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Systems Analyst Resume

Battle Creek, MI


  • An experienced healthcare IT professional that TEMPhas succeeded in a variety of environments across different career fields and industries.
  • A fast learner that operates wif excellence in high speed environments.


Systems Analyst

Confidential, Battle Creek, MI


  • Served as a driving force behind teh national implementation of Vocera’s newest wireless communication platform by designing teh isolation architecture used across teh entire Confidential ’s Enterprise IT system. dis ensured that Confidential t information could continue to be protected while streamlining Confidential t care at numerous Confidential facilities.
  • Serving as teh lead for teh Battle Creek Confidential ’s Biomedical Engineering department through teh implementation of teh Confidential ’s new medical records system, Cerner. dis includes helping individual departments document and modify clinical workflows and ensuring that clinical systems are compatible wif Cerner and upgrading any system that is not.
  • Gather and review appropriate documentation from medical companies from in preparation for adding new medical equipment to teh Battle Creek Confidential Medica Centers. Documents include teh Manufacturer Disclosure Statement for Medical Device Security (MDS2), network topology diagrams and system operating requirements, Confidential information security questionnaires, and FDA 510(k) documentation
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to HL7 messages and DICOM images that are transmitted from a modality to middleware and to teh Confidential ’s Confidential t records system.
  • Responsible for every networked device that functions inside of teh network Medical Device Isolation Architecture (MDIA).
  • Ensure teh functionality and security of various medical systems that exist outside of teh MDIA infrastructure.
  • Responsible for teh network implementation of multiple COVID - 19 testing devices, including teh Abbot Architect and Abbot Alinity.
  • Oversee all Access Control Lists (ACLs) of all Medical Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANS) to ensure proper network communication channels are allowed.
  • Create and maintain technical documentation and troubleshooting guides for all biomedical systems in use at teh Battle Creek Confidential Medical Center.

IT Specialist Department

Confidential, Battle Creek, MI


  • pgraded teh Battle Creek Confidential Hospital from Plain Old Telephone Systems (POTS) to Voice Over IP Technologies. dis upgrade included desk phones, cordless phones, conference bridges, and fax lines.
  • Utilize Cisco Call Manager, NEC’s MA4000, NEC UM87000, and Cleo STREEM Fax solutions to manage teh hospitals telephone communication systems.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve hospital network issues by examining issues wif CISCO switching, and routing. dis includes management of VLANS, port security, subnets and other configurations.
  • Worked wif different teams of IT specialist across multiple sections of teh Enterprise IT structure to implement a successfully Windows 10 Deployment across teh hospital
  • Create and maintain technical documentation for Battle Creek information systems. Technical documents include how systems function as well troubleshooting guides for other IT professionals to utilize in teh performance of their daily tasks.
  • Maintain accurate inventory of IT equipment utilizing Confidential s Maximo software program.
  • Serve as teh main IT trainer to teh facility Provide computer training to all new employees of teh hospital to ensure they can TEMPeffectively utilize their resources. Provide additional training and guidance to hospital employees as needed.
  • Evaluate and analyze systems in order to recommend fundamental changes to system configurations to prevent recurrences. Assess, review, and implement changes made by other IT professionals as well.
  • Mentor and Train junior IT Specialists and interns on various technical and non-technical topics including professionalism and customer service expectations.

Information Systems Coordinator

Confidential, Troy, Michigan


  • Responsible for teh installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of IT-related equipment to ensure continued operations of all software and hardware assigned to each recruiter and each site.
  • Responsible for account creation and maintenance for all users in Recruiting Station Detroit
  • Provide training, IT advice, and assistance to ensure that all IT customers are able to obtain maximum capability from all provided resources.
  • Ensure teh safe and secure destruction of all Recruiting Station IT equipment
  • Coordinate all handheld device issues wif teh Recruiting Station Logistics section and ensure all site telecommunications issues are quickly and correctly handled.

IT Specialist

Confidential, Lansing, Michigan


  • Respond to requests for technical assistance via teh phone and through other electronic means
  • Diagnose and resolve technical hardware and software issues for teh Defense Logistics Agency
  • Conduct research using teh available resources to assist end users
  • Advise users of teh step-by-step process to resolving their technical problems
  • Activity reports, track/log/route problems, issues, requests and document resolutions
  • Maintain and stay current wif all Defense Logistics Agency system information, changes, and updates
  • Use tools to remotely access systems and perform corrective actions to resolve end user problems.

Administrative Specialist/Career Planner

Confidential, Various


  • Drafted, submitted, and tracked requests for exceptions to teh Marine Corps enlistment policy to higher headquarters using Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, and Excel.
  • Managed job assignments to all applicants of teh Confidential from Recruiting Station Lansing using an automated system and Microsoft Excel.
  • Prepared daily and monthly reports of contracting and shipping statistics for Recruiting Station Lansing, teh recruiting sub-stations, and individual statistics for teh 48 recruiters assigned to teh station.
  • Counseled and advised Marines on separations and retirements to include reenlistment eligibility code, types of discharges and teh benefits received after service in teh Marine Corps.
  • Transitioned teh 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, its five subordinate organizations, and all of their subordinate units to teh Improved Awards System, as directed by headquarters Marine Corps.
  • Maintained teh relevance, ensured teh administrative accuracy, and tracked of all 1st Marine Aircraft Wings internal written policies.

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