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Facilities Engineer Resume

Moline, IL


To obtain a Facility Manager/Engineer position.


COMPUTER SOFTWARE: Microsoft Project, Excel, Access, SAP, Word, Power Point, AutoCAD


Confidential, Moline, IL

Facilities Engineer


  • Project Manager for capital investment projects related to facilities/building improvement.
  • Managed and completed five projects to date, each as part of Confidential Harvester’s new product launch called Confidential .
  • Projects involved the movement of department work areas to new locations within the facility.
  • Projects included creation of charters, scope, schedule, meetings, bid meetings, budget, generating Purchase orders, change order tracking, and reporting status to teams, stakeholders, and factory management.
  • Work would include demolition of current work areas, fixtures, parts, utility stands, machinery, bridge cranes, and construction and relocation and re - install of these assets.
  • Coordinated activities with approved electrical contractors, millwrights, carpenters, machine vendors, and departmental leads and Manufacturing Engieers assigned to project.

Confidential, Waterloo, IA

Project Manager


  • Projects included creation of charters, scope, schedule, meetings, bid meetings, budget, generating Purchase orders, change order tracking, and reporting status to teams, stakeholders, and factory management.
  • New glass atrium/enty way to main building- turnstyles and badging system - 6 team members, 200K budget, 3 mo length.

Confidential, Hampton, IA

Project Engineer


  • Project managed the installation and startup of new machinery consisting of welders, lathes, skives and milling machines at a hydraulic cylinders plant.
  • Coordinated with Maintenance & Utilities to get power to the machines as well as coordinating sample runoffs of parts.

Confidential, Goodfield, IL

Facility/Maintenance Engineer


  • Managed and coordinated work for Confidential and contracted agency maintenance staffs in the daily operations of the plant;
  • Assured prompt response to emergency calls regarding the facility and production machinery for repair.
  • Worked with all departments and management on critical issues related to production and downtime losses.
  • Parts inventory for plant machinery and equipment and indirect purchasing functions for department within required annual budget. Tracked employees daily, overtime, and vacation hours and reported in etime payroll software.
  • Scheduled PM activities and planned maintenance for production machines and facility equipment while operating in reactive based maintenance system. Managed contracted vendors for grounds, janitorial, HVAC, tools, and miscellaneous needs for the plant.
  • As Facility manager, performed role as Project manager of facility related improvements as part of a $33 million dollar capital investment for the site.
  • Projects included the installation of a weld fume extraction system for weld department to upgrade air quality, remodeled and upgraded all restrooms within the plant, painting of the interior and exterior of all buildings, installation of new lights in all areas of the plant, a new wet/dry fire suppression and sprinkler system, a new weld robot,
  • Led install activities of new powder coat line, reorganization of fabrication department which included five new machines, new layout, and new flooring.
  • Appointed PM (Professional Maintenance) Pillar Leader for WCM (world Class Manufacturing) initiative at the plant. Trained and led PM team in the effort to reduce losses in the plant by applying World Class Manufacturing methodology.
  • Built breakdown analysis database for all machines and tracked daily with the use of EWO (emergency work order) sheet for each breakdown.
  • Focused improvement on machines with the largest losses by tracking number of breakdowns, mean time to repair, meantime between failures, and overall efficiency of the equipment. Performed root cause analysis using 5W1H, 5 why’s, 4M, and planned countermeasures to eliminate breakdowns and micro stoppages.
  • Countermeasures included creation of kaizens, smp’s, sop’s, one point lessons, or changed the maintenance performed.
  • Participated in seven audits, scoring a point for the pillar on the third.
  • Presented 5 machines and improved all key performance indicators; reduced breakdowns, increased mean time between failures, reduced mean time to repair due to improved maintenance on machines. WCM projects produced 150 kaizens, 300 SMPs, 400 new PMs, 30 one point lessons with a savings over $300,000.
  • Responsible for all Confidential compliance programs related to OSHA. Kept training of staff, records, and documentation up to date for Lock out/Tag out, Confined space, Hot Work permitting, Hazmat, and fall protection. Passed yearly audits with no major findings.

