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Aix & Linux Systems Engineer Resume


  • Over 14 plus years of experience in UNIX/Linux System Engineering and Administration specializing in IBM AIX v4, v5, v6 and v7, PowerVM, HMC, VIOS, Micro Partitioning, RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.x, 7.x, CentOS and Ubuntu.
  • Strong experience in Administration, Installation, Upgrading, Configuration, Troubleshooting, Performance and Fine - tuning of IBM POWER Hardware including POWER 6/7/8/9, RS6000 based machines, IBM BladeCenter.
  • Extensive experience in AIX 5.x, 6.x and 7.x installation, upgrading, migration and troubleshooting.
  • Strong experience in upgrading firmware of managed systems, devices and HMC.
  • Strong experience in creating, managing, troubleshooting Dual VIO servers with SEA failover, MPIO, NPIV, vSCSI.
  • Extensive hands-on experience in planning and administration of VIO Servers and LPAR’s on IBM BladeCenter hardware.
  • Strong technical background in Storage, Disk Management, Logical Volume Management (LVM) using SMIT.
  • Hands on experience in configuring Hardware and Software RAID using IBM RAID Manager and LVM.
  • Experience in monitoring the availability & performance of AIX Servers through tools like vmstat, netstat, vmo, ioo and good understanding of error logging subsystem.
  • Experienced in i nstall, configure, manage, NIM server and installing clients using NIM resources.
  • Experienced in SAN Zoning, SAN Volume Controller tasks like Flash Copy, Mapping and Volume creation
  • Working knowledge of IBM PureFlex with VMControl on POWER nodes
  • System planning and resource allocation for VIOS partitions and client partitions.
  • Comprehensive understanding of n etworking concepts pertaining to LAN, WAN, security, IT communication, WAN protocols, networking devices administration and maintenance in multi-platform environments.
  • Knowledge and hands on experience installing, configuring and engineering RedHat Linux servers in an Enterprise level data center environment
  • Experience in administering HPC environments with Linux operating systems
  • Experience in Package management like Install, remove and update and querying packages using RPM tool
  • Strong understanding of networking concepts and implementation of Linux-based infrastructure solutions
  • Storage management using fdisk and LVM tool sets
  • Experience in network security using firewalld rules
  • Knowledge and understanding of Storage Area Networking (SAN) designs and concepts.
  • Basic knowledge of Tivoli Suite of products like TSM, ITM, TCR
  • Coordinate with vendors, development, business partners and escalation support teams
  • Self-motivated team player, able to set priorities and ensure successful delivery of projects well within deadlines
  • Strong desire to learn and work with multiple applications, tools and technologies.
  • Quick learner with strong analytical, trouble-shooting and communication skills.


Operating Systems: AIX v4.3.3, v5.1, v5.2, v5.3, v6.1, v7., RHEL6.x, 7.x, CentOS 6&7, Ubuntu v16, 20,SuSE v11, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, VMWare ESX

Hardware: IBM POWER 7, 8 (E850, E880), 9 (S922, S914) servers, IBM Blade Center, JS20/21/22, pSeries p5 and p6 servers, RS 6000 (H80, S80, S7A), Dell Edge, HP servers

Storage: Hitachi Storage, DS8000, XIV, SVC, DS4700, DS4300 (FastT600) and DS4400, DS3400

Network: Cisco 3700, 2600 series routers, Nortel Baystack 450-12 switch.

RDBMS: DB2, Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, mysql v5

Languages: Korn Shell, BASH shell

Backup Management: IBM TS3200, IBM 3592, LTO-5, Tivoli Storage

Performance Monitoring: nmon, nmon analyzer, HP Open View, TeamQuest

Security: Open SSH (ssh2 protocol) sftp, ftp, telnet.

Applications: TSM, TKLM, ISCP(Telecommunication), Harvest, BMC Patrol, eTrust, TWS.



