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Middleware Administrator/cloud Devops Engineer Resume


  • Having 13+ years of experience in IT industry which includes Cloud Computing, DevOps and Middleware Technologies.
  • Experience in infrastructure implementation, deployment, documenting and maintenance of Client/Server, Web based applications in multi - tiered architecture, Internet/Intranet infrastructure and clustered environments.
  • Experience in Infrastructure Development and Operations, involved in deploying almost all the AWS stack like EC2, EBS, S3, VPC, RDS, SES, ELB, IAM, Auto Scaling, CloudFormation, CloudFront, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, SNS, and Route 53.
  • Extensively worked on Oracle WebLogic 8.x/10.x/11g/12C Server, SOA Suite11g, JBoss EAP6.X/EAP7.X, Tomcat 7.x/8.x, Apache HTTP Server 2.x/2.4.x and NGINX 1.10.2 as administrator for Server Installations, Configuration, Application components deployment, migration, upgradation of servers, applying patches, updating JDK versions, including troubleshooting, performance tuning and maintenance in all the tiers.
  • Hands-On experience in DevOps essential tools like Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Ansible, Chef, Subversion, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Bamboo, Artifactory, SonarQube, Ant, and Maven.
  • Handled configuration-management, application deployment, cloud provisioning, ad-hoc task-execution, and multi node orchestration using Ansible, and Chef.
  • Experience in maintaining CI environments with build automation tools like Jenkins, and extensively used Jenkins, Maven, Shell Scripts, Artifactory and Nexus to streamline CI/CD process.
  • Proficient with GitHub version control.
  • Experience with monitoring and logging tools like AppDynamics, Splunk, and Kibana for monitoring host resources.
  • Experience with programming languages and environments such as Python, Ruby, Groovy and Bash.
  • Experience in Adobe CQ/AEM installation on JBoss, standalone instances setup and configuration, UNIX startup scripts for author, publish, Nginx, and Apache instances, dispatcher configuration for caching and load balancing, TarMk Cold Standby setup, Online and Offline Compaction, Jenkins Jobs configuration, release deployments, and troubleshooting issues.
  • Experience in LAMP server installation, configuration, administration, UNIX deployments scripts implementation, User and group permissions, Plugins installation, backups creation, management of WordPress blog site, release deployments and troubleshooting issues.
  • Experience in issue tracking tool like Jira.
  • Experience in troubleshooting and fixing issues with proper RCA & Preventive actions.
  • Experience in using Microsoft Visio to create architecture diagrams.
  • Experience in Object Oriented Analysis, Development, Implementation and Maintenance. Knowledge of business process redesign, and integration using Java/J2EE technologies.
  • Experienced in SDLC and extensively worked on multi-tier Client Server Oracle based Web Applications.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with a strong technical background and good communication and interpersonal skills. Self-motivated and a good team player.
  • Flexible and versatile to adapt to any new environment and work on any project skills.
  • Provided on call support in production environment on rotation basis.


Programming: HTML, CSS, Java, Python, and UNIX Shell Scripting.

J2EE Technologies: JDBC, Servlets, JSP and Struts.

Databases: MySQL 5.7.19 and Oracle.

App/Web Servers: WebLogic 8.1/10.3.x,11g/12c, JBoss EAP 6.3/6.4/7.0, Apache Tomcat 7.x/8.x, Apache 2.4.27, and Nginx 1.10.2

Messaging: MQ, and Kafka

CMS: Adobe AEM

Cloud Environments: AWS

DevOps Tools: Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Ansible, Chef, SaltStack, Terraform, SVN, ClearCase, Git, Bitbucket, GitHub, Jenkins, Bamboo, SonarQube, Artifactory, RLM, Ant, and Maven.

Software Tools: Eclipse, RSA, IBM Support Assistant, Heap Analyzer, GC Viewer, JConsole, VisualVM, Venafi, TDA, JMeter, Postman, Splunk, AppDynamics, Selenium, Atom and PyCharm.

Platforms: Windows/UNIX/HP-UNIX/Linux/Solaris/AIX.

Tracking Tool: Rational Clear Quest, Mercury QC, RQM, Jira, Remedy and ServiceNow.



