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Senior Linux And Vmware Systems Administrator Resume


  • Over 10+ years of experience as a System administrator in the areas of RedHat Linux, Windows and VMware environment.
  • Installed and configured several hundred Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x/5.x, Windows server 03/08 R2 in both physical Blade and VMware ESXi 5, 4.1.2 Virtual Environment.
  • Experienced in configuring Red Hat Cluster Nodes for legacy applications and verified the daily health check on the Cluster Nodes.
  • Installing and updating packages using YUM (custom YUM Servers/repositories) and Red Hat Satellite Server.
  • Configured EMULEX/QLOGIC mezzanine HBA on BL460c to boot from SAN to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux or ESXi as the primary Operating System.
  • Expertise in Windows server administration and active directory administration
  • Experience in installing, managing and administering Windows 2008 and 2010 based Domain controllers, Backup/Additional Domain Controllers.
  • Expertise in and HP ProLiant blade/rack servers, HP C7000 Enclosures, Dell physical servers and UCS C Series/B Series Servers.
  • Experience in server builds, patch management, antivirus and updates
  • Responsible for WINTEL server builds and HP blades C7000 server builds
  • Performed system administration activities, security policies and monitored system performance both at software and hardware levels
  • Expertise in administering File servers and Print servers
  • Expertise in DHCP, WINS and DNS
  • Expertise in Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Experience in RedHat OS installation, Administration and Troubleshooting
  • Expertise in Configuring Bonded Interfaces for networking and Managing storage using LVM in RHEL and CentOS Operating Systems
  • Strong knowledge of TCP/IP protocol suite, virtual networking, wireless networks & Cloud computing concepts
  • Experience and Strong Knowledge of Virtualization technologies like VMware ESX/ESXi.
  • Created and managed VMs (virtual machines) and also involved in the maintenance of the virtual machines
  • Experience with enterprise backup systems and disaster recovery operations; familiarity with SAN technologies; solid understanding of vSphere 4 implementation with shared storage fiber channel, ISCSI, NFS / VMFS strategies for performance and optimization
  • Expertise with VMware Lab Manager products.
  • Expertise with IP sub - netting, VLANs, Load Balancing, and High Availability (HA) infrastructure
  • Strong experience with the VMware HA (High Availability), Fault Tolerance, Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and VMware Distributed Power Management
  • Strong analytical, technical and troubleshooting skills.
  • Experience in the V2V and P2V migration of Physical servers to VMware ESX hosts
  • Experience in Windows clustering Administration and troubleshooting
  • Knowledge of maintaining Business Continuity and performing Disaster Recovery (DR) using VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM).
  • Hands on experience in updating / upgrading ESX servers, Virtual Center servers and VMware ESX/ESXi hosts using VMware Update manager and manual upgrades for Patching.
  • Implemented VDI (Virtual desktop infrastructure) technology using VMware VIEW
  • Installation and Administration of IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.5.
  • Experience in the Server and Desktop Management (Windows Administration), Support, Analysis and Maintenance.
  • Experienced in implementing and administering server platforms with HP, Cisco UCS and Dell.
  • Good Understanding and Knowledge of VBlock components and experience with Cisco UCS administration and EMC SAN storage.
  • Experience in ESX infrastructure, guest OS installation, setting up of VM priorities, Cloning, Creating Templates and Snapshots.
  • Extensive experience in working with the vMotion and Storage vMotion technology
  • Strong Experience in vNetwork concepts: vSwitch and dvSwitch


Operating Systems: RHEL 5/6/7,UNIX, Windows Server(,2012, 20028 and 2003),Windows 8/10

VMware Products: Design and implement Virtual Infrastructure 4/5 wth Virtual Center, ESXi 4.x,ESXi 5.x, vMotion, HA, DRS, Managing Resource pools, ESXi, VMware WEorkstation,VMware Converter, Virtual Center,ESXi Patch Management, vCOPS, VDI's.

Hardware: IBM Blade center HS-series/X-Series HS22/HS23, Cisco UCS B200's B250's M1's M2's HP BL460C, C-7000,DL580's

RDBMS: MysQL, DB2, Oracle, MSSQL

Storage: iSCSI SAN, FC SAN, NAS, EMC CLARiion, VMAX, VNX, Netapp 6240,6040 FAS Solutions .


