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System & Network Engineer Resume


  • Significant years of experience in routing, switching, Wireless, firewall technologies, implementation and troubleshooting of complex network systems
  • Experience in Installing and configured Cisco 7200, 3900, 2921 series routers and 6500, 3850, 3750 Series switches.
  • Good experience in configuring and troubleshooting CISCO Nexus switches like 7000, 5000 and 2000 series in Data Center Environment.
  • Experience in Installing and configuring, troubleshot of Arista, HP switches and routers for Data Center.
  • Good knowledge on security protocols, TACACS+ and RADIUS.
  • Experience in the setup of Access - Lists, OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, and tunnel installations.
  • Proficiency in configuration of VRF, VLAN setup on various Cisco Routers and Switches .
  • Experience in designing MPLS VPN and QoS for architecture using Cisco multi-layer switches.
  • Strong Knowledge in WAN technologies including T1, T3, ISDN, HDLC, Point to Point, ATM and Frame Relay.
  • Expertise in configuring and troubleshooting Layer 3 Interior Gateway Routing protocols such as Link-State routing protocols (OSPF and BGP) and Distance Vector routing protocols (RIPv1, RIPv2 and EIGRP).
  • Expertise knowledge in IPV4, IPV6, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, DHCP, DNS, SNMP, NAT
  • Implemented traffic filters on CISCO routes using Standard Access List and Extended Access List.
  • Experience in implementing site-to-site and remote access VPN Technologies using GRE, IPSEC & MPLS.
  • Experience in implementation, support and troubleshooting of VLAN's including operational knowledge of spanning tree protocol (STP), VLAN trucking, inter .VLAN routing and ISL/802.1q.
  • Strong hands on experience on Palo Alto, ASA (5540/5550) Firewalls. Implemented Security Policies using ACL, Firewall, IPSEC, SSL, VPN, IPS/IDS, AAA(TACACS+ & RADIUS)
  • Monitor the summary session, logging, resource, and environmental performance for managed firewalls in the summary using Panorama.
  • Keep track of the time-trended graphs and tables for the device sessions, environmentals, interfaces, logging, resources, and high availability performance for selected devices for Palo Alto firewalls.
  • Experience with migrating palo alto to fortigate firewalls.
  • Experience with Silver Peak SD-WAN
  • Efficient at use of Microsoft VISIO/Office as technical documentation and presentation tools.
  • Hands-on experience in network design, installation, configuration, administration and troubleshooting LAN/WAN infrastructure and security using Cisco routers/Switches/ASA/Checkpoint firewall
  • Experience with designing, deploying and troubleshooting LAN, WAN, Frame-Relay, Ether-channel, IP Routing Protocols - (RIPV2, OSPF, EIGRP & BGP), ACL's, NAT, VLAN, STP, VTP, HSRP & GLBP
  • Maintained DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, Replication & other services on the Windows Server 2000 & 2003 network.
  • Working knowledge with monitoring tools like Solar Winds, PRTG Network Monitor & n etwork packet capture tools like Wire-shark
  • Experience in configuring and troubleshooting of routing protocols RIP v1/v2, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS BGP and MPLS.
  • Worked on network topologies and configurations, TCP/IP, UDP, Frame Relay, bridges, routers, hubs and switches.


Cisco Platforms: Nexus 7K, 5K, 2K

Cisco Routers: 1700,1800,2500,2600,2800,3600,3800,3900,7200,7600

Cisco L2 & L3 Switches: 2900,3500,3560,3750,4500,4900,6500, 6800

Networking Concepts: Access-lists, Routing, Switching, Sub netting, Designing, IPsec, VLAN, VPN, WEP, WAP, MPLS, VoIP, Bluetooth, Wi-F

Firewall: Palo Alto, Checkpoint, Cisco ASA, FortiGate,Sonicwalls

Network Tools: Solar Winds, SNMP, PRTG, Wireshark, Splunk, Cisco Umbrella

Load Balancers: Cisco CSM, F5 Networks (Big-IP), Cisco ACE

Wan Technologies: Frame Relay, ISDN, ATM, WAAS, MPLS, leased lines & exposure to PPP, DS1,DS3,0C3, T1 /T3 & SONET

Lan Technologies: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, & 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Port- channel,

Network Management: TACACS, SNMP, Syslog, Infoblox, Sniffer, and Wireshark,

Virtualization: VLAN, VXLAN, VPLS, IPSEC, Link Aggregation, Linux Bridge, HSRP, VRRP, GLBP, Vmware, Hyepr-V, Scale Hyper convergance.



