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Senior Server Analyst Resume


  • Accomplished Infrastructure Engineer with 15+ year’s experience in Computer Operations, Technical support, vSphere, Citrix XenApp/Xendesktop, Storage management, Architecture and Engineering, Risk Assessment / Impact Analysis, Data Integrity / Disaster Recovery / Contingency Planning, Policy Planning / Implementation / ITIL, Department and Project Leadership.
  • Proactive self - starter with excellent communication and diagnostic skills, known to initiate process and system improvements to increase system stability and staff productivity while consistently solving problems and rarely having the need to escalate issues.
  • I program in Java, Lisp, Perl, C++ and assembly for many years now. I am experienced with Penetration testing and ethical hacking.



Senior Server Analyst


  • Installed and configured the many different aspects of Cisco Umbrella.
  • Installed and configured the many different aspects of Cisco Cloud Content Security Management
  • Installed and configured Cisco Cloud Email Security
  • Installed and configured Cisco AMP
  • Assisted in getting Artic Wolf integrated into our security suites.
  • Migrated our Domain Level/Forest Levels from 2003 to 2012r2
  • Rebuilt Vsphere from 6.0 to 6.5 with SRM and multiple replication linux servers replicating to multiple offsite DR locations.
  • Added DR Barracuda and Netscalers with DNS roundrobin.
  • Upgrade Vcenter to 6.0, linked mode, vcenters in all 3 locations, SRM 6.1.2 implemented both side along with Vsphere Replication agents replicating disks to remote locations and to cloud/MS & AWS along with ESI hosts upgraded to 6.
  • Implemented new xenserver clusters with Nvidia M10 GPU passthroughs
  • Upgrade Citrix Infrastructure from Xenapp 6.5 to 7.5
  • Took powershell and advanced powershell classes, now automating simple tasks and reporting
  • Upgrade Current SAN’s EMC with extra Shelves and more storage
  • Built many 2012 R2/2016 Servers to replace older 2003/2008R2 Servers
  • Upgraded all Domain Controllers to 2012R2/2016 servers.
  • Installed RedHat/Ubuntu Linux clusters and was only admin for our linux servers.
  • Managed Cisco Umbrella for threat detection and traffic management.
  • Built out LDS Servers for Lightweight Directory services to support Cisco Jabber clients
  • Built out new Xendesktop 7.5/7 Infrastructure, Xenserver with PVS, 100 User POC with pvdisk
  • Supporting Core infrastructure of < 1500 servers
  • Resolved many security issues, did external pen tests.
  • Implemented multiple Barracuda load balancers 440 series in HA mode, dual sites, 4 now deployed handling all external web traffic from 20+ sites and internal LB for multiple purposes.
  • Upgraded Web interface to Storefront
  • Worked closely with lead network on all changes and adds.
  • Upgraded license server to latest code level
  • Edgesight implemented for both Xenapp and Xendesktop farms
  • Upgraded Vmware ESX 4/4.5 to 5.5 on 30+ hosts
  • Implemented Vmware Site Recovery Manager
  • Upgrade Vcenter to 6.0 along with all esxi hosts to 6.0, dual vcenters linked with separate DB’s for DR
  • Rolled out Dell/Compellent all SSD SAN for Xendesktop infrastructure, expanded twice
  • Installed new Dell/Isilon all SSD SAN for expansion of Block and File shares.
  • Installation and configuration of App-V on Xenapp and Xendesktop
  • Managed Dell Blades and HP Blades and Enclosures
  • Administration of Active Directory and Security, leveraging GPO’s/OU’s
  • Use of Remedy Helpdesk software for problem resolution
  • Built SCCM/SCOM servers for deployment of packages/updates/images/inventory
  • Migrated servers to DR and new production location off of Island.
  • Implemented Citrix Netscaler VPX 200 for all ICA clients and VPN SSL Connectivity. Installed one VPX offsite for GLSB and dual connections allowing 100% uptime.
  • Migrated all websites over to SSL along with all new website’s deployed to new location off island.
  • Migrated some servers to AWS and Microsoft Azure for 100% uptime.
  • Migrated servers to new production site.
  • Built XenDesktop 200 User environment at DR location for emergency use.


Infrastructure Systems Engineer/Architect


  • Rolled out RDP services for management and client services to internal and external users, sever 2012.
  • Configured ASA's for VPN/SSL VPN and firewall services
  • Setup Patch management using wsus.
  • Setup Change management
  • Build out cluster of 8 VMware 5.5 servers
  • Rolled out 2012 file/print server for location of all printers and drivers for both 32/64 bit systems
  • Weekly meetings with Ops and Management to go over wish lists and current issues.
  • Upgraded checkpoint firewalls to PA3020's at AWT and Bergen offices
  • Created Change management system to verify changes before they occur with back out plans
  • Created many visio's and project plans for management of current and future projects.
  • Traveled to disaster recovery location monthly.
  • I was able to do cross training with my fellow engineers over my new projects and implementations.
  • Built out xendesktop 7, VDI system, testing 50 users currently
  • PVS being used for boot of VDI's
  • XenApp 6.5 200+ user, 10 node cluster built out and being used by Bergen
  • Setup and started migrating systems from windows XP to Windows 7.
  • Installed and setup Cisco 5548UP Nexus switches with 2 FEX, configuring with back end connection to old stack, Vlan configs, etc.
  • Configured Netscalers for external access for VDI and Xenapp
  • Configured Palo Alto PA3020's for external VPN/SSL VPN and antivirus
  • Setup deployment services for windows 7 deployments
  • Built out entire DR system in College station
  • Rolled out 2012 Servers for normal Active Directory operations
  • Did weekly intrusion tests on external facing servers
  • Currently piloting Xendesktop 7 for management.
  • Used Kali Linux for intrusion testing

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