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Systems Engineer Resume


  • More than 9 yrs experience on Identity Manager, Access Manager and LDAP, administration and maintenance activities. Worked on multiple versions of CA Identity Manager, Siteminder and Sun One LDAP . Has Identity Manager, Siteminder and LDAP related shell scripting skills. Coded, maintained and troubleshoot the end to end Siteminder implementation.


Operating System: Unix (Solaris), Linux Red Hat, HP UX, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, WinXP

Software: WebSphere, iPlanet Enterprise Server, Application Server, PIX firewall, Cacheflow/Blue Coat proxy servers, SunONE Directory Server, Oblix NetPoint 6.x, Oblix COREid 7.0, Oblix SHAREid 2.0, iPlanet Portal Server, Netscape LDAP, Accrue CRM Log Manager, Netegrity SiteMinder; SSO, Macromedia Jrun, Resonate; Interwoven Teamsite, Empirix Monitors, Oracle - PL/SQL

Language: Java, JSP, SERVLET, EJB, J2EE, XML, XSLT, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, JAXP, JAXM, JTA, RMI, Perl, Shell Scripting.

Quality Assurance Test Tool: Quickplace, Clarify, Mercury Load Runner, Winrunner, Optimizeit

Firewall: PIX, Checkpoint

Management Methodologies: 6-Sigma Green Belt, SEI CMM level 5 training, PMP pending, SDLC, Microsoft Project, Project Management Institute, (PMI), PMB, Earned Value PM



Systems Engineer


  • Worked in the Confidential middleware LDAP/Identity group as a lead IDM engineer supporting multiple end clients. Work involved design, architecture and implementation of SUN IDM and LDAP middleware space.
  • Designed, developed and architected the SUN IDM solution to deal with user accounts on Unix servers and Sybase databases. In the architecture the front end user GUI app - VSR - executes a web service call to create application account passing an: SPML Request to SUN IDM. Sun Identity Manager takes in a Service Provisioning (SPML) enable, add or delete request from the TIBCO messaging queue, processes the request via an internal workflow engine, and issues account creation requests over configured “resource adapters”. The access to the IDM admin console is protected using Siteminder SSO.
  • Designed and implemented Identity Manager created Active Directory Accounts and LDAP accounts through the assignment of Roles.
  • Performed hands on tasks such planning SUN IDM troubleshoot, installs, patch upgrades, and Sun LDAP tuning, maintenance, patches and other daily administrative tasks on the internal engineering lab servers.
  • Wrote Complex Xpress language rules, workflows, forms etc for the complete user provisioning process.
  • Attended the advanced IDM 4484 SUN training to gain more Xpress coding skills.
  • Worked in setting up Active Directory to Sun LDAP password sync and active sync of other attributes between the resources.
  • Created the related Architecture documents such as Technical specification document, Standard Build Document, End to End Architecture document etc.
  • Engineered a project on performance tuning the existing Directory Server. Updated DB cache size, indexes and log file settings to improve search etimes.
  • Worked on SSL certificate renewals for the complete SUN LDAP and proxy server infrastructure including changing the Root CA to an in-house cert authority and renewing the production CAs in Geotrust.
  • Participated in presales requirements gathering discussions with vendor groups.
  • Worked in the middleware group resolving User issues and operation tasks for multiple clients.
  • Worked on 12 different Sun One LDAP environments and 6 different Sun IDM environments.


Identity Management Engineer


  • Architected a solution that provides a more streamlined user provisioning environment than what currently exists. Dealt with user accounts on the large number of unix and JDBC resources. While Confidential has a relatively low number of internal users, they have a very high number of Information Technology systems. This creates numerous security and efficiency challenges such as user password changes, timely account disablement and systems account auditing.
  • Worked on IdMgr supported Resource assignment through Roles provided by client.
  • Used Identity Manager to create Active Directory Accounts and LDAP accounts through use of user creation workflows and activesync.
  • Identity Manager administrative roles and/or forms were created with the following characteristics.
  • Identity Manager Administrative Roles are how delegated administration functionality was granted to Identity Manager admins.
  • The User Self-Service provided the user the ability to centrally reset AD and LDAP passwords and request Roles and Resources.

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