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Devops Engineer Resume


  • A resourceful and reliable professional with over 12 years’ experience as a system engineer/architect, AWS cloud/devops engineer and Linux engineer with excellent skills in setting up CI/CD pipeline from ground up in AWS cloud and on - premise environment using Jenkins and Bamboo as the CI tool to integrate Git/GitHub, Artifactory/Nexus and other tools that is needed in the pipeline for ease of application delivery/deployment to various target environments.
  • Setting up codepipeline in AWS and using Elastic Beanstalk to deploy application. Creating and developing Dockerfile for application containerization.
  • Utilized AWS ECR as docker image repository and used AWS ECS to deploy docker container to AWS Fargate and on EC2.
  • Creating the right container task definition and mount points using sidecar container to enable docker container logging with Splunk running on the sidecar container to forward docker container logs to Splunk.
  • Application migration from on-premise environment to AWS cloud environment. Used ansible for CI/CD automation and for day to day sysadmin role.
  • Utilized Terraform Templates TFT to deploy AWS resources to AWS platform. Utilized CloudFormation template for AWS custom provisioning.
  • Deploying HA RHEL OpenShift, Openshift cluster management and deploying container to OpenShift container platform.


  • Cloud Adoption
  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • System Integration/Development
  • Data Engineering/Analytics
  • Mission Critical Services
  • Oracle WebLogic SME
  • Unix/Linux Expert
  • Windows OS Automation
  • Database Migration
  • Containerization
  • OpenShift CP SME
  • Docker Container Logging
  • CI/CD Expert
  • DevOps Expert
  • SAFe/Agile Methodologies
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Java Development


SOFTWARE/TOOLS: Jenkins, Bamboo, Github/GitLab, Atlassian Suite (Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence), Ansible, Java, Python, AppDynamics, Splunk, Solar Wind, Artifactory

SERVERS/DATABASES: Linux, Windows, JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic, Alfresco, Ambari NIFI, Hadoop HDP/HDF, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Kafka, Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL

CLOUD COMPUTING: EC2, Lambda, Load Balancers, Target Groups, Routing Rules, S3, S3 Glacier, EFS, AWS Backup, RDS, VPC, CloudFront, Route53, CloudWatch, AWS Auto Scaling, Cloudformation, Terraform, CloudTrail, Systems Manager, IAM, Secrets Manager, Certificate Manager, KMS, Container (ECS, ECR), Terraform


DevOps Engineer



  • Used AWS ECS to run docker containers on ECS Fargate, and ECS on EC2 and implemented docker container logging with docker sidecar container
  • Deployed OpenShift version 3.x and version 4.x to various target environment with automation
  • Served as OpenShift container platform administrator
  • Onboarded various application to OpenShift container platform manually and via automation
  • Created Jenkinsfile that build docker images, pushed to target docker registry, connected to OpenShift internal registry, pull down the target image, tagged into OpenShift registry format and instantiated the application
  • Installed and configured AppDynamics controllers for lower and higher environments
  • Developed ansible playbook used to install AppDynamics Java App agent and Machine agent on different target environments
  • Developed ansible playbook used to install AppDynamics doNet App agent and Machine on different target emvironment
  • Developed Jenkinsfile that is used to run ansible playbooks for AppDynamics installation
  • Setup jenkins pipeline jobs used to install AppDynamics via automation
  • Developed Terraform and CloudFormation template used as infrastructure as code to deploy and manage AWS cloud resources
  • Developed ansible playbooks used as configuration as code to install and configure applications and manage continuous code and database deployment pipeline
  • Used AWS ECR as docker images repository and used Github/Bitbucket, ansible and Jenkins to setup docker image build pipeline that builds docker image and push the image to AWS ECR target repository
  • Used docker compose yaml file to deploy docker containers to various target environment
  • Used CloudFormation template to deploy OpenShift container platform HA cluster in AWS cloud
  • Used Kubernetes cluster to manage docker containers
  • Developed Weblogic deployment automation framework that deploys application artifacts to various Weblogic target domain that runs on Linux OS
  • Experience in designing, and developing APIs, webservices application using j2ee platform
  • Designed and implemented end-to-end applications deployment automation including database deployment to various target environment with Jenkins and other DevOps tools
  • Supported mission critical applications running on Tomcat and Weblogic application server to ensure application high availability
  • Used Ansible, PowerShell and Jenkins to managed Windows OS based application to accomplish
  • Push button application installation, configuration, and deployment
  • Utilized DevOps tools like Github, Jenkins, Artifactory, SonaQube to ensure easy software build, package, testing and delivery to various target environment
  • Used Jenkins pipeline job with Jenkinsfile to setup various stages for AWS resources build out, application installation and configuration
  • Used Cloudformation to build out AWS resources with Jenkins as the CI server
  • Implemented CI/CD for various applications with Jenkins and other DevOps tools
  • Used Terraform, Ansible, bash script to build out AWS resources and install and configure application
  • Worked with various application team to design and roll out new application
  • Wrote various KBAs on application automation for continual management of CI/CD pipeline

Senior Software Cloud Engineer



  • Migrated on-premise application/database to AWS Cloud environment
  • Utilized VPC, EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, Route53, ELB, Cloudformation and other AWS services to MigrateOn-premise application to AWS Cloud platform
  • Utilized CI/CD to ensure constant application deployment to AWS Cloud Platform
  • Utilized Terraform Templates to deploy AWS resources to various application environments
  • Templated several AWS resources in Cloudformation template and Terraform template to ensure immutable infrastructuredeployment
  • Implemented disaster recovery strategy by using Lambda function to copy over database snapshotto another region and using Cloudformation template to build same environment in the target regionwithin the RPO/RTP time frame
  • Utilized PowerShell, Bash script to automate application install as a user data in Cloudformationtemplate
  • Made use of terraform templates to deploy application and provision AWS resources
  • Setup AWS S3 cross region replication on same AWS account and on different AWS accounts
  • Utilized Github as a version control platform
  • Used Jenkins as the CI server to implement CI/CD
  • Used Artifactory as the artifact’s repository
  • Used Ansible as configuration management tool

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