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Network Consulting Engineer Resume


Seeking an excellent opportunity as a Network Engineer to showcase my knowledge of complex network concepts using various protocols and devices.


Technical: Confidential Routers, Confidential Switches, Confidential ASA, Confidential ASDM, Juniper FW, F5 Loadbalancer, ipv4, IPv6, OSPF, RIPv2, EIGRP, BGP, MPLS, Redistribution, GRE Tunnel, IPSec VPN (Site - to-Site/Route-based)), DMVPN, STP, HSRP, ACL’s, NAT, DNS, DHCP, ACS, Layer 2 connectivity

Network tools: Incapsula, Orion Solarwinds, NetScout, Wireshark, TCP dumps, Secure CRT, PUTTY, ASDM, Splunk, ServiceNow, Network Node Manager, Microsoft, Outlook, Visio, ISE

Devices: Confidential ISR4321, Confidential 3850, Confidential ASA 4500 & 5500, Confidential 2960 stack, Juniper ISG 2000, Confidential 6509, Nexus 7k, Nexus 9k, Confidential 3925, Confidential ASR 1004, Confidential Catalyst 9200 & 9300’s,

Leadership: Proactive worker that searches for issues within the network to find a resolution or recommendation to improve the network infrastructure. Created runbooks for network team to view and contribute knowledge.


Network consulting engineer



  • Specifically, my group builds all baseline configurations for the updated devices before it is sent off to next group.
  • We build on average 40-60 sites per week in order to stay ahead of schedule throughout the duration of the project.
  • As we move through a plethora of sites, we may sure to perform peer reviews of the configurations before we move forward.
  • Tasked with performing an assessment discovery for each site in order to build database to follow during creation of new site configurations.
  • Part of daily meetings to maintain proper workflow.




  • Tasked with completing various project based work to meet an end goal and deadline.
  • Lead engineer during F5 migration from Citrix Netscaler. During this time, I created the VIPs, pool and service members. Also, importing/exporting SSL certificates, the creation of irules via policies for HTTP redirect, and configuration of the HA pair.
  • Constructed documentation for standards and procedures for future deployments of WAN connectivity at our remote sites around the world.
  • Assisted in the configuration of our ACI infrastructure via APIC. This would include creation of policies, VPC, EPGs, and tenants.
  • Deployed multiple DMVPN spokes using IKEv1 and later IKEv2 once migrating over to the new HUB router.
  • Lead engineer during deployment of Meraki AP units throughout the campus. This included strategic planning and designing to limit as much impact as possible.
  • Worked with architectural team to complete campus refresh project which entailed the migration from the c6513 devices to N7706 devices to establish a new core. Once fiber runs were completed, configuration of ports, VPCs, and new design of IDF-TO-CORE connectivity.
  • Working continuously on existing and new network diagrams to proper depict network infrastructure.




  • As a member of the network operations team, I was tasked with creating, scheduling, and performing configuration changes to the network for our customers and LAN environment.
  • Maximizes network stability by proactively; troubleshooting network issues and outages; scheduling upgrades for network hardware and codes; collaborating with Sr. Network Architects on network optimization . Assist with creation of Microsoft Visio diagrams to provide the team with better understanding as well as documentation use. optimization .
  • Coordinate with our merchants to perform MPLS cutover migrations connecting to multiple ISP’s. Using BGP, we connect to the PE router. As well as, creating a VIP and servers to our F5 load balancers for our customers to perform daily operations.
  • Experience performing IOS upgrades for Confidential Routers and Switches; ASA version/hardware upgrades for production devices; this includes Confidential ISR4321, 1004, ASA4500, Catalyst 2960 & ASA5545. Assisted with migration of ASA 4500 to 5500 which included testing failover for HA.
  • Plans and implement changes to network infrastructure to allow reachability to our growing network while also enhancing upon the core network.
  • Uses available resources for learning opportunities via educational instructors and products; Knowledge Based.
  • Actively monitor and troubleshoot issues deriving from our LAN and WAN network while relying heavily on tools like Solarwinds and Network Node Manager. Troubleshooting IPSec VPN’s on Juniper, ASA devices, and routers such as; Confidential ASA 5545, Juinper ISG 2000, and Cisco4321
  • Using the Confidential ASA and Confidential router, I am tasked with constructing and implementing various duties on for our customers and LAN. Allow connections through the network by adding ACL’s, constructing NAT statements, and the implementation of site-to-site/route-based VPNs depending on how are we building the relationship.
  • Extensive experience using Windows operating systems to manage day-to-day tasks. Comfortable using Active Directory for multiple business applications.
  • Through extensive real world practice I have honed my customer service skills to provide our clients with prompt updates/solutions and understanding of issue a hand in case escalation is needed.




  • Maintains network performance by performing network analysis, health monitoring, and performance tuning; troubleshooting network problems on Confidential routers and switches; escalating problems to vendor.
  • Troubleshot and identified layer 2 issues involving incorrect vlans, analyzing STP database, and switch port connectivity.
  • Incorporated problem-solving skills to not only resolve issues, but suggest ways to be more efficient in the future.
  • Upgrades network by working with vendors; developing, testing, evaluating, and installing enhancements.|

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