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Aws Solution Architect / Sysops Administrator Resume

Atlanta, GA


Software Engineer—with 20+ years of IT experience—seeking position as Solutions Architect / SysOps Administrator in AWS Cloud computing


Languages: Java, J2EE, JavaScript, C, C++, Visual C++, Perl, Shell, Python, AWK, Pascal, Fortran, BASIC, COBOL, CICS, Visual Basic, WLST (WebLogic), RPC, RMI, RMI/IIOP, Java IDL, JNDI, JNI, JAXP, XML, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, JSP, JTA, JMS, JavaMail, SOAP, WSDL

DevOps: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Container Service (ECS), CloudFormation, Vagrant, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Fargate, Docker Swarm, Lambda Function, API Gateway, Route 53, ClaudiaJS, Lambda@Edge, Node.js, CloudFront, RESTful, Swagger, Spring Boot Framework, Git, GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD), JFrog Art Factory, Ant Hill Pro, Nexus Pro, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, NoSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, JUnit, Selenium, Nagios, Splunk, Dynatrace, CloudWatch, SQS, Kanban, Scrum

Middleware, IDE, and Tools: WebLogic, Tomcat, Sun Web Server (iPlanet), Apache 2.2, MyEclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, WebLogic Workshop, Eclipse Analyzer, IntroScope, HP Diagnostics, XMLSpy, Forte, Ant, AnthillPro, SqlDeveloper, Toad, JBuilder, Subversion (SVN), VSS, CVS, PVCS, Paradigm Plus, Rouge Wave, AWK, Perl, xldb, Purify, Visio, emacs, sdb, dbx, Softbench, Oracle Browser, Tera Term, ClearCase, Continuus, SCCS, make, Reflection X, UML, Rational Rose, Data Junction, FrameMaker, MS Word, Excel

Databases: RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora, Oracle, MySQL, Redshift, ElasticCache, ElasticSearch, Athena, SqlDeveloper, Toad, Sybase, Access, ObjectStore, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, JDBC, Pro*C, Oracle CASE, Informix, dBase IV

OS Systems: RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Sun Solaris, HP - UX, UNIX System V, Linux, AIX, Windows XP


AWS Solution Architect / SysOps Administrator

Confidential, Atlanta. GA


  • Design, development, and implementation of high - performance, extremely scalable, and highly fault-tolerant infrastructure in Linux System within public, private and hybrid cloud environments meeting various SLAs
  • Use Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code, create stacks on CloudFormation, Terraform, Docker Containers, ECS, EKS, OpenShift, Kubernetes, use of Elastic Beanstalk, Multi Docker Beanstalk, OpsWorks, and Step Functions
  • Design, plan, development, build, test, delivery, and deployment of J2EE applications using various AWS services with specific emphasis on continuous delivery, post-production support, backup and disaster recovery, monitoring, and automation
  • Use of DevOps principles and best practices for automation in provisioning and de-provisioning of AWS services and resources; build CI/CD pipelines using tools like Jenkins, Artifactory, Chef, Ansible, AWS CloudFormation and GitHub
  • Write technical specifications for various types of security policies and standard automation, permission boundaries, Simple System Manager (SSM) setup for enhance compliance, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role and policy, Cognito, AWS Config, Guard Duty, Multi Account and Service Control Policies, VPC security groups, Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and Security Token Service (STS)
  • Used ElasticSearch with Kibana (visualization) and Logstash (log ingestion) to create ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana) stack; monitor Splunk in managing Splunk environment, building searches and reports, and collecting and reviewing data logs for operational insight to improve overall systems performance
  • Involved in systems programming using C, C++ and application programming using Java, Node.js and Python and scripting languages like AWK, Shell, Python, YAML, Groovy and many more
  • Administer AWS Cloud Platform, launch EC2 instances, use serverless S3 and Lambda Functions, configure instances using EC2 console for compartments, users, groups, roles and policies
  • Developing applications using a Java in an agile environment, built API-driven microservices using Amazon API Gateway
  • Participate in infrastructure engineering, operating systems, databases, networking, storage, AWS data services like, RDS, DynamoDB, Redshift, Athena, Kinesis, Aurora and with NoSQL DBs such as MongoDB
  • Working with common network protocols and services like HTTP(S), SSH, FTP, SMTP, TCP/IP, Single Sign-On (SSO), DNS and subnet addressing, and WAN/LAN network configuration and connectivity, creating virtual private cloud (VPC) and then configure subnets, route table, internet and NAT instances/gateways, Elastic IPs, interfaces/endpoints, security, peering, and network access control list (NACLs)
  • Use of CloudFormation Resource Tags property to apply tags on various resource types, use of AWS Service Catalog to tag the provisioned resources with corresponding unique identifiers for portfolio, product, and users, and use of AWS Systems Manager Automation to automatically add tags to provisioned resources

