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Senior Rf Engineer Resume


  • Proficient in using ATOLL, good knowledge in using EDX SignalPro, ALU’s 9955 Build 4040, Planet EV and Celplanner Planning Tools. Familiar in using Asset Planning Tool.
  • Knowledgeable in the operation of ACP and ACCO Ver. 4.7.5 UMTS & LTE design optimization tools. Skilled in extracting Hourly, Busy Hour & Daily Voice Drop & Block Deviance data using Confidential ’s PRTS tool and identifying causes by retrieving historical & active hardware (BBU & RRU) alarm data using Confidential ’s Patrol tool.
  • Experienced in using TEMS, NEMO and WiTT drive test tools. Has 23 years overall experience in wireless engineering profession particularly in RF network design and optimization as well as OSS (E// AMOS & ALU SAM platforms), network performance monitoring, drive tests/field trials and other network - related job functions.


Senior RF Engineer



  • Daily Network Performance Monitoring such as determining Drop and Block call causes of SF Bay & South Bay Deviant Sites via historical and active alarm queries on base station components (BBU & RRU) & Backhaul related issues via Confidential ’s Patrol tool extracted from OSS
  • Creates trouble tickets on Deviant Sites with break/fix issues
  • Prepares & submits Daily Voice Blocks & Drops Deviance Report on Site & Cluster Level to RF Optimization team
  • Optimizes Design KPIs (RSRP, SINR and RSRQ) of 5G sites with 64T-64R Massive MIMO antennas at 2.5GHz using ATOLL Planning tool and ACP Design Optimization tool
  • Performs CDMA Voice and VoLTE Gap desktop analysis in ATOLL producing delta plots on Effective Service Area predictions based on ACP optimization results
  • Generates traffic maps for SF Bay and South Bay areas
  • Does Coverage Enhancement Analysis in ATOLL for high profile customer complaints
  • Submits Final RFDS and CiQ of mini macros (small cells)
  • Plans and retunes CDMA PN Codes and LTE PCIs in ATOLL
  • Reviews and approves SCIPs of macro sites using Confidential Vision tool
  • RF data clean-up between ATOLL Planning Tool and Confidential Vision database
  • High Geodata resolution validation in ATOLL following Confidential ’s National MOP

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