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Splunk Engineer Resume


  • Motivated, resourceful, and experienced Information Technology (IT) professional with expertise in the area of Tier II Application Support and Data Center Facilities Management. Experienced in design, implementation, and management of highly successful information systems, applications, and projects. Exceptional communication skills with the ability to lead by example, work with cross - functional teams, and excel in diverse environments.


  • IBM Endpoint manager
  • Splunk Enterprise
  • Splunk UBA
  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Vagrant
  • F5
  • Nagios
  • GIT
  • VMware
  • Linux
  • Unix and Remote Desktop
  • Remedy
  • Microsoft teams
  • Hip chat slack.



Splunk Engineer


  • Design and implement Splunk infrastructure, deployment, products, apps, reports, alerts, and dashboards
  • Manage Splunk knowledge objects (Apps, Dashboards, Saved Searches, Scheduled Searches, Alerts)
  • Utilized knowledge objects for reporting statistics
  • The ability to de-code and debug complex Splunk queries
  • Integrate and onboard event feeds from customer’s security devices and appliances.
  • Provide recommendations and implement changes to optimize Splunk products in the customer environment
  • Engineering of systems administration-related solutions for various project and operational needs
  • Install new/rebuild existing servers and configure hardware, peripherals, services, settings, directories, storage, etc. in accordance with standards and project/operational requirements.
  • Install and configure systems which support infrastructure and/or activities.
  • Develop and maintain installation and configuration procedures.
  • Contribute to and maintain system standards.
  • Contribute to and maintain security posture of the system
  • Research and recommend innovative, and where possible, automated approaches for system administration tasks. Identify approaches that leverage resources. Operations and Support
  • Install and maintain security patches on the operational and development system, ptimization as required. Configure CPU, memory, and disk partitions as required.
  • Onboard data several types of data into Splunk
  • Troubleshooting Splunk feed issues and data ingestion for remote locations
  • Configure hot, warm and cold buckets hold data for extended period of time.
  • Maintained and managed assigned systems, Splunk related issues and administrators.
  • Utilize the Distributed management console to investigate resource usage


Linux System Administrator/Splunk Admin


  • In charge of VMware install on a large scale environment, including Linux and UNIX servers.
  • Create Logical volumes and design the environment to the job's directions.
  • Install Virtual machines, as well as physical machines.
  • Customize the input parsing process
  • Developed Splunk infrastructure and related solutions as per automation toolsets.
  • Analyzed and monitored incident management and incident resolution problems.
  • Resolved configuration based issues in coordination with infrastructure support teams.
  • Splunk Performance analysis
  • Performed Splunk upgrade on Production
  • Installed and used these Splunk apps: *Nix, Deployment Monitor, Sanity Check, Afterglow, Enterprise Batch Ops, Splunk on Splunk, Sideview and DB Connect.
  • Provided Advanced dashboard and visualization to stake holders.
  • Installation, configuration, and support on front end and back end on splunk
  • Implemented forwarder configuration, search heads and indexing.
  • Onboarded data into Splunk
  • Installed, tested monitoring solutions with Splunk services.
  • Provided technical services to projects, user requests and data queries.
  • Supported data source configurations and change management processes.
  • Configured license pooling
  • Deployed new Splunk architecture at disaster recovery site.
  • Created home dashboards to monitor ingestion and feeds for private network performance
  • Integrated Splunk with LDAP
  • Configured Firewall to allow Applications to run.


Linux System Administrator


  • Assist in any data migration activities whenever necessary with the team
  • Assist the team with transferring of software applications and reports between testing and production environments.
  • Setup Nagios server to monitor systems uptime, services and disk space
  • Troubleshoot Nagios Alerts.
  • Installation and configuration of intrusion detection system such as OSSEC for log analysis, file integrity checking, real time alerting and brute force attach prevention.
  • Provide internal support for large scale data warehouse. (Approximately 75 to 125 Linux/Unix servers any routine and vendor-specific maintenance on all system.
  • Follow job's policies to create user accounts.
  • Manage groups of multiple user accounts
  • Giving remote access to different levels and types of users.
  • Created Linux Kickstart servers and processes to automate and standardize the installation process, reducing installation time by 35% and post-installation errors by 50%.
  • Researched and evaluated new technology solutions, such as the migration from IBM Clearcase to Subversion.
  • Documented and implemented a disaster recovery plan that included backup schedule policies
  • Manage vSphere ESXI host and virtual machines using VMware vCenter
  • Setup, manage and deploy Vagrant-testing environment for developers using customize Vagrant-Files as per requirement
  • Managed and configured RPM package building tools for building and patching of applications from source codes for Centos and RHEL systems
  • Maintenance of server on a weekly basis (Brand Rolls)
  • Attend to system operations tickets
  • Troubleshoot and fixed NFS, TCP/IP and other protocols problem
  • Responsible for monitoring and management of VMware environment of virtual servers
  • Train new users to use standard applications, equipment’s and business applications
  • Manage systems routine backup, enabling cron jobs, enabling system logging and network logging of servers for maintenance
  • RPM and YUM package installations, patch and other server management

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