Middleware Administrator/Cloud DevOps Engineer


  • Deployed, managed and operated scalable, high availability & fault tolerant systems on AWS Amazon cloud service.
  • Worked on AWS stack including EC2, ELB, S3, RDS, VPC, SNS, CloudWatch, CloudTrail focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance and auto-scaling.
  • Created AWS Route53 to route traffic between different regions and configure AWS IAM and Security Groups in Public and Private Subnets in VPC.
  • Wrote Terraform scripts for building environments.
  • Worked on to migrate Dev/Test/Stage/Production from an enterprise VMware infrastructure to the IaaS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud environment.
  • Worked on container-based technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Managed application deployments in various Kubernetes clusters such as Test, Stage and Production environments.
  • Scheduled, deployed and managed container replicas onto a node cluster using Kubernetes.
  • Deployed Kubernetes Clusters to manage Docker containers in the production environment with light weight Docker Images as base files.
  • Writing Docker files with best practices, and created CI/CD pipeline to build images and publish into a private repository.
  • Containerized all the applications - Spring Boot Java and Node Js applications using Docker.
  • Worked on Ansible deployments, written various ansible playbooks with multiple roles, tasks with loops, and templates etc.
  • Responsible for installation & configuration of Jenkins to support various Java builds, Jenkins plugins to automate continuous builds and publishing build archives to Artifactory repository.
  • Involved in setting up Jenkins Master and multiple slaves for the entire team as a CI tool as part of Continuous Integration and delivery process.
  • Integrated Jenkins with Selenium WebDriver for automated tests.
  • Developed Python and shell scripts for automation of the build and release process.
  • Usage of JaCoCo and SonarQube plugins for Code quality check.
  • Implemented CI/CD pipeline automation with Groovy Scripts.
  • Deploying applications using Jenkins, Maven, and UNIX Shell Scripts along with troubleshooted Jenkins build and release job failures, resolved by working with application team on resolution.
  • Installed, Configured and administered Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and Webservers like Apache in Dev, Test, Stage and Performance Environments.
  • Creation of Clusters for Failover and Load Balancing purpose with Apache Web Server.
  • Create, and configure WebLogic domains with WLST Scripts.
  • Configured and JDBC pools in WebLogic Server.
  • Implemented WLST scripting to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Configured and created JMS Servers, Connection Factories, Queues & Topics.
  • WebLogic Administration, Monitoring and Troubleshooting using Admin Console and CLI.
  • Installed SSL certificates for WebLogic, and Apache instances.
  • Performing application deployments as requested by the application teams on the respective environments with Jenkins.
  • Resolved WebLogic, issues and application problems in coordination with application development and business system teams.
  • Worked on Tuning the WebLogic Application Server, Applications and Webservers by changing the Heap Size parameters and tuning JVM’s Garbage Collector.
  • Monitoring CPU utilization, JVM memory utilization, finding process id with Port number and resolving port conflicts using various UNIX commands.
  • Generated Java Thread dumps, Heap dumps and analyzed when WebLogic server crashed unevenly and performed WebLogic server in order to achieve better performance.
  • Monitored WLS instances with AppDynamics for load testing support.
  • Coordinate with development teams for migration build releases and performance testing of new applications/packages.
  • Initiated and troubleshoot Continuous Delivery builds in Jenkins via Jira ticket.
  • Created documentation in wiki pages and used Visio for topology diagrams.
  • Provided on call support for release deployments.

Environment: Jdk 1.8, AWS, WebLogic12c, Tomcat, Apache, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Redhat Linux, Jira, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Selenium, SonarQube, Artifactory, Groovy, Maven, Python, Venafi, and RDS.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Middleware Administrator/DevOps Engineer


  • Involved in migrating WAS to Apache Tomcat Web server.
  • Worked on container-based technologies like Docker and OpenShift.
  • Involved in setting up test environment on Docker containers and configuring the Docker containers using OpenShift.
  • Worked on container-based deployments using Docker, and clustering them within OpenShift.
  • Managing the OpenShift cluster that includes scaling up and down the app nodes.
  • Worked on CI/CD pipelines a utomation using Jenkins with Groovy scripts.
  • Integrated Junit and SonarQube plugins in Jenkins for automated testing and for Code quality check.
  • Created a Continuous Delivery process to include support building of Docker Images and publish into a private docker repository.
  • Identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues related to build and deploy process.
  • Implemented scheduled batch jobs in Python .
  • Involved in deployment of applications in Apache Tomcat.
  • Analyzed logs tracks and resolves complex software/hardware matters of significance pertaining to networking connectivity issues, servers, and applications to meet business needs.
  • Coordinate with development teams for migration build releases and performance testing of new applications/packages.
  • Provided support in the performance testing using JMeter task includes developing test plan, test script and reports.
  • Troubleshooted and monitored application related issues with APM Monitoring tools like AppDynamics.
  • Analyzed application container logs in Kibana.
  • Worked closely with developers and testing teams during all phases of the project.
  • Supported various DEV/SIT/UAT and Pre-Prod environments.

Environment: Jdk 1.8, WebSphere, Apache, Apache Tomcat, Docker, OpenShift, Maven, Linux, ALMBitbucket, Jenkins, Python, Junit, SonarQube, Nexus, Kibana, ServiceNow, AppDynamics, and Oracle 12c.


