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Senior Unix Server Infrastructure Analyst Resume


  • Experienced UNIX/LINUX engineer & admin with strong knowledge of SAN/NAS/DAS, DRP/BCP, Backup & Recovery, Incident & Change Mgmt, Project Mgmt, Application support & Migrations.
  • Strong understanding and compliance to ITIL and I.T Service Management principles and guidelines.
  • Designed, setup, configured, supported, upgraded and migrated 24x7 HA server environments from ground up, including Operating Systems, Network, Applications and Databases.
  • Installation, configuration and administration of VMware ESXi 5.1/5.5 and Linux RHEL and SUSE VM’s.
  • Configured HP - UX blades as VMware hosts for Linux VM’s (RHEL 5.5/6/7 and SUSE 10/11).
  • Kernel patching and configuration changes on RHEL & SUSE Linux using Satellite and SUSE manager.
  • Administered & supported applications: HP IUM, Web Logic, Web Sphere, Apache, Java, custom apps.
  • Experienced in production scheduling using Unix Cron jobs, Tidal SysAdmiral and Control-M.
  • Produced Unix/Linux server migration strategies and performed migrations’ executions (hands on).
  • Performed design, builds, support, upgrades and migrations on Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux SUSE/RHEL
  • Created, configured, supported and troubleshot VIOS and LPARs on IBM Pseries enterprise servers.
  • Experienced in Jumpstart, Kickstart, Ignite and NIM installations.
  • Configured HMC (IBM x3550) and terminal servers (DIGI, Lantronix, Cisco, Avoscent, In-Reach, KVM).
  • Experienced in Kernel patching, firmware upgrades, AIX TL / SP upgrades and configuration changes.
  • Performed SAN Migration (EMC VMAX to EMC VNX) including LDOMs, Zones, LPARs and Linux VM’s.
  • Implemented and supported software and hardware RAID on internal disks and SAN LUN’s.
  • Volume Management experience using Veritas Volume Manager, LVM, SVM and ZFS.
  • Designed, built and supported Veritas Cluster Server VCS 4.0/5.0 with Oracle, Sybase, Weblogic etc.
  • Provided technical consulting and planning, and vendor management for support and service delivery.
  • Implemented, tested and verified security measures/controls during break/fix, new setups & upgrades.
  • Experienced in network connectivity & troubleshooting and server configure as per company standards.
  • Good knowledge of TCP/IP (DNS, DHCP, SFTP, SNMP, VLAN’s, NIS, LDAP, AutoFS, NFS, NTP etc.)
  • Created, configured, migrated, troubleshot and supported Solaris zones (containers) & LDoms.
  • Experienced in security, hardening, I.T audit, monitoring, performance and capacity management.
  • Managed user and group accounts under general O.S, LDAP-based, sudo, NIS and Etrust (seos).
  • Possess backup and restore exposure on IBM TSM, Veritas NetBackup and Legato Networker.
  • Performed performance planning, tuning, monitoring and reporting using CLI, TUI, scripts & GUI tools.
  • Participated in post mortem meetings for root cause analysis of high-severity, service-impacting issues.
  • Designed, planned, and participated in disaster recovery and BCP exercises.
  • Know Sun/Oracle/HP/Fujitsu/IBM/Ericson hardware - enterprise and mid-range servers & ERP solutions
  • Strong knowledge of Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux (Red Hat and SUSE) OS and virtualization techniques.
  • Hands-on experience of EMC VMAX/VNX/Symmettrix, Hitachi HDS, IBM SHARK, HP EVA & StorEdge.
  • Hands-on experience of IBM POWERPATH, Symantec (Veritas) DMP and Solaris MPXIO.
  • Strong understanding & experience of implementation/support of Identity Management solution on cloud
  • Authored technical documentation on patching, builds, HA cluster failovers, migrations, troubleshooting.
  • Problem solver, quick learner & strong team player/coach with good communication skills and ethics.
  • Have ability to work under pressure and time constraints with a variety of people while prioritizing tasks.


Operating Systems: Solaris 7/8/9/10/11, AIX 5.x/6.1/7.1, HP-UX 10/11i, Linux RHEL 5/6/7, SCO, SUSE 10/11, Windows NT/XP/Vista/20xx, Ericsson DICOS, z/Linux, DOS.

