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Senior Telecom/ims Engineer Resume

Moorestown, NJ


  • Around 5 years’ experience in Wireless and Telecommunications domain on Design, Optimization, Planning, End to End testing and Troubleshooting.
  • Expertise Confidential technologies namely GSM, EDGE, UMTS, LTE, VoLTE, ViLTE,IMS, IR.94, VoWifi,5G,ETSI - MANO, Docker, Kubernetes, Open Stack and SDN
  • Hands on experience on Radio Access Network (RAN) and core network platforms like eNB, MME, HSS, APN-DNS, SGW, PGW, PCRF, SGSN/GGSN and IP stacks
  • Deep Understanding on end-to-end call flow over the interfaces: Uu, S1-U, S1-MME, S6a, S11, S5, S8, Gx, SGi
  • Strong familiarity with 3GPP core protocol suite and core data nodes: SGW/PGW/PCEF, PCR GGSN, RADIUS, DHCP and DNS queries
  • Involved in IMS core resolution and isolation to elements such as P-CSCF, I-CSCF, S-CSCF, MGCF and BGCF and TAS/AS
  • Hands on experience on IMS interfaces such as Cx, Dx, Gm, Gq, Gx, Gy, Mr, Mi, Mw, ISC, Sh, Rf, Ro,Rx
  • Expertise in troubleshooting the LTE/VoLTE/IR-94/CSFB/eSRVCC/VoWIF/IMS E2E call flows
  • Technical expertise with simulation tools like LANSlide, IXIA, IXLoad, HPALM, JIRA
  • Hands on experience on monitoring tools like Wireshark, IRIS, NetScout, JDSU, QXDM
  • Worked in validation call flow testing traversing RAN/LTE/EPC and IMS Core x-CSC functions, SIP, Diameter referenced interfaces
  • Profound understanding of LTE Network Architecture, LTE Air Interface, LTE
  • Build and use virtualized networks using Network Function Virtualization and use open source software to manage and automate virtualized technologies to develop and program prototypes in Python and perl scripts
  • Experience in UMTS Design, Optimization, and frequency planning with knowledge of LTE, GSM/CDMA technology, network and protocol architecture for signal and data flow
  • Successful performing of IPv4 and IPv6 addressing, subnetting assignments and VLAN assignments for LTE projects through thorough understanding of CCNA and Virtual Machine concepts
  • Hands-on prototyping, testing, experimentation, and modelling and simulation in Software Defined Networks (SDN), network function virtualization, and OpenStack other cloud-based technologies
  • Strong understanding on 3GPP specifications particularly R8/R9/R10/R11 and R12 and legacy and LTE/VoLTE network call flows
  • Executed Intra/Inter/IRAT handovers, cell reselection testing and analyzed the issues related to handovers eCSFB and ANR.
  • Experienced with CDMA/ LTE network design, network troubleshooting, fine-tuning, and optimization
  • Wi-Fi Keywords - 802.11 b/g/n/ac, Wireshark
  • Hands-on experience with the initial attach within UE and eNodeB with the protocols RRC, RLC, PDCP, NAS, MAC, S1 APPLICATION Protocol.
  • Expertise in system testing, feature level testing and functional test execution. Identify, investigate, and report Software errors.


Wireless Technologies: 4G VOLTE, LTE, UMTS/WCDMA, GSM, VOIP, SIP, IMSSDP, UDP,5G

Virtualization Technologies: KVM, Open Stack, SDN, MANO and ECOMP/ONAP

OEM Vendors: Cisco, Juniper, Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia, SUN, ANUE, Net Scout, JDSU, Tektronix and HP

Software/Programming: OpenStack, C, MatLab simulation, VHDL, Verilog, PSpicePerl Scripting, LabView,Ansible

RF Planning Tools: EDX SignalPro v6.2 Evaluation and Protocol analyzers.

Simulation and Monitoring Tools: Spectra, IXIA, Spirent Simulation tools, JDSU, Netscout, TeK G10, Jenkins

Projects: Mobility Virtualization, CSFB, 4G VoLTE, IMS, QoS, E911CALEA, SNS, LTE and IMS related projects


