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Senior Security Analyst Resume



  • CISSP Certified professional with particular expertise Operating Systems, Security, Network Security, Application development Security, and Administrative Security.
  • Exceptional knowledge of Amazon Web Services Security and administration.
  • Proficiency in penetration testing, Operating Systems auditing, and forensics.
  • Proficient in PKI encryption infrastructure.
  • Proficient in Java, Python, Perl programming and Go language
  • Proficient in Endpoint Security such as ATP and Symantec.
  • Proficient in DLP configuration and installation (Symantec, CASB, and Amazon Marcie)
  • Significant experience in Active Directory Design, DHCP Server configuration, and Bind DNS
  • Proficient in documenting security requirements and security policy
  • Knowledge Firewalls, IDS, and IPS. Proficient with SNORT configuration
  • Expert knowledge of source code and Web application security
  • Proficient in SIEMS administration and configuration.
  • Proficient in KALI penetration testing tools.
  • Knowledge of Web Application Firewall for IIS and Apache Web Server. Proficient in MOD SECURITY for Apache and IIS.
  • Proficient with CISCO Fire - Power, SNORT, ASA Firewall, host and Network based IDS, Security Risk assessment, Security Policy, and Security Awareness Program Implementation



Confidential, Illinois


  • Responsible for internal penetration for Web Applications using ZAP OWASP scanner
  • Responsible for investigating and remediating IOC (Indicator of Compromise) alerts generated across all security controls
  • Responsible for creating security incident alerts using QRADER, Cloud Trails, and Cloud Watch.
  • Responsible for implementing IIS and Apache Web Server Security
  • Responsible for implementing Application Whitelisting using AppLocker and SELINUX
  • Responsible for implementing SNARE manager, SNARE agents, and WINCOLLECT for forwarding Security logs to QRADAR
  • Responsible for implementing SNARE manager, for SNARE for forwarding DNS, IIS and Database logs to QRADAR
  • Responsible for writing a java program for parsing custom application security logs and sending security events to QRADAR
  • Responsible for developing Security review policies for new service acquisitions and for conducting technical reviews of new services providers, application and assets.
  • Responsible for EC2 host level security for Linux and Windows using CIS templates
  • Responsible for implementing Advanced Threat protection for Office 365 Email Security
  • Responsible for Qualys security scanning, configured Qualys connectors for AWS and configured Web Application scan and authentication using SELILIUM scripts
  • Proficient with malware analysis. Wrote Yara rules to search for SUNBUST exploit. Proficient in Malware analysis using PortEX Analyzer.
  • Examined compromised hosts for IOC using LOKI, added FireEye YARA rules to LOKI.
  • Developed Java Program for employee termination to disabled AD, AZURE, VPN, and custom web application access.
  • Remediated Amazon Web Services (AWS) security remediation for VPC’s EC2’s VPC, S3 buckets, and Redshift Database using Cloud Conformity reports.
  • Configured QRADAR server and QRADAR application server. Configured Log sources for firewall, routers, switches, Windows Event Logs, and Syslog. Created QRADER reports for regulatory compliance.
  • Configured Qualys Scanner for Web Applications, and created connectors for AWS assets
  • Configured Cisco Umbrella for DNS level security for the Enterprise
  • Configured NETWRIX to send Windows, and Microsoft AZURE logs to QRADAR.
  • Involved in HITRUST certification systems configurations and reporting.
  • Completed Security requirements for new AWS research and Production platform with security requirements for S3 Buckets, EC2, RedShift, and Hadoop.
  • Installed and configured Symantec DLP in Tier One mode and configured CASB DLP for Office 365.
  • Responsible for Security Code assessment for Ruby and .NET application using Brakeman, FindBugs, and VisualCodeGrepper.
  • Performed Web Application penetration testing using OWASP ZAP and selenium scripts.
  • Performed penetration testing using NMAP scripts.
  • Wrote Java programs to call Qualys API to delete terminated IP addresses from Qualys asset list.
  • Performed Workstation forensics using Autopsy Opensource Forensics tool.
  • Implemented Symantec DLP discovery, protection, and CASB
  • Configured RSA user access and Governance for user access reviews for Web application, Databases, and Active Directory.
  • Installed and configured CISCO Fire-Power Security policies and rules.
  • Configured Beyond Trust password management system to manage Windows and Linux Servers
  • Proficient in API and Web Service Security and implementation of OASIS security standards.


Confidential, Chicago, Illinois


  • Responsible for designing University of Chicago SOA Governance and Security Policy.
  • Implemented end-to end WS-Security complaint Security using Layer7 Securespan
  • XML Gateway using technologies such as SAML Token Assertion, LDAPS Authentication Assertion, XML Request and Response message encryption, Transaction Per Second Assertions (TPS), XML Threats Assertion, XPATH Assertions, and XML Transformation Assertions XSL style sheets and xml transformation.
  • Responsible for Host Level Security using IPSEC and IP Filter implementation on Solaris, Linux and Windows Servers.
  • Integrated Sun JCAPS Repository, Integration Server, and JMS Message Queue with Secured XML Appliance and LDAP.
  • Configured UDDI Server for publishing Web-Services.
  • Manage and integrating SUN Application Server with LDAPS, and performance tuning.

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