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Devops Engineer Resume

Greenbelt, MD


  • Experienced Cloud Computing/DevOps engineer with vast knowledge of Cloud Computing Technology, Application Management and Testing of Web Applications.
  • Possess excellent analytical and problem - solving skills and also strong ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Network planning management with AWS cloud computing
  • Database experience (MYSQL, SQL SERVER, REDIS)
  • Scripting experience (BASH, PYTHON)
  • System administrations (LINUX, WINDOWS)
  • Docker images and containers management
  • Kubernetes for container orchestration
  • Expert in Ansible, Puppet for server configuration
  • Cloudformation and Terraform for infrastructure provisioning
  • Webservers: Nginx, Apache
  • Expert with Scap Scanner and OpenScap for system vulnerability check and remediation
  • CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins, GitlabCI
  • Experience with version control in Github/Gitlab
  • File sharing protocols: SFTP, VSFTP,FTP,SCP
  • Application performance monitoring tools: Nagios, Splunk, Elastic Search, Kibana
  • Linux commands and tools: shell scripting, Bash, Crons, regular expressions


Confidential, Greenbelt, MD

DevOps engineer


  • Writing Ansible Scripts for configuration Management and Application Deployment to remote servers.
  • Configuring Splunk server to remotely monitor running Application and servers.
  • Enabling splunk to capture indexes and store clients login and logoff to suite business needs
  • Creating Dockerfile, Docker Compose for containerizing Application Deployment.
  • Writing CloudFormation Scripts for provisions AWS Cloud Technologies and Configuration.
  • Setting up Kubernetes Clusters for Automating, Scaling and Managing Application
  • Deployment for high availability, fault tolerance and high resilience Application.
  • Supporting multiple AWScloud instances running with different Linux distribution.
  • Writing automated test script using selenium with python and pytest.
  • Designing and developing infrastructure using Terraform.
  • Configuring and using open shift to develop and deploy applications on cloud infrastructure.
  • Working Closely with Development Team to create CI/CD pipeline from Integration server to Production Server.
  • Installing and Configuring Nginx server for Load balancing, SSL certificate, reverse proxy and HTTP Cache.
  • Improving Database performance using MYSQL servers and Redis Servers.
  • Managing and configuring Application Source Code Management on Gitlab and configuring Webhooks for automatic triggering of Jenkins Jobs.
  • Setting up virtual environment for testing new environment using Vagrant.
  • Using OpenSCAP server for system auditing to continuously access and Evaluate Systems Security Standards against threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Using security content Automation Protocol to in corporate security hardening and remediation of any deviation.
  • Setting up static IPV4 address on AWS for dynamic cloud computing and masking failure of an instance or software via remapping.
  • Pointing and assigning domain name to an EC2 instance to allow client easy access to a web application.
  • Member of a team of developers that built open source software that created a chat system into Kanban board management application using Django, Angular and AWS API gateway (www. Confidential .com)
  • Configuring of Nginx using Nginx conf file to resolve a domain name for requests
  • Assisting clients to set up a Transport Layer Security (TLS) for establishing encrypted link between webservers and browsers.
  • Supporting multiple AWS cloud instances for extension of EBS volume, configuration of SWAP storage space and improvement of other services like S3, Vpc, Security Groups and Cloud Watch.
  • Configuring, deploying and running company’s scrum application image using Docker file.
  • Installing and Configuring Jenkins Continuous Integration tool to trigger and deploy Confidential .
  • Integrating Jenkins with Gitlab to automatically build app during a push event
  • Collaborating with Tech lead to fix complex issues and migrating of applications into the cloud.

Confidential, Greenbelt, MD

Linux Administrator


  • Setting up cloud servers on AWS
  • Configuring File Access, Management and Security
  • Setting up Linux User Account and Groups
  • Establishing Network and Network Services
  • Deploying Webserver components and Configuration
  • Installation of Local Components and Services
  • Performing Data Backup and Recovery
  • Network Configuration and Management
  • Configuration Management with Puppet
  • Working with Disks, Simple Partition and Filesystems
  • Managing Flexible Storage with Logical Volume Manager(LVM)
  • File System Sharing (NFS), Samba
  • Network monitoring using Nagios
  • Configuring Management Security

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