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Software Development Engineer Resume


  • Software Developer/Programmer with history of productivity and successful project outcomes.
  • An excellent problem - solver, able to quickly grasp complex system and identify opportunities for improvements and resolution of critical issues.
  • Adaptable and proficient in the design and programming of systems in wide variety of areas.


Applications: Visualization tools, Database Management Systems, Point Of Sales, Real-Time, Web Applications, Spotfire, Microsoft Sharepoint

Languages: C/C++/C#, Basic, Java, JavaScript, Fortran, Pascal, and Assembly (Motorola 680x0), VBScript, HTML, ASP

APIs/Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Netbeans, Paradox for Windows, Delphi

Operating Systems: Windows Vista/XP/2000, UNIX, LINUX (RedHat, Suse, Mandrake)

Networking: TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP





  • Designed and developed software application to query database system and display the query results in treeview control which has the ability to drag and drop the query results to computer system (local drive) such as in explorer. This application was developed using Netbeans which is a Java IDE.
  • Develop software application to be embedded to Spotfire (a visualization application). The application is developed to process data from database and analyze the data. If there is an anomaly to the data, application will report the anomaly automatically. This application also will display the data using spotfire. The application was developed using Visual Studio C#.
  • Web Development application, which will display the data based on the database system, and will query/ search to database system. This application is being developed using ASP which utilize JavaScript.




  • System Integration Testing which implement the quality assurance for a laptop system, to minimize conflicts between hardware design, operating system (Linux and Windows based) and software applications.
  • Determined the BIOS, software or hardware bugs and reported the bugs to development teams using Observation Tracking Report.
  • Followed up bugs reports until problems were solved.
  • Researched Windows Vista (from beta version of Windows Vista until Released version) features to be applied to laptop development.
  • Set up automation systems with a lot of data samples to determine possibility of failure rates. This test was performed using WinPVT and MeatGrinder tools.




  • Designed, developed software application for clients to manage inventory system using Visual Studio C#.
  • Designed, developed and configured software application for Point Of Sales application which used for restaurant business. The application creates the menu for restaurant, take the order and send the order to the kitchen. This application was develop using Paradox for Windows and Delphi.
  • Provided technical support for clients, which included hardware, software, and network troubleshoots and solutions.
  • Provided demos and trainings for clients to use the software application.
  • Provided software modification/ add features based on clients requests.

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