System & Network Engineer


  • Responsibilities include installing, configuring and troubleshooting of Network devices like Cisco 7200, 3800, 3600, 2800, 2600, 1800 series Routers and Cisco 2900, 3500, 4500, 5500, series switches, 3CX VOIP (voice over IP) devices, NAS (Network-attached storage) devices.
  • Monitoring the firewalls like ASA, Check Point and SonicWALL to support the security for the client's network.
  • Experience with Cisco ACI fabric networks, including python automation. Also, great exposure to SDN and network virtualization technologies like Cisco ACI
  • Assist in preparing network design for client’s new regional office development and maintaining existing Network equipment.
  • Replacing the end of life devices in the regional offices and datacenters with latest release equipment.
  • Modify the existing configurations from the end of life devices to comply with new equipment.
  • Responsible for operations, troubleshooting & networking support with Data Networking experience in installation, configuration, maintenance, and fault finding to packet-level across LAN, WAN, Internet services.
  • Extensive hands-on experience with complex routed LAN and WAN networks, routers and switches
  • Hands-on configuration and experience in setting up Cisco routers to perform functions at the Access, Distribution, and Core layers.
  • Configuration, Testing, Planning and Design of Nexus 7706, 7009, 5000 and 2K Fabric Extenders (FEX) Layer 3 switches, Cisco Routers 3600, 3800 and 7200 ASR 1002, 1006, Cisco Catalyst 2900, 3570, 4500 and 6500 Switches
  • Responsible for upgrading the WAN bandwidth throughout the datacenters and regional offices depending on the bandwidth requirement changes.
  • Responsible for moving the traffic to secondary WAN circuits whenever changes are scheduled to replace the primary circuit to create low impact for the end users.
  • Responsible for replacing the old infrastructure with new devices to support any increased bandwidth requirements.
  • Manage Cisco Routers, switches and troubleshoot layer1, layer2 and layer3 technologies for customer escalations.
  • Extensive knowledge with configuration of VLAN setup on various Cisco Routers and Switches.
  • Expertise in the configuration of firewall rules, NAT, site to site VPN connections, OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, QoS, Active-Active, and Active-Passive failover.
  • Creating the Change Management Records and implementation plan to resolve the Incidents. Perform configuration changes during the release window.
  • Maintaining the updated run books for fail-over and business continuity protocols in the event of a disruption to the network system of the client.
  • Hands on experience in designing SD-WAN (Silver-Peak) solution for Customer Networks.
  • Experience of providing Silver-Peak SDWAN installation and support
  • Configuring and troubleshooting the routers for Layer-3 redundancy by installing Siver-Peak SDWAN and enhanced tracking for multiple groups for High availability.
  • Deployed single EC-V (EdgeConnect - Vvirtual) in Microsoft Azure using static and BGP Routing.
  • High Availability Deployment of two appliances using BGP and the Azure Virtual Hub
  • Configured WAN connections with Meraki and FortiGate SD-WAN.
  • Successfully implemented LAN and WAN optimization technologies for efficient delivery of the application traffic across LAN and WAN.
  • Network design to ensure, high availability, scalability, performance to the customer’s network.
  • In depth knowledge of routing protocols and network security design and implementations for BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, MPLS, IDS/IPS, NAT/PAT, SNAT, IPSec tunnels, VPN, Zscaler, FHRP, STP, PVST, RSTP, split tunneling, underlay and overlay routing, etc.
  • Performing on-site datacenter support including new deployments, testing of network hardware and configurations, change management, and project support.
  • Installing, staging, and testing the new network hardware in the data center to support the deployment of new applications on the enterprise servers.
  • Professional competencies in performing Installation, Upgrade, Configuration, and support of Hardware, Software, Peripherals, and Network Devices in Windows environment.
  • Testing, modifying and replacing the decommissioned devices as per client's requirements.
  • Scoping new layer 2 and layer 3 devices like HP Aruba switches as per client's requirements and testing them to meet the organization standards before deployments.
  • Update the clients of the new changes in their network and coordinating with cross-functional teams throughout the project life cycle.
  • Utilized network management configuration tool in installing upgrades to maintain version levels of all network equipment; provide a 24 x 7 on-call or support service.
  • Hands-on experience working with Nexus core series switches and 2000 series Fabric Extenders.
  • Configuring Static, IGRP, EIGRP, and OSPF Routing Protocols on Cisco ASR 9000, 9001, 9006, 6500 series Routers.
  • Experience in physical cabling, IP addressing, and Subnetting with VLSM, configuring, and supporting TCP/IP, DNS, installing, and configuring proxies.
  • Spanning tree for creating Access/distribution and core layer switching.
  • Proficient with F5 LTM and Cisco CSM load balancer in-between the servers inside the server farm and DMZ.
  • Hands on experience in implementation and deploying F5 LTM load balancers for load balancing and Network traffic management for business applications.
  • Assist Projects team in handling the move of Physical environment to enterprise levels virtual networks like Hyper-V, VMware, and AWS.
  • Design the Backup Infrastructure for the clients using Microsoft Azure and MARS agent based setup.
  • Deploy a disaster recovery plan for the Azure and document the process.
  • Maintaining the business continuity during the process of migration of servers.
  • Providing technical support to the end clients during the disaster recovery and network troubleshooting and new client network investigation.
  • Handling the backup of the servers to data centers in case of a disaster.
  • Manage the day-to-day log collection activities of source devices and track the Network details in the IT network using SIEM appliance.
  • Develop best practices and security standards for the organization like NIST Framework
  • Responsibilities include providing operational support, this includes working on network related issues to resolve the tickets created by end-users.
  • Working knowledge of Hyper-Converged and fiber-channel SAN and storage principles, including RAID levels, caching, and multi-pathing.
  • Proficient with GPO management, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), server and client workstation patching, and vulnerability remediation.
  • Responsible for offsite backup replication systems, and Enterprise Virtualization Technologies.
  • Integrate the Application for Network monitoring system with the REST API and automate the task to create the sensors for clients.
  • Automate the RPO and RTO process for the backup disaster recovery protocols.
  • Migrating the Server network infrastructure from physical to virtual environment (VMware, Hyper-V).
  • Managing the SAN devices for the clients along with the monitoring the alerts across the board.
  • Query the SQL DB using the powershell to to automate the tasks like application deployments, network monitoring for standards and protocols.
  • Developing the securtity protocols using the powershell and MYSQL.
  • Created automation routines to run across the board to crosscheck the health of network devices and crated self healing rules.
  • Responsible for the configuration, implementation, and operation of Various vendor servers such as HP, Dell, etc.
  • Installing, configuring, and maintain the Disaster Recovery processing devices and storage devices like Super microservers and NAS devices.
  • Reengineered company’s systems setup, establishing automated server generation routines, optimizing system performance, installing upgrades/patches, establishing system monitoring, and maintaining security protocols. securing/hardening operating systems to proper security standards and security frameworks
  • Involved in Configuration of Access Control Lists (ACL) on checkpoint firewall proper network routing.
  • Monitoring the Offsite backup replication using the secure FTP protocols and adjusting the variables as per the usage of network bandwidth.
  • Achieve and report security and patch management to meet compliance.