Virtualization: Solaris local & branded Zones, LDoms, LPARs, VMWare ESXi, RHEL/SUSEEnterprise Servers T5-4, T4-2, M8000/M5000, T6230, T2000/T5220, X4200/4600, E6800/6900, V480/V490, V880/V890, V440, V240/V210, F15K, F4800, HP Proliant DL

Backup & Recovery: Veritas NetBackup 5.0/5.5/6.0 MP5, EMC NetWorker 7.1, IBM TSM 5.5

Tape Libraries: StorageTek L180, StorageTek L700, IBM TotalStorage 3584.

Network Software/Protocols: TCP/IP, NTP, NFS, NIS, NIS+, AUTOFS, RADIUS, DNS, LDAP, DHCP

Terminal servers: Cisco, Digi passport, Lantronix, Avoscent, IN-Reach LX-8000 series, KVM

Load Balancers: F5 BIG-IP (LTM and GTM modules), IBM Xi50 appliances

NTP Servers: SyncServer S350, NTS-200

Monitoring and Auditing: HP ITO, Big Brother, SMURF, nCircle 360, BMC Patrol, Nagios, Net Cool

Production: Scheduling Control-M, SysAdmiral / TES (Tidal Enterprise Scheduler)

Security /User Management: JASS/Solaris Security Kit,Etrust(seos),SUDO,Entrust,LDAP,NIS,ACL,GASP

Performance: Monitoring BMC Portal, UpTime, CACTI, Splunk

Backup / Restore: Veritas Netbackup 6.5, IBM Tivoli Storage Management (TSM) 5.5, Legato

ERP and Databases: Oracle Apps 11i, Oracle 8/8i/9i/10g/11g R2, Oracle Times Ten, MySql, Sybase

Applications/Middleware: Identity Mgmt, WebSphere, WebLogic, Apache,Tomcat,JBOSS,JAVA, Mercury

Programming Languages: AWK, SED, SQL, Visual Basic, COBOL, GW Basic, FoxPro.

Network: Hardware Cisco routers and gateways, Cisco Catalyst / Nortel BayStack Switches, Juniper routers and switches, Extreme switches, Siemens and Pandatel Line Drivers and Multiplexers, EXFO Fiber Optical Splicing equipment, Fluke network equipment.



