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Production Support Engineer Resume


  • Production Support Engineer with a passion for collaboration and connecting with others, and to motivate those around me, with a dedication to continuous improvement, and eagerness to contribute to a critical success story.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills that demonstrate confidence with technology and business process; Strong performance working in a team environment to handle the day - to-day needs of Support/Engineering organization.
  • Heavy exposure to DevSecOps, deployment pipeline, automated deployments\IaC, and cloud.
  • Experience and understanding of large-scale infrastructure deployments in enterprise-wide environments; and knowledge of systems development lifecycle within an Agile environment.
  • Demonstrated background in the ITIL Framework; and Clear understanding of Key Process areas (Incident, Problem, Change) and correlations to each other and other ITSM tools and data sets.
  • Strong experience in troubleshooting, diagnostics, analysis and resolutions to production issues; and driving the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process to prevent repeat issues and ensure high service quality;
  • Focus on delivering results in terms of solving customer issues by priority and achieving internal and external SLA’s.


AWS Technologies: EC2, VPC, IAM, AMI, S3, RDS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto Scaling, Security Groups, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, Elastic Beanstalk, CodePipeline, AWS CLI

ITSM: ServiceNow, Jira Service Desk, Tier-2 Support, Scrum, Agile, Disaster Recovery

Systems: Solaris Unix; Linux-RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu; macOS; Win2000/XP/NT/8

DBMS: Oracle 11g, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server/Access, MongoDB, MySQL

MPP, Big data: Greenplum, Snowflake, Data Exploration, Data Mining

Job Scheduler: Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, Skybot Scheduler, ETL, Informatica, cron, at

Monitoring: NewRelic APM, Splunk, CatchPoint, ELK-Logstash, JBoss EAP, PagerDuty, Pingdom, tail/find/grep, logfile, netstatus-tools, sysstat, PagerDuty, Pingdom

Middleware: WebLogic, iPlanet, Apache, Tomcat7, Nginx, ActiveMQ, MQ, REST API

CICD: Jenkins, Git, Rolling, Blue-Green, Canary, Ansible, Chef, Docker

Scripting languages: Bash, Python, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Visual Basic, VBA, awk, sed

Networking: HTTP/S, TCP/IP, FTP, subnet, routing, SSH, PuTTY, SSL, scp

Collaboration: Jira, Confluence, SharePoint, Slack, Trello



Production Support Engineer


  • Participation in planning and forecasting operation with onshore, offshore and business associates. System responsibilities included: Mobile websites and applications, customer-facing websites, applications used in servicing external customers, monitoring and restoration of service related to supported applications and supporting system infrastructure.
  • Supported efforts to identify and implement improvements in formats and templates used for reporting and analysis.
  • Responsible for the timely resolution of system issues impacting client accessibility, and effectiveness of business units in performing their essential functions, which included monitoring and restoration of service related to supported applications and supporting system infrastructure.
  • Sought opportunities for introducing automation solutions that were effective, efficient and scalable in order to improve IT operations.
  • Supported application infrastructure with Active-Active, real-time traffic and zero downtime (always-up, always- available) services.
  • Supported large-scale infrastructure deployments in enterprise-wide environment, running on Oracle EBS; JBoss- Fuse Spring Framework.
  • Directly hands-on end-to-end application implementation and post-implementation support for all production application changes under weekly and monthly release schedules.
  • Solid understanding of UNIX, networking concepts and service-oriented architecture.
  • Well versed on the concepts and practices in service support and delivery of service-oriented technologies.
  • Unix Shell script to run report and mail/ftp output.
  • Unix awk, sed utilities to generate ad hoc reports on flat files.
  • Developed and managed Jenkins pipelines.
  • Deployment Automation of technology stack via Jenkins pipelines.
  • Executed Blue-Green deployments and canary releases.
  • Pushed manual code changes under PowerBroker (pbrun).
  • Prepared deployment gameplay; performed walkthrough with all stakeholders.
  • Addressed any issue hiccups in respective area when necessary.
  • Coded Unix shell scripts to automate pre-deployment tasks.
  • Monitored server health, resource usage alerts, and tracked user activities using shell scripting, cron, CatchPoint, New Relic APM, Splunk.
  • Perform system thread dumps of WebLogic server using kill command for analysis and troubleshooting performance-related issues.
  • Utilize ELK Logstash, WinSCP, Unix Shell to explore logs.
  • Differentiated between network, system, database and process issues.
  • Published, managed technical support pages for self-service and to promote knowledge sharing.

