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Technical Core Manager Resume


  • Resourceful, technically savvy core mobile telephony systems specialist with demonstrated achievements with ability to collaborate with cross - functional teams, ensuring optimum functionality of mobile core network for better service.
  • Engaging, compelling project leader with hands-on expertise in maintaining, configuring, troubleshooting, modifying, and upgrading for TDMA, GSM, 3G / UMTS, 4G / LTE core.
  • Results-oriented with strong attention to details, taking ownership of impediments, and following through to resolution.
  • Work and make changes on live networks, handling critical issues, and gathering appropriate skills and tools to find answers to complex technical problems.
  • Fast learner, dependable, good communications skills, multitasking, embracing cutting edge technology to maximize system performance level and align to strategic business requirements.

Core Competencies:

  • Systems Configuration & Modification
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Back Up & Recovery
  • New Technology & Services Implementation
  • Core Performance Improvement
  • Data Migration
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Core Software Upgrades


Applications & Tools: OSS / SMO, Winfiol, BMC Remedy, Alex, Skype, SRH Tool, Node Manager, (Basic Knowledge of Linux), Protocol Analyzer, Wireshark. MySQL

Telecommunications: TDMA, GSM/2G, UMTS / 3G, LTE / 4G, Data Transcript (D.T for MSC, GMSC, MSC-S, MSC-BC, HLR, MGW (Media Gateway), HSS, CSFB, EPC (Evolved Packet Core: Architecture, Interfaces, Principles and Call flow), CS Core nodes, 3GPP, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Routing and Switching, 5G concept and architecture (Basic knowledge)


Troubleshooting: APG40, APG43, APZ 21240, APZ21250, APZ21260, CPP PLATFORM, AXE 810, MGW R5, MGW R6, IS, MSC Server Blade Cluster

Interfaces: IuCS, A, S6a, SGs, C, D, Gr, Gs, Cx


Confidential, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Technical Core Manager


  • Upgraded Mobile Switch Center to new release, achieving $2,200K savings, and improving node performance to handle 15% more traffic, and avoiding purchase of new equipment.
  • Increased engineering team functions and productivity through performance review and delivered technical training and continuous coaching that expanded their skills by 15% over prior year.
  • Identified numerous core deficiencies and implemented technical solutions while guiding engineering team configuring and enhancing call service.
  • Optimized team schedule and reduced monthly overtime 10% through skillful planning during maintenance window.
  • Enhanced Core equipment efficiency by making continuous engineering, development, and evaluated the capacity on regular basis through procedures and process improvement.

Confidential, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Technical Core Team Leader


  • Wrote, reviewed method of procedure (MOP) and test plans, documenting, and validating results.
  • Increased customer satisfaction through fast response time when troubleshooting issues and replacing faulty hardware and spare parts in GMSC, MSC, HLR, MGW, MSC-S, and MSC-S BC
  • Led complex projects, innovative services, and data migration with minimal impact on network.
  • Improved outgoing SMS success rate by 11% through root cause analysis and loading customized correction in MSC side, allowing our subscribers to send SMS even when some digits of SMS-C in personal phones were deleted.
  • Saved $200K by optimizing ENAP table in HLRs, permitting business to avoid purchasing new licenses and still define new USSD shortcodes for future requested projects.
  • Discovered core nodes were running with only 1 Network Time Protocol (NTP), preventing potential significant traffic loss and outage by integrating and configuring missing NTP, enabling redundant core nodes to operate safely.

Confidential, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Senior Core Engineer


  • Conserved 40% on cost for maintenance of international traffic route by migrating from TDM to SIP, avoiding monthly fee per E1/T1
  • Solved issues and troubleshot by coordinating with several departments, including IN, BSS, VAS, RAN, Packet Core.
  • Saved business $45K by implementing new MSC, MGW and customer PBX into core network, a task typically handled by vendor as paid service, avoiding possible outages.
  • Integrated competitor operators in mobile network, troubleshooting interconnection issues.

Confidential, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Core Engineer


  • Reduced $250K in company spending by achieving rollout of software update for all core nodes without vendor technical support with zero incident.
  • Integrated personal ring back tone (PRBT) as new service, providing more choices and improving customer satisfaction.

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