Senior UNIX Server Infrastructure Analyst


  • Engineering and administering Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Fujitsu and Linux (Red Hat Enterprise server 5/6/7 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10/11 SP2) mission critical, PROD and pre-prod environments.
  • Troubleshot and recovered suspended ZFS file systems on production T-5 Solaris servers.
  • Migrated 36 Solaris10 zones within individual Solaris10 guest ldoms hosted on Solaris11 platform.
  • Migrated 44 outsourced critical, legacy applications from Solaris8 physical servers to Solaris8 branded zones configured with Solaris 10 LDom’s on Sun T6230 blade servers to in-house data center.
  • Implemented, supported and troubleshot IDENTITY MANAGEMENT solution in 24x7 centralized production environment supporting various government ministries.
  • Provided DR solution for critical Solaris production environment including the application & DB layer.
  • Migrated SAN based Guest LDoms, zones and LPARs from EMC VMAX SAN array to VNX SAN array.
  • Created FLARs of Solaris8 operating system instances running on physical servers for virtualization.
  • Configured and supported Oracle 6000 Blade chassis with 5 T3-B1 SPARC blades as Primary LDom’s.
  • Configured and supported KVM console connectivity for Oracle 6000 Blade chassis and blade servers.
  • Configured jumbo-frame support on HXGE interfaces on Oracle T3 blade servers.
  • Configured, supported and trouble shot Guest LDoms on Primary LDoms.
  • Configured, supported and troubleshot Solaris local and branded zones on Solaris guest LDoms.
  • Deployed Solaris8 branded zones by migrating FLAR images from SUN physical servers.
  • Configured, migrated, supported and troubleshot Solaris zones & LDoms, physical & blades servers.
  • Modified virtual resources at primary and guest LDom layers (VCPU, MEM, VNET, VDISK, VCC etc.).
  • Modified resources and configuration of Solaris zones residing within Solaris 10 LDom’s.
  • Configured, administered, troubleshot and supported ZFS, zpools and zvols.
  • Troubleshot console access to Solaris 8 branded zones by removing SUNWlwact package.
  • Analyzed (GUDS script) and resolved critical performance issue on Oracle Solaris LDoms (Oracle VMs)
  • Configured and supported ZFS mirror on root disks and non-root ZFS volumes.
  • Automated ZFS snapshots of ZFS file systems residing on Oracle Solaris LDOMs and zones.
  • Setup password-less SSH / SFTP access for NAGIOS monitoring of UNIX enterprise servers.
  • Setup secure ACL permissions on Solaris 10 guest LDoms to access app logs on branded zones within.
  • Automated cron jobs to delete 3 month old app logs and email the list of deleted logs to app group.
  • Modified hostnames and other resources on Oracle LDoms and containers.
  • Performed network configuration and troubleshooting on UNIX infrastructure.
  • Implemented, troubleshot and supported IPMP and aggregation/trunking on Solaris serves.
  • Performed troubleshooting of boot issues on AIX and Solaris physical and virtual servers.
  • Configured, supported and troubleshot NFS on Solaris servers.
  • Generated post mortem reports using SUN Explorer for vendor analysis.
  • Participated in load testing of staging and production UNIX enterprise server environments.
  • Performed performance and capacity analysis for physical and virtualized UNIX infrastructure.
  • Performed load testing of staging and production UNIX enterprise server environments.
  • Created FJsnaps on Fujitsu PrimePower enterprise servers for troubleshooting and diagnosis.
  • Installed and configured IBM TSM client on physical & virtual UNIX (Solaris & AIX) production servers.
  • Used IBM TSM to restore missing and broken filesets.
  • Configured, troubleshot and supported Emulex HBA’s on enterprise UNIX servers.
  • Performed troubleshooting of storage related issues including POWERPATH issues.
  • Kept the disk naming convention persistent for EMC LUNs simultaneously assigned to multiple servers.
  • Supported and troubleshot EMC VMX LUNs for virtualization of LDoms and Zones.
  • Troubleshot issues with EMC Symmetrix VMX LUNs and carved LUNs on EMC VMX.
  • Diagnosed and replaced faulty NEM modules on SUN 600 blade server.
  • Generated chassis-level CMM snapshots and blade-level snapshots on Sun 6000 blade server.
  • Performed kernel patching on Oracle servers and T3 blades.
  • Administered, upgraded, supported and troubleshot AIX infrastructure for TSM backup infrastructure.
  • Setup and configured HMC server on IBM x3550 M3 machine.
  • Configured redundant VIOS for I/O virtualization and sharing.
  • Created LPAR’s on P5, P6 and P7 AIX servers.
  • Configured NPIV and SEA along with other network and hardware configuration.
  • Troubleshot issues on LPAR’s and VIO Servers.
  • Fixed corrupt Kernel on AIX LPAR to enable bosboot execution.
  • Worked on patching strategy and procedural document for Solaris and AIX infrastructure.
  • Performed TL and SP upgrades on AIX servers.
  • Opened PMR’s with IBM to resolve issues on AIX P5, P6, P7, HMC and LPARs.
  • Opened SR’s with Oracle for hardware and software issues and used Oracle Shared Shell.
  • Authored scripts for routine and non-routine tasks.
  • Built and configured SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10/11 virtual machines on ESX4.1/5.1 platform.
  • Added Static routes for multiple VLANs in Solaris & SUSE Linux Ent. Server 10/11 virtual environments.
  • Administered, supported and troubleshot HP 9000 PR3410/3440 enterprise UNIX servers.
  • Performed firmware and kernel upgrades on HP enterprise servers.
  • Successfully troubleshot CHECKPOINT firewall automated daily log creations and remote copying.
  • Avidly participated in monthly patching of WINTEL patching in HIGH AVAILABILITY PROD environment
  • Followed ITIL guidelines for infrastructure incident & change management by using Remedy ITSM.
  • Performed user & group management on Solaris 9/10, AIX 5.x/6.x/7.x, HP-UX 10i/11i and Linux Red Hat Enterprise Server 5/6 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10/11; used GASP tool for security.
  • Avidly participated in periodic maintenance for patching HA and non-HA Unix and Windows servers.
  • Authored technical and procedural documentation to enhance standardization of routine tasks.
  • Worked with applications and developers teams to troubleshoot and support critical applications.
  • Successfully shutdown/bring back up the Calgary JJB datacenter during disaster (Calgary flood Jun13).
  • 24x7 after-hours and on call support using CITRIX based VPN.