Environment: Oracle 11g, iPlanet7/8, Unix Bash/Ksh (Sun Solaris), PuTTY, Apache, MQ, WebSphere, Oracle EBS, JBoss-Fuse Spring Framework, ServiceNow, Jenkins, CICD, AppDynamics, CatchPoint, APM, Windows, SELinux

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Production Support Engineer


  • Supported complex troubleshooting efforts across various technologies and services across a broad spectrum of applications.
  • Worked with partner teams on migration of on-premise to cloud solutions. Supported public/private AWS environments running EC2 instances.
  • Utilized extensive technical knowledge and excellent communication skills to ensure projects and tasks are completed on time and led team members to excellence.
  • Partnered with application development teams to actively understand their development and technology stacks, application architecture, infrastructure requirements and identified the gaps in their implementations.
  • Primary Production Support Engineer responsible for 1st call on customer issues via on-call, phone, tickets and email.
  • Collaborated with DevOps on AWS Network Services support: IGW, RTs, Subnets, NACLs; Cognizant of AWS tools, services: EC2, S3, RDS, VPC, IAM, DynamoDB.
  • Support and monitoring responsibilities of both in-house and AWS environments, using New Relic APM, ELK Logstash, CloudWatch, PagerDuty.
  • Solid understanding of Linux, networking concepts and service-oriented architecture.
  • Active collaboration with cross-functional dependencies and other functions.
  • Deployed and monitored on-premise solutions of microservices using Jenkins project builds.
  • Supported end-to-end application implementation and post-implementation support for all production application changes.
  • Worked with Technology teams and assessed with various projects-related effort.
  • Coordinated with multiple teams in order to meet technical challenges.
  • Communicated with leadership, stakeholders and engineers during and post incident activities.
  • Converted java-code algorithms into Python code for code migration.
  • Co-ordinated with all groups involved in production deployment activities; relayed all timely updates to all stakeholder after every release.
  • Automated rolling deployment of on-premise microservices using Jenkins project builds; rollbacks on failure.
  • Supported end to end application implementation and post-implementation support for all production application changes.
  • Daily management of ticketing system support queues to bring under threshold;
  • Triaged, prioritized and resolved production impacting incidents and fulfillment requests via multiple channels: email, web-conference, phone-call, instant message, JIRA Service Desk, ServiceNow queues.
  • Prepared and executed database scripts and query builds to investigate user data at backend of Postgres, Greenplum, Snowflake, MongoDB.
  • PostgreSQL, Greenplum, and Mongo query builds.
  • Used Postgres XML functionality to extract data from Greenplum.
  • Tested and configured scheduled job workflows streams and job dependencies in staging and production.
  • Investigation and root cause analysis of real-time processes; triaged load-balanced, multi-tier, cloud and on- premise applications.
  • Performed troubleshooting on system components, process stream dependencies, and back-end database systems.
  • Established workarounds through cross-functional team collaborations, and SQL, Python and shell scripting.
  • Detected job failures, scheduled job delays and overruns;
  • Responsive to critical network and performance events.
  • Supported application-critical processes, infrastructure components and services: Job Scheduler, Linux, Postgres, MySQL, Mongo, Salesforce, Middleware: AMQ, Apache, Tomcat7
  • Advised on event monitoring of enterprise systems and services.
  • Differentiated between network, system, database and process issues.
  • Hands-on Linux command-line to explore and analyze application logs, stack traces, log tails, log parser, Elasticsearch, Logstash, XML data from Salesforce and third-party-vendor API endpoints.
  • Audit logging, file extract, file comparison using Linux Shell.
  • Discovered process gaps and identified key system limitations; Presented solutions aimed at raising customer quality of service.
  • Streamlined critical processes and bottlenecks.
  • Cross-functional collaboration on triage, resolve complex cases.
  • Problem management strategy through root cause analysis to mitigate system anomalies.
  • Incident postmortem participation, documented cause and impact to mitigate occurrences
  • SQL, bash and python scripting automations of common BAU tasks and queries.
  • Published knowledge-base documentation.
  • Managed and analyzed data to produce business performance metrics and KPIs using Jira Dashboard and Arsenal Dataplane.
  • Mentored and educated other team members on best practices, approaches, and techniques associated with various development methodologies; Coordinated, monitored team Onboarding.

Environment: Linux, Windows, Salesforce, Greenplum, Postgres, Snowflake, Mongo, ServiceNow, Jira, Confluence, Pingdom, APM, PagerDuty, Logstash, Apache, Nginx, ActiveMQ, REST API, SOAP, JSON, XML, Skybot Scheduler, WebEx, SSH, Cygwin, Hashi corp Vault, BitBucket, CICD, Bash, Python, SQL, PL/SQL, NoSQL

Confidential, Columbia, MD

Senior Production Analyst


  • Perform data exploration and data mining.
  • Designed database subsets for data mining anomaly detection and for report systems used to query, extract and analyze production run-time exceptions.
  • Domain expert on the functionality of consumer listening device solutions and incident-related management.
  • Published proper documentation on system and technical functionalities, on business logic, and operational flows for knowledge transfer to operating organization.
  • Design, developed data extract process from different schema.
  • Used Oracle UTL file features to create flat files and Procedures for Data Extraction.
  • Used DAO layer to call stored procedure in Oracle; Created PL/SQL Procedures, triggers.
  • Designing tables, DFD, ERD.
  • Used Oracle external table for transforming and loading huge data files.
  • Implemented DAO for data access using Object-Relational type.
  • Used export, import utility.
  • Used SQL Server T-SQL for procedure and package.
  • Used SQL Server DTS for data transfer.
  • User Acceptance Testing.
  • Maintained access/VBA code.

Environment: Oracle, SQL Server/Access, DTS, T-SQL, DOA, Business Objects, SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic, VBA

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