Middleware Administrator/DevOps Engineer


  • Worked on infrastructure with Docker containerization and maintained Docker Images and containers.
  • Kubernetes is being used to orchestrate the deployment, scaling and management of Docker Containers.
  • Utilized Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build, test deploy.
  • Created CI/CD pipelines for continuous build & deployment using Jenkins , Shell Scripts , Maven and integrated Junit and SonarQube plugins in Jenkins for automated testing and for Code quality check.
  • Configured Artifactory, SonarQube plugins in Jenkins for Continuous delivery and Code Coverage reports.
  • Managed Bitbucket repositories and permissions, including branching and tagging.
  • Used Ansible as configuration management tool and created Ansible Playbooks to automate configuration changes.
  • Worked on JBoss EAP, Nginx, and Apache Servers Administration with expertise in Installation, Configuration, Upgradation, and deploying applications on Linux Platform.
  • Configured Connection Pools for JDBC connections and JMS resources in JBoss EAP.
  • Configured JBoss for High Availability, Load balancing and fail over support in a clustered environment.
  • JBoss Administration, Monitoring and Troubleshooting using Admin Console and CLI.
  • Server Performance Tuning - Thread Dump Analysis, Heap Dump Analysis when Server crashed unevenly.
  • Monitored JBoss instances with SiteScope and AppDynamics.
  • Installed SSL certificates in JBoss, Jetty, Nginx and Apache servers.
  • Migration of JBoss servers in development, test and production environments.
  • Monitored JBoss server logs with Splunk.
  • Developed UNIX Shell Scripts for JBoss, Apache and Nginx server’s startup ops, logs rotation, monitor applications state, etc.
  • Worked on Chef including configuring Chef-Repo and setting up multiple Chef Workstations and writing Chef cookbooks and Recipes to automate the deployment process.
  • Performed AEM 6.1/6.2 Installation and configuration on JBoss and standalone instances - Dispatcher and Web server configuration, TarMK Cold Standby setup, Replication Agents configuration, Hot Fix Package installation, configured UNIX shell startup scripts for author, publish, Nginx and Apache instances.
  • Configured log rotation for Apache and Nginx instances with logrotate utility.
  • Performed WordPress environments setup on LAMP platform, configuration, administration activities, automation of code, content and MySQL DB deployments with UNIX shell scripts, Bamboo and Bitbucket for CI/CD, and User and Groups creation, management of WordPress blog site in all the tiers.
  • Developed and implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications according to the agile process.
  • Worked on Jira tickets.
  • Build and Release Java Applications to Dev, Test, Stage and Prod Environments.
  • Monitored Site Scope alerts and acted as required.
  • Provided on call support for release deployments.

Environment: Jdk 1.7&1.8, Adobe AEM, WordPress, Apache, Nginx, JBoss EAP, Tomcat, Maven, Redhat LinuxJira, RQM, Docker, Kubernetes, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Groovy, Artifactory, SonarQube, Ansible, AppDynamicsSplunk, MySQL, MongoDB, and Venafi.


Middleware Administrator


  • WebLogic, Tomcat, and Apache Servers Administration with expertise in Installation, Configuration, deploying applications on platforms like AIX and Linux.
  • Configuring WebLogic in a Cluster solution for High Availability, Load balancing and fail over support.
  • Troubleshooting, Clustering, Deploying Applications, and Maintenance.
  • Create, and configure WebLogic domains/applications.
  • JDBC Connection Pool with Oracle.
  • Deployment and troubleshooting of JAR, WAR, and EAR files in domain and clustered environments.
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts to automate the WebLogic Administration (recycling the application server, deploying customer applications, logs rotation, monitor applications state, etc.)
  • Upgradation of WebLogic servers in development, testing and production environment and applying patch and service packs.
  • WebLogic Administration, Monitoring and Troubleshooting using Admin Console and WLST.
  • Server Performance Tuning - Thread Dump Analysis, Core Dump Analysis when Server crashed unevenly.
  • Automation of domain creation using WLST, and Domain Templates.
  • Security support with SSL for WebLogic.
  • Code deployments/promotions and Release Notes performance monitoring and performance tuning
  • JMS Configurations - JMS Server, Connection Factory, Queue, and Distributed destinations
  • Analyzing the Log Files, Thread Dumps, JVM Dumps, Exception Stack Traces.
  • Managing and Monitoring the JVM Performance by adjusting heap size and garbage collection parameters.
  • Involved in WebLogic, Tomcat, and Apache Upgradation and migration.
  • Involved in WebLogic 12c up-gradation POC.
  • Automated production deployments by implementing shell scripts.
  • Performed installation, configuration and administration of SVN tool.
  • Administered SVN code repositories: source tree and user account administration, branching, merging, snapshots, and training users on the systems.
  • Involved in setting up Jenkins Master and multiple slaves for the entire team as a CI tool as part of Continuous development and deployment process.
  • Created CI/CD pipelines for continuous build & deployment using Jenkins, Shell Scripts and SVN and integrated Junit plugins in Jenkins for automated tests.
  • Addressed software configuration management issues in coordination with development team.
  • Ensure sign-off taken from QA team for successful completion of sanity in UAT and pre-prod environment: s.
  • Worked on Build Notes/ Release Notes.
  • Prepared check-list for release deployments.
  • Prepared staging for performance and production deployments.
  • Automated server maintenance by scheduling server startup scripts in maintenance window.
  • Provided on call support for deployment and environment support in test and production environments.

Environment: Jdk 1.7, EJB, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services, WebLogic 11g, IIS 6.0, Apache 2.4.12, Tomcat, Oracle 11g, AIX, Redhat Linux, CQ, QC, RQM, SVN, Jenkins, Python and ClearCase.

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