deploy images through pipeline and pushing them to repository.
  • Extensively worked on ECS and EKS to host containerized Applications. Devised Automation solution to update the Tasks and Services, provide in depth feedback and visualization while deploying the Microservices.
  • Developed SharePoint TFS data synchronization using SharePoint Timer Jobs.
  • Midlevel expertise in Ruby, PERL CGI, Web development & good SQL hands-on experience.
  • Efficiently used Project Management Tools like Base Camp, MS Project, MS Share point and Atlassian Tools. (JIRA, confluence, Stash, SourceTree, Crucible).
  • Continuous monitoring by creating rules and alerts using Azure Monitor .
  • Working on Azure Admin tasks like provide access AAD, create VMs, create Oracle DB, Cosmos DB, Function Apps, APIM etc.
  • Create or update Azure resource group, Key Vault, Function, API management services.
  • Monitoring and implementing security on Azure IAAS VMs and virtual networks .
  • Deploying Azure IaaS virtual machines (VMs) and Cloud services (PaaS role instances) into secure VNets and subnets.
  • Experienced in Querying RDBMS such as Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server by using SQL for data integrity.

Environment: Windows, GIT, Ansible, Jenkins, AWS, Docker, ANT, Maven, AWS, Bamboo, JIRA, Nagios, Ruby, Cucumber, Websphere, shell, python,Azure.


Devops Engineer


  • Installed, deployed, and overhauled AWS Cloud-based servers and administrations as per Federal Benchmarks and task rules.
  • Built and Configured Linux Servers in AWS Cloud Environment
  • Created and solidified an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) using Centre for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks to be utilized. Utilized AWS to set up Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) for Management, Production and Testing conditions With Selenium.
  • Utilized different AWS Cloud Computing stages and its many measurements of versatility including yet not restricted to VPC, EC2, ELB, IAM, SQS, S3, auto scaling models, utilizing EBS under high I/O necessities.
  • Custom observing measurements/examination/cautions by means of Cloud Watch, the AWS CLI, to address customer's issues and venture prerequisites.
  • Developed automation scripting in Python (core) using Puppet to deploy and manage Java applications across Linux servers.
  • Installed and configured Infrastructure Automation Tool Puppet. Created and updated Puppet manifests and modules, files, and packages.
  • Migrate existing databases from on premise to AWS using various tools including but not limited to AWS Data Migration Services and AWS Schema Conversion Tool.
  • Performed migration from on premise solutions into AWS cloud.
  • Experienced with event-driven and scheduled AWS Lambda functions to trigger various AWS resources.
  • Involved in developing REST API/Java API for Amazon Lambda to manage some of the AWS services.
  • Used lambda function for Infrastructure automation
  • Integration of Lambda with ticketing tools to take automated actions
  • Setup cloud infrastructure maintenance effort using a combination of Gitlab-CI, Ansible for automating CI/CD pipeline in AWS.
  • Worked on Puppet master agent model for provisioning of server's windows and Linux.
  • Investigate and troubleshooting issues per request from different voting demographics.
  • Proficient with container systems like Docker and container orchestration like EC2 Container Service, Kubernetes/EKS worked with Terraform.
  • Extensive experience with configuration tools. To create, change, and improve infrastructure as code - Terraform.
  • Managed Kubernetes charts using Helm. Created reproducible builds of the Kubernetes applications, managed Kubernetes manifest files and Managed releases of Helm packages.
  • Extensively worked with Scheduling, deploying, managing container replicas onto a node using Kubernetes and experienced in creating Kubernetes clusters work with Helm charts running on the same cluster resources.
  • Proficient knowledge with Helm charts to manage and release of helm packages.
  • Researched and implemented code coverage using SonarQube scanner and runner and unit test plug-ins like find bugs, check style and JUnit with Maven/Jenkins.
  • Implemented SonarQube for code quality check and Nexus repository and integrated them into Jenkins to achieve Continuous Integration.
  • Experience in branching, tagging and maintaining the versions across the Environments using SCM tools like GIT, and Subversion (SVN) on Linux.
  • Installed and configured Jenkins Continuous Integration server with management of plugins and utilized several CI/CD plugins like AWS S3, build pipeline, Docker, GIT, Junit.
  • Proficient with container systems like Docker and container orchestration like EC2 Container Service, Kubernetes, worked with Terraform.
  • Managed Docker orchestration and Docker containerization using Kubernetes.
  • Used Kubernetes to orchestrate the deployment, scaling and management of Docker Containers.
  • Basically, we utilize Python for Boot Strapping purposes.
  • In-depth Knowledge of Azure services, platform and portal.
  • Manage Azure infrastructure and worked on Azure SQL, Azure Storage using azure PowerShell and azure portal .
  • Configured deployment env for web apps based on python using EKS Kubernetes services to deploy ECS container images in order to support production env. Monitored services and virtual machines using CloudWatch. Automated the CI/CD process using AWS Code Pipeline and open source Jenkins with Ansible plugins for server provisioning.

Environment: Amazon Web Services, AWS Lambda, Java, Jenkins, Maven, Puppet, Ansible/ Chef, Terraform, Docker, SonarQube, Kubernetes, EKS, JMeter, Nagios, Splunk, Python, Apache, Java/J2EE, Git, JIRA, Linux, Azure.


System Engineer/Devops Engineer


  • As member of DevOps group, redefined processes and implemented tools for software builds, patch creation, source control, and release tracking and reporting, on UNIX platform.
  • Implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS, Used GIT as source code repositories.
  • Cloud infrastructure maintenance effort using a combination of Jenkins, Chef and Terraform for automating CICD pipeline in AWS
  • Deployment management skills for deployment and environment management architecture and process creation. Use Devops tool Chef, Puppet and Ansible in provisioning AWS machines.
  • Build CI/CD pipeline for DEV, QA and UAT environment and automate the build and deploy processes.
  • Kubernetes is being used to orchestrate the deployment, scaling and management of Docker Containers
  • Responsible in managing all aspects of the software configuration management process including code compilation, packaging, deployment, release methodology and application configurations with remote execution to ensure zero downtime and shortened deployment cycles via automated deployments.
  • Assist developers in integrating their code with the main stream
  • Used Docker hub, creating Docker images and handling multiple images primarily for middleware installations and domain configuration.
  • Experience on Devops tools such as GIT, SVN, ANT, Maven, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Docker, Vagrant, and virtual box.
  • Proficient in computerization utilizing Python, Ruby and UNIX Shell/bash scripting.
  • Profusely worked on Version control tools like GIT, clear case to track changes made by different people in source code.
  • Familiar with Atlassian tool stack such as Jira, Jenkins, Bitbucket and confluence.
  • Worked with GIT and Subversion to manage source code.
  • Maintained the various project repositories using the GitHub and GIT.
  • Shell scripting for building and deploying java application to target environments.
  • Coordinated with different teams before and after the production deployments
  • 24/7 on call supports for emergency site maintenance and immediate build and install requests.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Ant, Puppet, Jenkins, Maven, Python, AWS, Gitflow, JBoss, GIT, Powershell, JIRA, Chef, CloudFront, Splunk, Bash, Unix, HP QC Connector.

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