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Software Engineer/data Architect Resume

Santa Monica, CA


CISSP: vulnerability detection, risk management, policies, standards, compliance

Platforms: iOS, MS Windows, Linux, Solaris, AWS, GC

Networks: small business network routers and firewalls, Cisco PIX 501 - 10 Security Appliance, Clustering, Local Network Load Balancing, Policy Based Network Management (dynamic policy conflict detection and resolution, SysML, IML, RDF, OWL)

Languages: Java, Python, Scala, C#, Perl, SQL, Javascript

Software Architectures: network(sockets), Java Reflection, Web service API servlets

Development Environment: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ

Cloud Platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS), IAM, CLI, EC2, S3, EMR, Kinesis, Lambda, Step Functions, CloudWatch, SQS, Elastic MapReduce, Glue, Redis, Hadoop, Spark, GoogleCloud Dataflow, ETL, CI/CD Jankins/GitHub

GUI: JFC Swing, Perl GUI, Visual Studio, Adobe FLEX, ASP.NET 2.0

Web Development: ASP.NET 2.0, Javascript, Adobe FLEX, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Web services, Tomcat

RDBMS: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Hyperion Cube Multi-dimension DB, Redshift, Cassandra, Google Cloud Big Query, Hive (HDFS), Postgres, Snowflake

NoSQL: Spark, Hadoop, Map Reduce, Pig, DynamoDB, DocumentDB, MongoDB, Elasticsearch


Software Engineer/Data Architect



  • Develop software for loading, piping, processing and reporting for the SBIR company data
  • Created a platform for testing/training Neural Network image processing models (ETL, AWS: S3, EC2, RDS(Postgres), DynamoDB, Hive, Glue, Python, Tensorflow, Keras, GitHub)

Bigdata Software Engineer

Confidential, Santa Monica, CA


  • Develop software for loading, piping, processing and reporting TV audience segment activity.
  • Calculated the metrics that characterize ratings of the specific TV networks and channels among the audience segments (income range, age range, demographic, etc.)
  • Focused the TV channel advertising spots to the most promising user segments where the conversion probability is the highest using the data obtained from the TV monitoring services (from Nielsen, Mediaocean, Vizio, Greynote Music etc.) and census data
  • Improved performance of the reporting system applying various techniques of the execution resource management: (ETL, AWS, S3, Hive, Postgres, Snowflake, Spark, Hadoop, Scala, Python, PySpark, SQL, SparkSQL, Kafka, Jupyter, Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD Jenkins, Github, Jira)
  • Wrote documentation for the data processing design (Flowchart, Confluence)
  • Wrote articles on the optimization of Spark, Snowflake, and Postgres task execution for the company knowledge bank
  • Mentored the teammates on the technical issues

Bigdata Software Engineer

Confidential, Pasadena, CA


  • Developed software for loading, piping, processing and reporting user activity with respect to geolocation of the user mobile devices.
  • Improved the software for measuring efficiency of advertisement campaigns: the business visitors exposed to the ad campaign vs. the business visitors unexposed to the ad campaign (ETL, AWS: S3, EC2, EMR, CLI, Lambda, Step Functions, Glue, Elasticache(Redis/Memcache), AWS SDK (Boto3), Streaming, Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Kyoto Cabinet, Python, PySpark, SQL, SparkSQL, Perl, Stats, Propensity Score Matching, Machine Learning, ML Python packages)

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