AWS Solution Architect / Developer

Confidential, McLean, VA


  • Collaborate with application architects, developers, data scientists and system engineers to capture functional and non-functional requirements
  • Participate in architecture and design for migration from on-premise legacy system to hybrid AWS cloud environment, involving application workload and infrastructure re-design
  • Use infrastructure as a code for automation using CloudFormation, Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Docker Containers, ECS, EKS, OpenShift, and Kubernetes for provisioning and managing stacks of resources
  • Experience in design and development of micro-services architecture, solution evaluation, recommendation, and implementation of CI/CD pipeline using CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, Hooks, CodePipeline, CodeStar and Jenkins; used Artifact, Artifactory, JFROG, Nexus for code repository
  • Provisioning EC2, Load Balancers, Auto Scaling Group (ASG), IAM, S3, Lambda, and networking with Route 53, Direct connect, Internet Gateway, Web Application Firewall (WAF) and interacting with HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SSH, Firewall, and VPN
  • Deploy software packages using BladeLogic in various hosts in multi-OS environments
  • Write CloudFormation scripts for automating AWS stack builds in AWS and use of Service Catalog
  • Use open source, cloud technology and AWS services including EC2, S3, EFS, RDS, Route 53, Step Functions, SQS, SNS, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, X-Ray
  • Participate in microservice architecture and SOAP/RESTful APIs between internal and external service layers using industry standards and AWS best practices
  • Managing AWS Cost Allocation Tags to enable detailed costing reports and make recommendations with cost/benefit analyses

Infrastructure Architect / Middleware Engineer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • WebLogic Infrastructure, architectural and automation solution for migration of 300+ WebLogic Servers form Version 10.3 to 12.1.2 from Unix 5.10 to Linux 8.6 from physical to virtual for 50+ applications in 40+ domains
  • Hands on experience in migration form WebLogic 11g to WebLogic12c and administration on cloud environments
  • Planned and installed of multiple WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss Application Server instances on brand new or upgraded existing v-tiers
  • Installed and configured Apache 2.2 HTTP Web Server
  • Installed and configured Apache Tomcat 2.0 Server
  • Installed and configured SSL certificates in WebLogic
  • Wrote Shell scripts, WLST, Python, scripts for deployment, configuration, and support of J2EE applications for HIG Insurance Applications
  • Wrote deployment framework for configuring large WebLogic clustered and non-clustered domains
  • Performed ongoing system monitoring, performance tuning, disaster recovery procedures
  • Planned and implemented disaster recovery and high availability for critical systems
  • Used ServiceNow Incident Management; coordinated with Unix team, DB team, Patrol team (monitoring alerts), Load Balance team and upper management

WebLogic Administrator

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • WebLogic Infrastructure and architectural solution, and installation of multiple WebLogic Server instances on brand new or existing v-tiers residing Confidential single or multiple hosts using WLST directly or from remote location or using SharePoint in Windows environments
  • Shell scripts, WLST scripts for deployment, software development with C, C++, Java, J2EE, and configuration and support of 40+ J2EE applications for Enterprise Document Processing
  • Wrote upgrade plans, automate deployment process (one click upload/configure/undeploy/deploy) for very large-scale project for 40+ mission critical applications in 200+ WebLogic instances (8.1/9.x to 10.3.x) and 20+ Sun Web Servers
  • Performed ongoing system monitoring, performance tuning, disaster recovery procedures
  • Installed Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication; installed/upgraded Sun Web Server (iPlanet), Apache 2.2, Introscope, HP diagnostics and JDK
  • Unix system administration for Red Hat: 2.6 and Sun OS 5.10
  • Used Agile process for software development life cycle (SDLC) using Subversion source code control system
  • Used ticket management systems: CleareQuest, iTrack
  • Prepared technical documents including design document, application document for environment setups, builds, configurations and deployment
  • Coordinated with Unix team, DB team, Patrol team (monitoring alerts), Load Balance team and upper management
  • Actively worked with Oracle support team on WebLogic issues and worked on applying patches and WebLogic maintenance release (PSU) for WebLogic issues

Tech Lead / J2EE Programmer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Managed technology team from definition phase through implementation.
  • Web architecture and development was in J2EE with Jakarta Struts 1.1.
  • The complete life cycle project used Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0, JavaScript and core J2EE design patterns Front Controller, Model View Controller, Business Delegate and Transfer Object under Tomcat 5.0.
  • Built JSP pages using EL and Standard/Custom Tag Libraries.
  • Used IntelliJ IDEA 5.1 and Eclipse 3.2 as IDEs.
  • Performed integration, configuration and development, building/deployment of EAR, WAR, JAR files using Ant on test, stage systems in Tomcat.

Sr. Java/J2EE Developer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Design, development, and deployment of business websites for telecommunication industry.
  • Gathering business rules, GUI requirement screen-by-screen, designing front-end application flow and page flow, defining GUI screen, labels and errors, create definition for Form Beans and Action Mappings, develop Action class, Manager class, ServiceDespatcher class and deploy and test the application.
  • Used Agile software development methodology based on iterative development and collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams.
  • Worked as an Architect for eBusiness solution and deployment architecture for a complete life cycle development of CCT-Web Enablement Project in www. Confidential .com portal.
  • Ensured all interactions with CI services are through synchronous (request reply) and all CI services are asynchronous and with CORBA interface for legacy systems.
  • Leveraged the Presentation Service Layer (PSL), Application Service Layer (ASL), and Customer Interface Service Layer (CISL) architecture and heavily used the WebLogic Server 8.1 SP-2 to take advantage of WebLogic Workshop, WebLogic Server, and WebLogic Integrator (WLI).
  • With Struts framework of WebLogic workshop built the PSL layer - Struts configuration xml files and the application deployment descriptors are graphically designed and automatically generated by the WebLogic workshop.
  • Analyzed client requirements, and designed and developed CI services, using WebLogic Workshop and WebLogic Integration.
  • Designed and developed Java Process Diagrams (JPDs) and custom java controls.
  • Designed request and response XML schemas for services.
  • Designed and implemented java controls that interact with CORBA IDL to connect to legacy system.

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