Senior Telecom/IMS Engineer

Confidential - Moorestown, NJ


  • Validating all the SIP/diameter call flow scenarios- Basic In/outbound, Confidential Call Features, Calea, e911, Feature Interop, MGCF, Peer calls based on each node upgrade I/S-CSCF, TAS, STIR, BGCF, MRF.
  • Troubleshooting the call failures by deep diving into each component in the IMS core components.
  • Gathering the requirements based on the upgradation of the network elements CSCF, HSS/SLF, TAS, SBC and MGCF.
  • Create a test plan and train the team members regarding the specifications and perform their test cases according to the requirements.
  • Install, configure, test and maintain IMS network platforms, application software and system management tools.
  • Developing various standalone tools for validating and qualifying core and third-party devices using XML, Unix & Python.
  • Monitor and test application performance for potential bottlenecks, identify possible solutions, and work with various other teams to implement those fixes.
  • Integrate and certify the network components after each upgrade for Business and Residential networks.
  • Strong understanding of OpenStack, DevOps, NFV, MANO, VM ware technology
  • Ramping up on new products/ vendor’s products as and when they arrive in Confidential network.
  • Perform testing on new SBC solutions like cloud SBC, and new vendor products such as Metaswitch, Genband etc
  • Resolving JIRA tickets assigned by the customer relating to the provisioning and Call failure issues.
  • Troubleshooting the IMS call failure scenarios by deep diving into each IMS network element and finding the issues and resolving them by making relevant changes without affecting the functionality of the elements.
  • Testing based on basic inbound, outbound, 911, Calea, Call forwarding, Voicemail test cases. Reporting the defects and tracking them in ALM till they get fixed.
  • Engaging in meetings from time to time during the project to update the Customer team and take analysis regarding the project.
  • Validating the Call logs and device logs using tools like IRIS, Wireshark, Handling the response codes accordingly
  • Hands-on experience using BACC, SoapUI scripts, SPG, EDA, API.
  • Fixed major corner 911, SNS and other Tenant call issues.
  • Worked on several defect fixes involving SBC, HSS, CSCF, EDA, MTAS, BGCF, MRF and call forking (SNS) components.
  • Worked on Voicemail call flows-Deposit, Retrieval, Reminder and Outdial call scenarios which involves VM SBCs, number translations based on the TN region
  • Deployment in Jenkins for RTaaS components.
  • Worked on Confidential /Cox OTT (V2Go, Mobile Client) use cases, identified, debugged, troubleshooted major call flow issues.
  • Training the teammates based on the new releases in the components and identifying the issue-based scenarios.
  • Sanity and Regression testing after new release or upgrade, Defect validation (in ALM), Root cause analysis (RCA), following up with vendor and customer till the resolution.

Environment: IMS, VOIP, Jenkins, Openstack, Docker, Kubernetes,xfinity, VM, ETSI MANO, Ericsson, SBC,CI/CD

Telecom/LTE Engineer

Confidential - Redmond, WA


  • Performing end-to-end VoLTE/WiFi Calling prepaid integration and service validation (call flows) of the Confidential & Confidential network involving RAN (E/U-TRAN), EPC (MME, HSS, SGW, PGW, PCRF, PAS, MIND, SGSN, MSC) and IMS (P/I/S-CSCF, SBC, MRF, MMTel, CPM) nodes for Real Time Services.
  • Executing the tests on Samsung and LG handsets using a RF Distribution Unit (lab setup for RAN, attenuator, combiner, diplexer, and Wi-Fi).
  • Creating defects, collecting and analysis of network protocol logs (S1AP, GTP, TCP/IP, SIP, SDP, RTP, RTCP) using Net Scout Iris, Wireshark, Viavi, and UE logs using JDSU.
  • Testing using Confidential & Confidential Scripting tools SoftTest, Mobile Labs etc.
  • Configuring the IMS network, Integrate with SIP AS and test the features like call forwarding, call blocking, hiding the identity of calling user etc
  • Performed end-to-end testing of VoLTE network deployment in identified markets.
  • Verified VoLTE telephony voice services, CSFB(Circuit-Switch Fallback) and SRVCC(Single Radio Voice Call Continuity),Handover Scenarios in different RAN environments.
  • Good knowledge on protocols such as RLC, RRC, PDCP, NAS, SIP, TCP/IP, UDP,GTPv-1, GTPv-2, SCTP, Diameter, DNS, LDAP, RTP, and RTCP.
  • Resolving the problem through individual analysis of the UE, eNodeB and EPC elements like MME, S-GW, P-GW, PCEF, PCRF, HSS, SPR.
  • Improve Network KPIs (Call drop rate, Network availability, Call success rate, Access fail, Traffic congestion, Good quality speech) by reducing hardware issues and network outages
  • Configuring the IMS network, Integrate with SIP AS and test the features like call forwarding, call blocking, hiding the identity of calling user etc
  • Proficient in Identification & Locating of the exact cause of faults occurred & initiating corrective actions thereby minimizing Network Downtime
  • Monitor Cell site utilization and maintain the optimum utilization levels & analysis of CDRs & Event logs of the system if any issue occurs.

Environment: LTE, VOLTE, ALU RAN, Samsung and LG, IRIS, Wireshark, Failover scenarios

Wireless Network Engineer

Confidential - Kansas City, MO


  • Studied IEEE papers related to LTE architecture, Call flows, SIP messages, interfaces and protocols.
  • Tested and analyzed LTE scenarios i.e. Performance tests, LTE Attach/Detach, Dedicated Bearer Activation/Deactivation, TAU, RAU, IRAT- HO, X2 and S1-HO of LTE network.
  • Analysis of new services and Performed end to end testing, validation for VoLTE calls, WIFI calling.
  • Hands on experience with the testing equipment, test case scenarios, test plans etc..
  • Performed Smoke Tests for the regression projects using JDSU, IRIS tools and made sure the setup with the APN’s and RAN configured.
  • Worked in validation call flow testing traversing RAN/LTE /EPC and and IMS Core x-CSCF functions, SIP, & Diameter referenced interfaces
  • Experience in monitoring and analysis of post launch critical KPI's Retain ability, accessibility, integrity, mobility and IRAT HO optimization
  • Experience in troubleshooting 4G, 3G, CSFB and SRVCC call flow scenarios

Environment: LTE, VOLTE, EPC, ALU RAN, IRIS, Wireshark

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