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Linux And Cloud Engineer Resume


  • Highly motivated and detail - oriented Linux Systems Admin/Engineer with 7 years of experience. Objective is to obtain a Linux systems/cloud engineer position where I am able to apply my skills to properly influence the company. A position where I can build a long-term career and have the opportunity to grow with the company and become asset to the company.
  • 7 years of IT, cloud and system administration experience in multi Linux flavors with practical knowledge of security, networking and system support.
  • Performing standard system administration, configuration, installation, migration, troubleshooting and systems monitoring.
  • Providing level 1, 2 and 3 support.
  • Applying patches/upgrading internal applications in Dev and Prod, per established change management protocols.
  • Experience provisioning and configuring different flavors of Linux servers.
  • Experience applying patches and remediating vulnerabilities.
  • Designing, implementing and maintaining various Linux environments.
  • Reviewing vulnerability reports and taking necessary actions for remediation.
  • Building and configuring infrastructure servers such as; DHCP, NIS, NFS, APACHE HTTPD, JUMP SERVER and PXE-BOOT.
  • Experience managing users, groups and granting privileged access using Red Hat IPA.
  • Experience with LVM. Creating/Expanding logical volumes and volume groups.
  • Experience with installing and upgrading packages using YUM and RPM from Red Hat satellite.
  • Experience and knowledge of change management.
  • Experience with Red Hat satellite 5.x.
  • Familiarity with different file systems. Formatting disks with ext2, ext3, ext4 and xfs as needed.
  • Familiarity with various protocols such as; FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, TFTP, TCP/IP and UDP.
  • Keeping systems secure by configuring iptables, firewalld, enabling SELinux and applying patches.
  • Managing and publishing documentation on internal share point site.
  • Building bare metal and virtual servers using PXE-boot and Red Hat satellite with customized kickstart profiles.
  • Experience performing snapshots and restoring virtual machines in VMware.
  • Expertise in troubleshooting and resolving system performance related issues.
  • Intermediary understanding of network protocols and different networking devices.
  • Excellent communication and written skills.
  • Proactive and can work under own initiative - all about getting the job done.
  • Enjoy working in a group and as well as individually.
  • Experience working with various teams to provide user support, application support and as well as system support.


  • RHEL 5,6,7,8 and other flavors of Linux operating system. Experience with Ansible, GitHub, RedHat Satellite, Kickstart profiles
  • SOS-reports, LDAP, LVM, FSCK, Nagios, RAID levels, Service Now, RHEL 5/6/7, Ubuntu, VMware virtualization, VM snapshots
  • VMware ESXI 5.x, VMotion, HA, DRS, VMWare workstations, AWS EC2, VPC, ELB, S3, AMIs, IAM, CMDB, NetBackup 7.x, Cisco
  • Dell and HP servers, Change management, Incident management, Que management, Vulnerability management, Patching and Bash scripting.


Linux and Cloud Engineer



  • Recognizing and troubleshooting problems with Unix/Linux server hardware, operating systems, and hosted applications.
  • Building VMs and bare-metal servers from PXE-Boot with customized kickstart profiles.
  • Creating AWS EC2 Instances, taking snapshots, creating AMIs, configuring AWS VPC with network team and launching EC2 instances behind elastic load balancers.
  • Configuring auto-scaling groups for mission critical instances.
  • Monitoring cloud resources and applications with AWS Cloud Watch, creating alarm dashboards based on events for EBS, EC2, ELB, RDS, S3, and Billing alarms.
  • Monitoring the health of cloud infrastructure with cloud watch.
  • Deploying dockers containers and installing / configuring internal applications.
  • Managing containers with Kubernetes and managing pods as needed.
  • Retrieving/Staging ansible playbooks and bash scripts code to internal GitLab repository.
  • Monitoring the health of on-prem infrastructure with Nagios.
  • Working closely with developers to deploy software on Linux servers/instances.
  • Working closely with automation team to automate manual tasks on-prem and in cloud.
  • Complete package management using YUM and RPM.
  • Debugging system performance issues and upgrading resources on servers as needed.
  • Opening support cases with vendors and submitting sos-report/logs as needed.
  • Reviewing NetBackup reports and making sure all servers are being backed up.
  • Providing direct level 2 level 3 support.
  • Responding to incidents in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for submitting changes and presenting them to change management team.
  • Responsible for maintaining operational runbooks in confluence.
  • Participating in daily stand-up calls and scheduling team meetings as needed.
  • Expanding filesystems ext2, ext3, ext4 and XFS with LVM.
  • Performing monthly patching of QA, DEV and PROD servers.
  • Reviewing vulnerability reports and remediating vulnerabilities by applying patches.
  • Modifying and writing shell scripts to eliminate repetitive tasks as needed.
  • Working with database administrators to install and configure SQL/PostgreSQL databases.
  • Using ansible for configuration management and infrastructure automation.
  • Targeting server groups with ansible ad-hoc commands to install packages, restarting services, copying data, pinging servers and etc.
  • Creating and managing user accounts, groups, and setting password expiration.
  • Working closely with VMware team to deploy hypervisor ESXI 6.x and adding new ESXI servers to cluster.
  • Monitoring the health of v-centers with VMware VROPS.
  • Participating in on-call rotation.

Linux Systems Administrator



  • Conducted system administration activities such as building servers, patching, monitoring, opening support cases, user management, full OS support and working with various teams to ensure all servers are in healthy state.
  • Responded to alerts in a timely manner and resolving issues.
  • Fixed filesystem errors with FSCK and expanding disks with LVM.
  • Patching Linux servers quarterly and remediating vulnerabilities.
  • Deployed, migrated and configured VMs using VMware ESX/ESXi servers.
  • Monitored system performance, disk space and services status.
  • Installing and updating packages using YUM and RPM.
  • Created user accounts, local and global groups, user administration, removal of Users ID from groups.
  • Resolved issues reported by users such as; logon issues, disk space, system performance, missing packages, password resets, sudo privileges and technical guidance.
  • Administered NFS, DHCP, NIS, and DNS and samba services running on RedHat Linux.
  • Worked with middleware team to deploy and configure applications.
  • Migrated physical servers to virtual servers with the help of VMware converters and migrated Virtual Machines using V-Motion.
  • Worked on nightly changes and participated in on-call rotation.
  • Provided support for Unix and Linux systems. Resolving and documenting issues as occurred.
  • Regularly updated technical runbooks on internal share point site.
  • Worked closely with storage team to request NFS/SAN shares and mounted them on servers.
  • Worked closely with data center team, racked, stacked and cabled new servers. Worked with vendors to replace failed hardware.
  • Secured Linux servers by applying patches, configuring Iptables to block open ports and enabling SELinux.
  • Installing, Configuring and troubleshooting services HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/SFTP, DHCP, DNS, NFS, AUTOFS, Oracle, NIS, LDAP, SELINUX, and IPTABLES.

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