Confidential, Gibson City, IL

Manufacturing Engineer/Sr. Project Manager


  • Completed the planning, design, layout, and construction of 40K ft. building for new powder coat system with a 5-stage washer, cure oven, booth, and 1200 ft. long chain driven monorail for through-put and final assembly area. Worked with contractors on bids, specs, and schedule of values.
  • Completed installation of new powder coat system, transferring Alamo from a wet to powder operation.
  • Communicated with vendors on all levels of development, testing, site-visits, and purchase and installation of system. Trials were completed and production began June 1, 2006.
  • Completed move and installation of fabrication equipment within Gibson City plant and 15 machines (press brakes, stamping, laser cutting, punch/shear) from Holton, KS to prepare for tripling of production volume over a 4 month period. Coordinated the moving schedule with rigging contractors and planned work around continuous production with no shut downs. Supervised delivery and install of tooling, fixtures, cranes, fork trucks, parts, and miscellaneous items from Holton facility.
  • Designed overhead monorail system for final assembly workflow with steel I-beam construction in a 25K sq. ft. area.
  • Supervised install and was trained on operation of 2 Motoman robots for assembly welding.
  • All phases of project were completed, within budget and targeted deadline. Other duties have included, EPA reporting, supervising maintenance, purchase of additional equipment, assisting with fab equipment programming, and a $90k demo and renovation of a research and development building. Leading lean manufacturing initiatives and processes in production, safety, and quality teams.

Confidential, Normal, IL

Plant Engineer


  • Coordination of projects from concept to completion, covering all phases of the manufacturing process.
  • Focus was on implementing a 5S program for plant wide improvements in an effort for ISO certification and Lean manufacturing initiatives.
  • Selected as Confidential representative for Six-Sigma Black Belt certification, sponsored by Confidential .

Confidential, Normal, IL

Project Manager


  • Defined scope of project and activities to be performed by Confidential by obtaining information of overall scope established by Confidential .
  • Scope of program was to convert roughly 1300 part numbers covering 250 suppliers from expendable (cardboard) containers to returnable molded (plastic) shipping containers.
  • Timeline from initiation to finish for each car was 9 months to 1 year, depending on process development, engineering design, and change of scope on the part of Confidential .
  • Developed project plan with information from stakeholders, through initial “kick-off” meetings.
  • Established contact information, distribution of information procedures, timelines (S/F dates), cost, resources (approved vendor lists, UAW personnel labor issues), and risks (change in packaging can effect manufacturing processes, costs, and add or reduce time to an operation, making a project financially or logistically unfeasible).
  • Executed projects by putting plan into databases (MS Project and/or Excel, depending on customer/supplier methodology) and assigning part numbers and suppliers as tasks, and Confidential processes as subtasks. Confidential processes consisted of problem identification, design, review of prototype design, quotations, quantities, revisions, container selection, labeling, approval, customer purchase order, logistics, shipment of product, and implementation of product to Confidential process.
  • Controlled project by tracking and reporting milestones and phase completions to stakeholders and their individual projects, responding to risks and taking corrective action with problem solving skills, facilitating status review meetings, and delivering reports to team members for each project.
  • Developed and delivered necessary reports to indicate close of each project (cost, investment, savings, and projects with variances to critical path, improvements, and lessons learned).

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

Industrial/Process Engineer


  • Assigned Project Manager of Ergonomics Program by Director of Manufacturing.
  • Managed 12 member team in identification of ergonomic problems on Eureka assembly line process.
  • Produced plan and set goal of correcting five cases in seven month period. Facilitated meetings, established resources, estimated time and costs to each project and reported earned value to management on each case.
  • Developed production processes associated with assembly line for new Eureka products.
  • Produced ideation sketches for fixtures, tools, and ergonomically efficient workstations.
  • Created finished concepts using AutoCAD software for production of assembly line components.

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