UNIX Infrastructure / Data Platforms Consultant


  • Supported critical applications on ROGERS’ cellular data platform hosted on 24x7 UNIX infrastructure.
  • Administered Solaris, HP-UX and Linux (SUSE, RHEL) 24x7 mission critical, production environment.
  • Designed, administered and supported Rogers’ cross-country telecom billing infrastructure comprising of HP blade servers running in 24x7, high availability environment on HP-UX 11i and HP IUM.
  • Provided technical consulting and planning, and vendor management for support and service delivery.
  • Designed and build Solaris and Linux Red Hat and SUSE environments.
  • Enhanced CPU and memory shares on Solaris physical servers and zones, HP-UX, Linux SUSE, RHEL
  • Supported and troubleshoot IDENTITY MANAGEMENT solutions in 24x7 PROD billing environment.
  • Fixed failed root mirror disks and SAN LUN’s on Sun, HP-UX and Linux servers.
  • Configured, migrated and supported full-root and sparce-root zones on Solaris 10 servers.
  • Supported and troubleshot IPMP on Solaris servers and bonding issues on Linux servers.
  • Troubleshot failed hardware (FC HBA’s, memory and hard disks etc.) on Unix enterprise servers.
  • Upgraded Firmware on HP EVA4400 and EVA4000.
  • Supported HP Fiber Channel switches and zoned new LUN’s on HP SAN switches.
  • Migrated file systems from local disks to SAN disks.
  • Upgraded and supported SUN CAM 6.6 to 6.7 for StorEdge6140 and 6180 disk arrays.
  • Administered and supported Solaris DNS servers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver region.
  • Supported Juniper Steel belted AAA Radius servers running on Solaris10 on T5220 servers.
  • Supported and upgraded Oracle Times Ten Database running on HP-UX servers.
  • Supported Ericsson SASN servers for advanced policy configurations.
  • Performed incident, change and release management activities.
  • Used BMC Portal for performance analysis and monitoring of hardware, O.S and applications.
  • Performed firmware upgrades and Kernel patching on UNIX enterprise servers and blades.
  • Added new disks and other hardware to UNIX servers.
  • Secured and hardened passwords for root and application users.
  • Mirrored root disks and implemented RAID5 on SAN disks and volumes.
  • Supported and troubleshot MSDP runtime application / database on 3-way Solaris HA servers.
  • Increased CPU cores from 8 to 32 on HP Integrity RX8640 enterprise servers.
  • Authored scripts to automate routine work, health checks and project related tasks.
  • Opened support cases with vendors for hardware, O.S and application related issues.
  • Administered and supported IUM 5/6 on HP-UX servers for telecom GPRS data billing.
  • Administered and supported HP IUM Reference tables and HP IUM application on UNIX servers.
  • Supported Cisco CSG service gateways (SGSN’s and GGSN’s) for G3 and G4 Telecom GSM data.
  • Redirected data traffic for various APN’s among Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal regions.
  • Switched applications between active & standby HA clustered servers (troubleshooting & maintenance).
  • Performed Acceptance Test Procedures & Regression tests of hardware, O.S and applications.
  • Opened support cases with vendors for hardware, O.S and application related issues.
  • Successfully deployed Unix infrastructure Projects including: Data Day Pass, IPAD apps, Smart phones remediation, Ring Back Tones, Social networking, SASN Policy servers, IUM Roaming Enhancements.
  • Did OS & hardware remediation projects, SAN upgrades, HP IUM App & Oracle TimesTen DB upgrade.
  • Actively participated in night time activities (NCT’s and WO’s) on platforms DNS (3G, LTE and IMS), LDAP, CUDB, HSS, NTP(GPRS and LTE), M2M, MME, SGSN and SSR Platforms.
  • Captured & analyzed traces to troubleshoot issues related to the Network.
  • Worked with HP and E/// engineers to complete the activities and shake-downs during night time.
  • Resolved number of IMTs (Incident management tickets), NCTs (Network Control tickets) & PBMs (Problem management tickets) for related Platforms using necessary resources.
  • Performed 24x7 oncall rotations.

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