Senior Linux and VMware Systems Administrator



  • Worked on Design and Implementation of migration strategy for consolidating Data Centers from around the world to centralized locations in US which involves numerous servers of various LINUX versions.
  • Worked on Identification, planning and migration of P2V candidates and new builds from each site with ZERO downtime.
  • Migrated and Managed VMware Esxi - 5.0 and 5.1, Worked on VMware capacity planning
  • Worked in the area of Virtualization with VMware vSphere, ESXi 5.1, 5.0, 4.1, ESX 4.0 servers, vCenter server 2.5, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 and vCenter Converter 4.0, 5.0, VCloud director
  • Part of Providing 24/7 technical support to Production and development environments.
  • Performed tons of P2V Migration, Created clones and templates of Virtual Machines
  • Deployed VMs Through OVF/OVA Templates, Created & Troubleshot Virtual Networks and vSwitches
  • Worked on Migration concepts like vMotion and cold migration and Remediate
  • Configured Netbackup Client thorough planning was done for downtime, knowing each server usage & their placement in Datacenter.
  • Worked on Creating Data centers in the Vsphere Web client and adding the Hosts to the Data center
  • Worked on Configuring the Host profiles in VMware
  • Performed how to Disable and Enable the ports for the Virtual Distributed switches
  • Worked on creating port groups tagged with different vlans and assigning to each individual VM
  • Worked on Deploying the VMs by using the PROTEUS and JUNOS space
  • Worked on Performance tuning and security hardening of rhel and centos servers
  • Worked on performance monitoring of cpu, memory and disks in rhel servers using various monitoring tools like nagios and bmc
  • Performed Troubleshooting UCS/HP hardware if the ESX Hosts are disconnected in the Vcenter
  • Performed in Designing, Installation and configuration of new vSphere 5 ESXi servers for the P2V candidates on UCS Cisco C240 M3 Rack Servers
  • Installed Management Server (vCenter Server) instances to enable centralized management of multiple ESXi hosts
  • Linked different vCenter servers using linked mode to have a single instance of vSphere client to manage the whole Virtual environment
  • Worked on Configuring High Availability (HA), Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and vNetwork Distributed Switch (VDS).
  • Configured VMware HA, VMware DRS in acquiring higher efficiency for VMware Infrastructure.
  • Performed Automation of ESXi host configuration across large number of hosts and clusters.
  • Worked in Creating and managing Virtual Machines and Templates, worked with clones and snapshots of Virtual Machines.
  • Administering, troubleshooting and automating vSphere ESXi using Power CLI.
  • Worked in the area of Virtualization with Installation, Configuration and Administration of VMware ESX4.0, VMware ESXI 4.1/5.0/5.1/5.5 , and vCenter Server 4/5.
  • New relic - Monitor the usage of Oracle Applications and alert the team members of oracle applications ( OIM, OID, OAM ) for taking necessary action.
  • Extensive use of LVM, creating Volume Groups, Logical volumes, and disk mirroring, Fix the Problem with the partially mirrored Logical volumes.
  • Performed User Account management, data backups, and user’s logon support.
  • Implemented, configured and deployed new patches, upgrades, bug fixes on both physical and virtual Red Hat Linux servers using satellite server and YUM server.
  • Providing 24x7 on call support, documented and assisted customers with day to day Red Hat Enterprise Linux server issues.
  • Deployed various Red Hat Enterprise Linux builds using VMware Templates. Also configuring ifcfg files in Linux and NIC’s in Windows servers.