AIX & Linux Systems Engineer


  • Providing administration and engineering support in UNIX (AIX) and Linux systems along with maintaining large AIX and Linux servers in an Enterprise level environment
  • Build, configure and customize AIX 7.x and RHEL 7.x servers
  • Upgrade IBM VIO Servers from 2.x to 3.1
  • Migrate Client’s servers from AIX to Linux
  • Worked on AIX and Hitachi Storage migrations
  • Lead firmware update project on IBM POWER 7/8/9 servers, HMC and devices
  • Setup and Manage PowerVM Virtualization environment on Power 6/7/8/9 servers using dual-VIOS, NPIV and VSCSI
  • Lead client’s Linux servers security hardening project
  • Install, Setup and Manage Client’s HPC environment and work with Data Scientists in achieving the desired results
  • Manage end user accounts, permissions, access rights and storage allocations in accordance with best-practices regarding security and regulatory compliance as defined
  • Basic administration of RH Satellite
  • Setup demo environments in BPIC for client’s testing like TSM Backup/Restore, TKLM replication, NIM migrations, VIO server upgrades
  • Setup NIM server in IBM PureFlex VMControl and provision LPARs

Environment: PowerVM, POWER7/8/9 hardware, AIX v5.3, v6.1, v7.1, RHEL 6.x, 7.x, CentOS 6&7, Ubuntu 16.x, 20,VIOS v1/2/3, HMC v7/8/9, NIM, DS8000, DS3400, DS5100, XIV, SVC, TSM, TKLM, VMWare, VSphere ESX 6.x, Ansible, Galileo, ServiceNow, RH Satellite, PowerVC


Sr UNIX Systems Administrator, Consultant


  • Working as a Senior AIX/Linux systems administrator supporting AIX servers across various lines of businesses throughout the company
  • Plan and Implement AIX server migration, OS and Data, from VSCSI to NPIV
  • Setup dual VIO servers on new IBM Power 7+ hardware
  • Deploy Redhat Linux 6.0 servers on VMware ESX servers
  • Basic Linux administration and configuration
  • Documenting Procedures for Client’s training purposes

Environment: PowerVM, NPIV, VSCSI, p7-770, AIX v5.3, v6.1, v7.1, VIOS v1 and v2, Redhat Linux, HMC, NIM, NFS, DNS, DLPAR


Sr AIX UNIX Systems Administrator


  • Worked as a Senior AIX UNIX Systems Administrator supporting IBM POWER6 and POWER7 servers comprising of p570, p770, PureFlex p460 nodes and Hardware Management Consoles
  • Manage 70+ servers comprising of AIX v5.3, v6.1 and AIX v7.1
  • Manage AIX v7.1 Network Installation Manager Environment and managing backups and restores of AIX client LPARs using NIM server
  • Planning, Implementation of 70+ AIX servers migration from IBM POWER to IBM PureFlex
  • Working on converting VSCSI based OS and data disks to NPIV
  • Create LUN’s using SAN Volume Controller in V7000 and XIV storage subsystems
  • Perform User Management and others using AIX SMIT interface, sudo
  • Manage Redhat Linux v7 servers
  • Work with Application team in resolving application performance issues
  • Work closely with DBA’s in creating AIX servers as per their needs
  • Administer IBM License Metric Tool environment tasks like agent installs, software bundling, applying fix packs, interim fixes, generate audit reports
  • Disaster Recovery process tasks including installing servers required for DR in an isolated network, documenting procedures
  • Install, Upgrade and Manage Uptime Monitoring Environment.
  • Analyzing error logs including error reports, detailed error reports and troubleshooting accordingly as per hardware and software issues
  • Resolve AIX Printer issues
  • Familiar with Serena Business Change Management Process
  • Familiar with ServiceNow Process
  • Train IT Operations personnel in Basic System administration tasks
  • Be Available on 24x7 on call

Environment: p7-750, p7-770, p460, AIX v5.3, v6.1, v7.1, VIOS v1 and v2, HMC v7, IBM FSM, NIM, NFS, DNS, DLPAR, V7000, XIV, SVC, TSM, ILMT, sudo

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