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Devops Engineer Resume


  • Solutions - driven Cloud DevOps Engineer with 6+ years’ experience in managing source code management systems, automating builds and regression testing, building tools and monitoring software deployments, coordinating, and pushing new releases to the production infrastructure in both AWS, Azure and GCP Platforms.
  • Software Development Engineer with hands-on experience in experience in software systems, programming, database development, and infrastructure development and administration. Excels in writing complex code, building infrastructure as code, work with immutable "cloud” based environments, and build the supporting automated toolsets to test and deploy the systems.
  • Automation Engineer with a passion for developing scripts and CI server templates to automate multi-language CI processes, including build, test, static analysis, packaging, and artifact distribution. Database experience, including knowledge of SQL and NoSQL, and related data stores such as Postgres.
  • Automating and orchestrating the process of Cloud software deployment (CI/CD) to build, test, and release containerized software applications; develop declarative approaches for provisioning infrastructure using off-the-shelf Infrastructure as Code tools.


Cloud Platforms: AWS, GCP, Azure

O/S: Windows, Linux (various distros)

Web/App server: Nginx, Tomcat, Apache

Programming Language: Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, React

VCS’s: Bitbucket, GitLab, GitHub

Database Administration: PostgreSQL, MongoDB

CI/CD: Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, AWS CodeBuild, Azure Devops

IAC: Terraform, Ansible, CloudFormation, Puppet, ARM Templates

Web Frameworks: Django, Django Rest Framework, Flask, ExpressJs

Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes

Monitoring: Prometheus, Grafana, Kafka, Splunk, DataDog





  • Implemented the infrastructure as code with Terraform for several EC2 instances, Lambda Functions, Message Queues, S3 buckets, ECS, ECR, and VPCs.
  • Led the organization’s automated testing efforts, embedding the knowledge within the teams to use test driven development, automated testing during build, performance, and load testing as well as automated regression testing.
  • Consistently applied concepts of DevOps including automated testing, infrastructure as code, automated deployment pipelines and production like test environments.
  • Developed BASH scripts to redact sensitive data from Apache access and error logs using a sed expression, deploy WAR files to environments in parallel.
  • Designed and implemented adaptive remote testing framework for installation and customization of multitenant cloud environments, their integration with distributed data sources.
  • Implemented GitLab for version control of terraform modules and process documentation.
  • Improved system response time by 20% by using SQL profiler to identify long running SQL queries and addressing them by either rewriting or adding indexes to the appropriate tables.
  • Performed penetration testing, security auditing and best practice implementation across all teams.
  • Pushed code to source control, Git and GitLab. Check code in and out of the Git repository.
  • Created branches for local use and merge code back into the canonical repository while pushing and pulling requests and use Git from the command line interface.
  • Utilized and supported use of GitLab Runners and Jenkins for Continuous Integration (CI) to implement CI.
  • Developed and supported processes to maintain uptime and availability of critical platform component.




  • Data extraction and presentation of system KPIs and other report.
  • Kafka Implementation for ETL application.
  • Resolved and addressed security, stability, and scalability concerns for very high-profile, high-traffic web services in the organizations cloud-base applications.
  • Delivered ad-hoc analytics and report of data (serials sales and timelines at 9mobile).
  • Performed querying and analysis of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data with Big-data technology.
  • Designed, implemented, and managed a DevOps and software control environment to enable highly efficient and productive software development processes and workflows through automation and complex problem solving.
  • Created new Performance Environment to test a true scalable environment before a release to production.
  • Developed optimized and efficient approaches for extracting, transforming, and loading data.
  • Worked together with Support, Development, QA, and Operations engineers to troubleshoot and resolve escalated production issue.
  • Ensured business growth, value created & cost-effectiveness achieved by process optimization, new initiatives, and improved operational ways of work.




  • Monitored, and enhanced automated regression systems and tests to support high quality deployment to production.
  • Created and provided best practices to the organization for DevOps, builds, continuous integration and deployment and infrastructure.
  • Built and supported system automation, deployment, and continuous integration tools while troubleshooting incident response for all critical service interruptions and outages.
  • Diagnosed the root cause for why the test is failing (is it the server, the device, a test case issue, a recent change, a bad config, bad procedure, a bug, network issue, cloud outage).
  • Supported tools, such as Artifactory, as object stores used primarily by software development for building artifacts.
  • Created IAC solutions through AWS CDK, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CLI, or Terraform leveraging configuration management solutions such as Ansible or PowerShell.
  • Developed and implemented AWS CloudFormation Stack Sets to provision enterprise environments, to ensure repeatable, sustainable AWS infrastructure is effectively managed.
  • Stress-tested server codes to validate code changes.
  • Wrote tests for both backend and frontend applications with Mocha, Chai, Jest, Supertest, and Enzyme.

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