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Site Engineer Resume


  • I have over sixteen years of IT experience. I am very self - motivated and strive to achieve the highest level of quality in whatever job I do.
  • I have experience leading and supervising teams of workers. I know how to lead as well as how to follow.
  • I have successfully held positions such as Data Center Representative II, Systems Analyst, Operations Analyst, Senior Computer Operator and also provided Customer Support for IBM System development tools.
  • I have experience monitoring on-line / batch production and test systems, WAN, LAN using appropriate tools for incident detection.
  • I possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, am very customer service oriented, team oriented, can follow directions / provide instructions, and have the ability to manage multiple tasks.
  • I am also accustomed to working with all types of people and personalities


  • HTTP/Apache, DNS/BIND, SSH, SNMP, DNS, DHCP,Application Technology, Change Management, Data FTP, Unix, Linux, Mac OSX, VMWare, AdobeCenter Operations, Data GatheringIllustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, DB2, SQLDatabase AdministrationServer, IMS, IDMS, SPUFI, 3090, 3081, ES/9000,Disaster Recovery, End-User Support, Enterprise 9672, OS/390, 4361, 6192, SHARK, NETApp, Servers,Systems
  • Storage Units, Libra system, Unisys, HP3000, Avaya,Fault Analysis, Information Security, LAN / WAN, MIS Patch panels, 4381 Mainframes, 3480 and 3490 tapeMultiplatform Integrationdrives, 3268, 4245, and 3202 Line Printers, 3745Needs Assessment, Controllers, 3705 Comm Service, Oce printers, AS/400,Network Administration, COBOL, ASSEMBLER, PASCAL, C, C++, Visual Basic,Process ReengineeringMVS, DOS/VSE/ESA, VMS, VM, JES2, JES3, ICCF,Product Launch, Product Testing
  • VTAM, POWER, CMS, UNIX, Novell, Unisys, HP3000,Program Management, Programming, Project NCR Registers, US Robotics as well as many otherManagement, Quality Assurancebrand Modems, APC Battery Backups, D-Link andResearch & Development, Resource Management, Linksys Hubs, Multiple Servers and Workstations andRoot Cause Analysis, Software Configuration, Solutions ACD telephone system, TXP, MAGIC, Outlook,Delivery
  • Netzoom 11, Novell iManager, Novell eGuide,Systems Administration, Bridge32, Groupwise Messanger, DameWare, ZenSystems Configuration, Works, Smart Web Paging, Network Dashboard, PillarSystems Deployment, Insite Plus, CA/7, CA/11, RACF, OPC, PRODSAR,Technical Documentation, DUMPSAR, IOF, OAR, SNDM, Clearquest Pacman,Training & DevelopmentOMEGAMON, TMON/MVS, QA Testing Tools fromVOiP, Web Based Technology Compuware, Batch and Mainframe applications, CICSXPEDITER/CICS, CICS/ABEND-AID, Site Scope, Keymaster, Netlink, SMP/E, SIMON, OLIVER, ABEND-AID/TSO, PLAYBACK/CICS, WORD, TSO/ISPF, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, ACD telephone systems, PANVALET, JCL (DOS AND OS), VSAM, FTP, FAQS, Many different Windows and Non-Windows Applications. Readyman, pacman, in-house ticket request tracking, Reflections


Site Engineer



  • Install Servers, Routers, Switches, Patch Panels and any other equipment that goes into the Data Center and racks.
  • Run both Fiber Optic and Copper Cable throughout the Data Center to establish and complete connections for the Servers.
  • Use of Peregrine ticketing system.
  • Use of SAS, RT ticketing, Prime and other ticketing and tracking software to record all points of the process for new installation, break / fix, and change processes.
  • Adhere to the high security standards set by the company in relation to access, media, physical work in the Data Center.

Customer Service Representative



  • This would include well over 400 servers, storage components, patch panels and such.
  • Including the wiring of the equipment.
  • Use of Dame Ware of Zen Works to remote in to PC's to correct problems.
  • Use of Magic to create tickets and nightly reports.
  • Assist on-call server support when action is needed on a server.
  • Can vary from a reboot to running Diagnostics.
  • Run and monitor a nightly Unisys schedule.
  • Monitor and collect nightly HP3000 backup tapes.
  • Monitor and document condition of Server systems in the computer lab.

Operations and Systems Analyst



  • Job scheduling of one or multiple jobs for run in production using OPC. This includes scheduling jobs for immediate run as well as future time and date runs.
  • Heavy use of TSO, IOF, PRODSAR, DUMPSAR, OPC and Omegamon
  • Abend Monitoring using Netview and Sears Command Center Software.
  • Key Deliverable Tracking
  • Issuing RACF authority
  • Monitoring and deletion of SNDM files. Clearing them when needed
  • Abend, change record, and Defect record tracking and monitoring through the use of Rational ClearQuest (Pacman).
  • Duties included contacting programmers when jobs went down, Binds failed, conference programmers together for resolution, administering conference bridges, Skytel paging via web. Also the use of DEVWEB to locate the proper contacts.
  • Daily processing and transmission of all pharmacy orders from all KMART stores

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