Vmware/Linux System Admin



  • Worked on managing Linux servers Red Hat Enterprise Linux like updating Kernels, deploying security patches and package management.
  • Worked in administration of mail server which involves user creation and defines alias groups.
  • Performed administration of Apache web server for space management and review performance management.
  • Performed configuring and managing NFS servers.
  • Performed Backups using tape drives.
  • Worked on managing Compaq blade servers, HP DL-360, HP DL-380, IBM x series (rack servers)
  • Performed automation of jobs using cron jobs
  • Worked on monitoring various logs of applications to fix problems.
  • Built and Maintained VMware infrastructure with Windows Servers, Windows XP/7 Clients across Test and Demo Environments. Implemented VMware View 4.6 to distribute Client Desktops to user accounts
  • Performed automated installation of hp and cisco servers using linux kickstart server.
  • Worked on linux kernel parameter tuning as per the requirements given by the dba team
  • Worked on creating Virtual machine Templates with customized guest os.
  • Worked on rpm package administration in linux using rpm build, installing packages and restoring corrupted rpm database.
  • Conducted Log Analysis and Troubleshoots on Performance of ESXi environment
  • Troubleshooted network issues between Distributed vSwitch, Layer 2 switches and resolved slow performance between SAN network and VM networks.
  • Provided Consultation for Troubleshooting in Virtualization, SAN Configuration, Active Directory group policy design & Implementation and ESXi Distributed vSwitch Network Configuration
  • Provided Technical Recommendations for Installation and Implementation of Virtual Environments in Industrial Plants. Identified Administrative Standards, Issues and Process Improvements
  • Created scripts in VB, Perl, powershell to Automate Tasks in the Guest VMs
  • Built and maintained VMware and Windows Server Infrastructure.
  • Involved in Installation and Configuration of vCenter Heart Beat.
  • Involved in SRM Setup and Performed Failover Testing.
  • Provided technical assistance and best practices for customers to simulate in their own environment
  • Worked on developing technical papers on Virtualization for Process Automation Systems
  • Worked on Installation of ESXi 4.1/5 Hosts, vCenter Server, vCenter update manager and administering VM's across 6 Datacenters running 8000+ VM's.
  • Performed Installation,Configuration and Administration of VMware ESXi 4.1.1 /Virtaul Center 4.1,
  • Performed VMware performance monitoring through vCOPS.
  • Built, configured and troubleshot MSSQL servers containing vCenter and VMware Update Manager Databases
  • Performed Installation, Upgrading and deployment of Linux Operating system on X-86 based HP BL460 G5, G6 and G7 Hardware servers.
  • Built and maintained several Microsoft Windows 2008/2012 servers including DNS, Active Directory, WSUS, KMS and Remote Desktop (Jumpbox) Servers
  • Worked on P2V conversions using VMware Converter Tool and Platespin
  • Worked on building and supporting VMware Environments containing VDIs
  • Worked on Installing and configuring firewall/iptables.
  • Monitored Several hundred servers using Monitoring Tools such as Nagios & WebMon
  • Performed Backup and Restoration of Servers using Acronis
  • Used RPMs to install, update, verify, query and erase packages from Linux Servers.
  • Set up and maintained NFS, DNS, NIS, and TCP/IP network and knowledge in LDAP Server.

Linux/VMware Administrator



  • Performed Installation and configuration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux severs using kick start unattended installation in addition to PXE Boot, configuring of new severs and workstations using kick start and auto start.
  • Assisted with the software integration and tuning software build into RPM packages.
  • Configured and maintained NFS Servers for both media and data sharing between servers and resolved any shared server issues.
  • Performed installation, configurations and support of VMware vSphere and the daily management/monitoring of the virtual environment.
  • Performed Application Migration from physical to virtual/virtual to virtual platform.
  • Worked on Windows OS build, IP configurations, Domain Builds, Active Directory Site Builds and Support & Administration.
  • Built, configured and deployed VMs and Templates and cloning VMs and application data.
  • Maintained user account management, configured servers to register with Red Hat Network (RHN) Satellite Server, monitored servers- workload assessment, service console monitoring.
  • Performed disaster Recovery operation setup and checkup at contracting facility.
  • Used VM converter for converting Physical machines in VMware VMs.
  • Performed Updating /patching Linux, Windows Virtual Machine in VMware clusters.
  • Configured backups and recovery plans for windows based servers using windows server backup utility
  • Worked with File System including UNIX file System, and Network file system.
  • Mounted/un-mounted new file systems, mounted file systems on remote servers using NFS Server & client configurations, performed disk configurations and crash recovery.
  • Established network security using Linux Firewall and troubleshoot problems relating to boot loaders (GRUB,LILO).
  • Worked in administering Disks and file systems using LVM.
  • Configured and maintained NFS Servers for both media and data sharing between servers and resolved any shared server issues.
  • Familiar with OS installation, Device configuration and Driver Installation.
  • Strong storage / Network knowledge and Hands-on (I.e.FC /SCSI)
  • Good at system level troubleshooting and Network/ Storage debugging skills.

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