Confidential, Long Beach, California

Network Research Assistant


  • Major responsibilities include designing, implementing, configuring, testing, troubleshooting and monitoring the Datacenter network segmentation and migration projects.
  • Implementing the Datacenter Network Segmentation for the existing Federal and Commercial Networks.
  • Hands-on experience working with Nexus core 7000, 7700, 5500 and 5600 series switches and 2000 series Fabric Extenders.
  • Design and Configuring of OSPF, BGP on Juniper Routers (MX960, MX480) and SRX series firewalls (SRX240, SRX550).
  • Implemented antivirus and web filtering on the network.
  • Key contributions include troubleshooting of complex LAN /WAN infrastructure that includes switching protocols like STP, Vlans, Trunks and routing protocols EIGRP, OSPF.
  • Implemented Virtual port channels (VPC), layer 2 routing “Fabricpath”, Policy based routing and private Vlans.
  • Support to plan and execute LAN (VLAN Management) and WAN management activity.
  • Experience on WAN Infrastructure running OSPF & BGP as core routing protocols.
  • Involved in the migration of EIGRP to OSPF in the environment as to support the new implementation of Cisco Devices in the network.
  • Worked with various Network, Systems engineers during this project.
  • Assisted in Project Management, system installation, and defining, documenting, and enforcing new system standards.
  • Configuring multiple number of Vlans and trunks from end user to servers to provide availability of applications to the end users.
  • Assisted in migrating the existing F5 BIGIP load balancers to the newly built core environment.
  • Directly worked with customers to offer Level 1 and Level 2 services, Expertise in handling cisco routers, switches, Load balancers and Firewalls
  • Setup new Active Directory user and Exchange email accounts granted access to files and folders.
  • Aided in updating and programming the department’s network architecture and devices as part of the core network engineering team. Presented weekly network operational status reports to management.
  • Remotely troubleshoot software hardware problems and perform minor installation and repair of equipment.
  • Grant rights and permissions to files and folders on multi-servers.
  • Network Requirements gathering data for LAN/WAM/MAN network.
  • Grants users access to Microsoft SQL Server databases


Network Operations Center (NOC) Technician


  • Testing the equipment, troubleshoot network performance, and developed solutions to the connectivity issues with the EIGRP and OSPF protocols of existing Architecture.
  • Assisted with network device management, architecture management, hardware installation, and technical issue resolution.
  • Assisted Network Admin in creating the new ACL to provide access to the main Network for New established project Department.
  • Assisted Network Administrator in deploying new hardware for the organization.
  • Performing the audits of the existing routers and Identifying connectivity issues.
  • Supported the team of two in configuring WAN, virtual LAN, trucking protocols, and DNS server troubleshooting.
  • Hands-On experience in network design, setup, testing, and troubleshooting of IPV4, IPv6, and TCP/IP, DHCP, EIGRP, DNS, and OSPF protocols.
  • Used packet capture tools to troubleshoot the traffic logs.
  • Experience a broad knowledge of all products, services, and NOC procedures.

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